Neverwinter – 21 October 2020 Patch Notes

Neverwinter – 21 October 2020 Patch Notes

Release Notes

Enemies and Encounters

Avernus Hunts

  • When participating in the Nightspine hunt, players are no longer occasionally warped into their Infernal Machine.


Items and Economy

Dungeon Rewards

  • Scrolls of Life gained from dungeon rewards, going forward, can now properly be used from the Near Death screen. Unfortunately, scrolls gained from dungeon rewards prior to this patch can only be used from the inventory.


Redeemed Citadel Rewards

  • The Blessed Herald Artifact Pack can now consistently be opened.



  • Mounts and Companions awarded by Juma Surprise Bags are once again properly bound to account on pickup.


User Interface


  • The Epic Equipment category should once again properly show items in Location mode.




  • The Home Page should once again properly be localized for French, German, Italian, and Russian locales.

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