Mobile Legends – 1.5.16 Patch Notes

Mobile Legends – 1.5.16 Patch Notes


(↑)We’ve strengthened her in the early game.


Base Damage: 120-180 → 140-180

Mana Cost: 60-100 → 50-100


(↓)We’ve weakened her in the early game while keeping her the same in the late game.

Skill 2(↓):

Base Shield: 400-650 → 300-500

Magic Power Bonus: 1.2 → 1.5


Base Damage: 60-100 → 50-80

Magic Power Bonus: 25% → 30%


(↓)We’ve weakened her ability to take damage in the early game.


Base HP: 2659 → 2509

Base Physical Defense: 23 → 18

Base Magic Defense: 10 → 5


(↓)We’ve weakened her in the early game.

Attributes (↓):

Base Attack: 115 → 100


Cooldown: 38-26s → 46-26s


(↓)We’ve weakened the amount of pressure he’s able to create in the early game.

Skill 1(↓):

Damage increase percentage: 120% → 110%

Cooldown: 5.5-4s → 6.5-4s

1. Fixed the issue where the skill effect areas of Badang and Yi Sun-shin didn’t match the actual areas.

2. Increased the brightness of the mini-map and the clearness of creep icons.

3. Fixed the issue of Retribution when using the new control mode to cancel casting.

4. Fixed issue where the buff icons of Alpha and Bruno disappeared.

5. Fixed the issue where the energy shield of outer turrets disappeared in some cases.

1. Fixed the issue of the chat interface when other player tapped “One More Game”.

2. Fixed the incorrect contents of some languages including Cambodian, Arabian, and Burmese.

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