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Overwatch March 2021 Patch Notes

MARCH 11, 2021



We’re increasing Genji’s Shuriken fire rate to enable him to have more impact outside of his ultimate and increasing the cost of Dragonblade to account for the increased damage potential.

  • Recovery lowered from 0.75 to 0.68
  • Ultimate cost increased 15%


A while ago there was a change to make Mei’s Cryo-Freeze collision consistent with her Ice Wall, meaning she could no longer be targeted by allies while inside the block of ice. We’re increasing her Cryo-Freeze healing rate since she isn’t able to be easily healed up by her allies during that time.

  • Healing-per-second increased from 37.5 to 50


The intent for Pharah’s Hover Jet fuel adjustments is to find a balance where it enables her to maintain an altitude reasonably well with careful fuel and cooldown management, but not so easily climb to the extreme heights some map ceilings allow for as it can lead to less interactive gameplay.


  • Hover Jets regeneration rate increased from 35 to 43


The recent adjustment to Reaper’s shotguns ended up being less beneficial than intended so we’re increasing the damage per projectile slightly.

Hellfire Shotguns
  • Damage per projectile increased from 5.5 to 6


While the previous cooldown increase for Experimental Barrier had the intended effect of opening up more counterplay, there may be a tuning value that feels less restrictive for Sigma and still achieves those goals.

Experimental Barrier
  • Cooldown reduced from 2.5 to 2.0 seconds


Zarya has been overperforming in a variety of team compositions so the increased drain rate will bring her average energy level down slightly between engagements.


  • Energy drain rate increased from 1.6 to 1.8 per second

MARCH 9, 2021


Patch 1.58 is a rebase and will require a relatively large download for all platforms.


PachiMarchi is here! Now through March 22, win games to earn Pachimari-themed rewards, including the new Pachimari Roadhog skin.



  • Added “Damage FX” options to the advanced Video options menu that will reduce the amount of impact effects seen during gameplay and replays
  • Added a “Custom Spectator Options” menu for live spectating that opens when you press the “View Spectator Options Menu” button as a spectator
  • Spectator camera bookmarks in live spectating and replay viewing now also save the current “Camera Field of View” (FOV)
  • Added “Custom Game Invite Filter” and “Custom Game Invite Requests” settings to the Social options menu to allow players to change and save who they can receive custom game invites from
  • Updated how off-screen important elements (e.g. an exploding D.Va Mech) are displayed on the screen to make them easier to find


We’re pleased to announce Workshop Extensions, a system which allows users to enable certain enhancements, such as access to new effects and increasing the number of dummy bots. These enhancements can be enabled using Extension Points, which are earned by either disabling player slots, disabling all non-Workshop maps, or a combination of both. This system allows us to add resource-intensive features while giving creators control over when they’re enabled. Check out the New Workshop Extensions section in these and future patch notes!

Spawn Points now returns an array of spawn point entities that have a position and facing direction. If you were already using this Value in places that expected a position, it will work as before. If you want explicitly grab the position and facing direction data, you can use the Position Of and Facing Direction Of Values respectively.

  • Added Workshop Extensions
  • Spawn Points now returns an array of entities rather than position vectors
  • Optimized effect position evaluation
New Workshop Extensions
  • Beam Effects
  • Beam Sounds
  • Buff Status Effects
  • Debuff Status Effects
  • Buff and Debuff Sounds
  • Energy Explosion Effects
  • Kinetic Explosion Effects
  • Explosion Sounds
  • Play More Effects
  • Spawn More Dummy Bots
New Workshop Actions
  • Enable Text Chat
  • Disable Text Chat
  • Enable Voice Chat
  • Disable Voice Chat
  • Start Game Mode
  • Return to Lobby
  • Restart Match
  • Move Player to Team
  • Remove Player
  • Start Forcing Dummy Bot Name
  • Stop Forcing Dummy Bot Name
New Workshop Values
  • Damage Over Time Count
  • Heal Over Time Count
  • Text Count
  • Damage Modification Count
  • Healing Modification Count
  • Assist Count
  • Entity Count
  • Local Player
  • Char In String
  • Index Of String Char
  • String Split
  • String Replace


  • Fixed a bug that caused specific abilities to persist on targets after a player swaps off the hero that used them
  • Fixed a bug that prevented players from using the escape menu to leave a custom game under certain circumstances
  • Fixed a bug that would cause heroes to become stuck against some buildings in midair
  • Fixed a bug with the Bounty Hunter game mode that caused Sombra to be detected when invisible if the Bounty Target buff expires
  • Fixed a bug that caused player ragdoll models to fall through the terrain when skipping kill cam playback
  • Fixed a bug that caused heroes knocked back by Doomfist’s Rocket Punch to not always break railings
  • Fixed a bug when calculating the “Weapon Accuracy – Best” stat

Blizzard World

  • Fixed a bug that allowed Tracer to blink and become stuck behind the two candelabras

Château Gaillard

  • Fixed a bug that allowed Wrecking Ball to Piledrive from the ground and get stuck on certain bushes and corners


  • Fixed a bug with a collision location that allowed Wrecking Ball to unintentionally grapple upon it


  • Fixed a bug that caused the UI to incorrectly reflect payload progress in rare circumstances


  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to place turrets in an unintended location


  • Fixed a bug with missing player collision in various locations of the map
  • Fixed a bug that caused Reinhardt to hit the door frame when charging out of the second attacker spawn room
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Reaper to teleport through a small gap outside of the second capture point


  • Fixed a bug that caused players to become stuck on a specific section of rooftop


  • Fixed a bug with player collision that allowed heroes to move through map geometry

King’s Row

  • Fixed a bug that caused Mei’s Blizzard drone to fall through the floor in certain locations
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to travel beneath some collision but not be killed by the death plane


  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to land on some snow piles on top of buildings


  • Fixed a bug that caused lighting issues in the back of the second attacker spawn


  • Fixed a bug that allowed D.Va’s Self-Destruct to go through walls causing damage to enemies


  • Fixed a bug where Earthshatter could be blocked by an Immortality Field that was mid-deploy


  • Fixed a bug where a stun would cancel transformation from Recon mode to Sentry mode


  • Fixed a bug where Doomfist’s Rocket Punch impact animation would incorrectly play twice
  • Fixed a bug where Doomfist would incorrectly maintain vertical momentum while entering Meteor Strike


  • Fixed a bug that caused her Translocator beacon to become stuck in a specific section of the Havana map

Wrecking Ball

  • Fixed a bug that allowed Piledriver to be used in unintended scenarios after a successful Piledriver
  • Fixed an issue where Continue could jump to the wrong loop in certain cases
  • Fixed an issue where Brigitte would continue using Primary Fire after it had been disabled
  • Fixed an issue where certain abilities would collide with walls even when environment collision had been disabled
  • Fixed an issue where the Workshop Inspector would display incorrect player names
  • Fixed an issue where certain buttons were ignored during flight abilities even when they were held down via Workshop
  • Fixed an issue where beam effects were not rendering when going straight up
  • Fixed an issue where extra D.Va’s could exist in certain scenarios
  • Fixed an issue where the Array value would interfere with the correct evaluation of Current Array Element and Current Array Index
  • Fixed an issue where Start Facing would not correctly honor Evaluate Once values when mixed with Event Player or other context-dependent values
  • Fixed an issue where Spawn Points would sometimes fail to reevaluate correctly
  • Fixed an issue where Hero Being Duplicated would fail when Echo duplicated D.Va
  • Fixed an issue where Player Died events wouldn’t trigger for environmental deaths when Echo was duplicating another hero
  • Removed the error sound that plays when attempting to use an ability that has been disabled by Custom Game settings or the Workshop

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