Overwatch September 2021 Patch Notes

Overwatch September 2021 Patch Notes



Feature Update: Custom Games Browser – Quality of Life Improvements

New Features

New Custom Game Browser tabs

  • Popular
  • Favorites
  • Recent
  • All Games

New Custom Game setting

  • Mode Name
Competitive: 3v3 Lockout Elimination – Season 4

Season 4 of Competitive 3v3 Lockout Elimination has begun!


  • Fixed a bug that prevented console players from seeing their Top 500 prestige icons while in a match
  • Fixed a bug that caused match pool icons to appear missing from match replay listings
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Season 28 and Season 29 statistics to look the same in career profile
  • Fixed a bug with the 2020 new year’s hat player icon description that displayed 2021
  • Fixed a bug that caused the “We need a healer” ping message to appear in a role queue match despite having two healers on the team
  • Fixed a bug with the custom game browser that prevented Game Mode options from being selected when using a controller
  • Fixed a bug with the career profile that showed competitive CTF seasons in the incorrect order on the stats tab


  • Fixed a bug with the cow sign that caused the fork to not be attached properly

Lijiang Tower

  • Fixed a bug on the Control Center map that allowed players to use Junkrat’s Riptire to clip through map geometry and reveal an enemy team’s positioning

Temple of Anubis

  • Fixed a bug that allowed Junkrat to use his Riptire ultimate underneath map terrain


  • Fixed a bug where Rocket Punch would sometimes not play impact effects or animations when hitting a wall


  • Fixed a bug with her Kneel emote that caused her eyes to not animate properly


  • Fixed a bug that caused some of an enemy Reaper’s visual effects to display as friendly instead of hostile when on low damage effects settings

Soldier: 76

  • Fixed a bug that caused his “Show Some Respect” voice line to not play properly if the Grillmaster skin was equipped


  • Fixed a bug that caused the player camera to briefly appear in unplayable space when traveling through her teleporter
Custom Games
  • The Description text box no longer converts newline characters to spaces

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