Mobile Legends – 1.5.10 Patch Notes

Mobile Legends – 1.5.10 Patch Notes


(~)As a Mage who needs to fight face to face against the enemies, Alice relies heavily on her Ultimate’s damage and restoration, which makes her lack combat ability during the cooldown of her Ultimate. Therefore, we have redesigned her Ultimate. We hope Alice could be a durable Mage & Tank. To ensure the balance, we have nerfed the effects of her Skill 1 and Ultimate. Besides, we have added a new effect to Skill 1 so that the player can see the location of the Blood Stream.

Passive (↑): After absorbing 25 blood orbs, increases 10% Magic Lifesteal → 15% Shield and HP Restoration

Skill 1 (↑): Base Damage: 350-650 → 400-600

Total Magic Power Bonus: 180% → 120%

Mana Cost: 90-140 → 50-75

New Effect: After the first cast, you can see the location of the Blood Stream by holding down the skill icon.

Skill 2(↑): Mana Cost: 90-115 → 50-75

Ultimate(~): Cooldown removed. Costs Mana continuously when the skill is on.

Base Damage: 160-220 → 140-200

Total Magic Power Bonus: 0.7 → 0.5

Base HP Restoration: 80-120 → 80-100

Extra HP Restoration: 0.3 → 0.2

[Revamped Tigreal]

(~)Ultimate(~): When using Flicker during the casting, Tigreal will blink right away instead of blink before the skill cast ends.

Fixed the cooldown display issue.

[Revamped Lapu-Lapu]

(↓)We have optimized some details and nerfed the damage of his Ultimate.

Passive(~): Gains Bravery Blessing by hitting enemies with his skills or hitting enemy heroes with his Basic Attack → Gains Bravery Blessing by dealing damage to enemies (10 for heroes and 5 for minions)

Damage of enhanced Basic Attack: 250% → 200%

Skill 1-Twin Blade ( ↓ ): Damage Range: 6.5 → 5.5

Ultimate-Twin Blade ( ↓ ): Cooldown: 30-20s → 25-15s (Starts from the stance switch)

Slow Duration: 1.5s → 1s

Gains 50 Bravery Blessing for hitting heroes and 25 for hitting minions

Skill 1-Heavy Sword( ↓ ): Base Damage: 350-500 → 250-400

Physical Attack Bonus: 120% → 100%

Skill 2-Heavy Sword ( ↓ ): Base Damage: 350-500 → 250-400

Fixed the issue where the stacks of damage reduction is incorrect in particular situations.


( ↑ )The extra crit effect of his Basic Attack isn’t coordinated with his other skills, so we have changed this setting into enhancing his damage. We have optimized the control feeling of him and slightly buffed him.

Passive (~): Removed the slow effect upon hitting enemies

According to the stack number of the Abyss Mark on the target, each stack increases 10% damage (except for Skill 1) instead of increasing Critical Chance.

Each Basic Attack increases 30% Movement Speed which will decay in 1.2s instead of increasing Movement Speed upon a crit. Each stack of Abyss Mark increases extra 5% Movement Speed.

His Basic Attack can be interrupted by all his skills instead of only skill 2.

Basic Attack ( ↑ ): Shortened casting by 0.2s. Increased backswing by 0.2s. (So that you can use skills between Basic Attacks more quickly)

Attributes (↑): Attack Speed Growth: 0 → 2%

Skill 2(~): Optimized control feeling


(~)We hope players can use her Basic Attacks more on fights than just as a farming tool.

Passive( ↓ ): Enhanced Basic Attack deals only 50% damage to minions

Skill 1 ( ↑ ): Damage to minions won’t decay now

[Revamped Zilong]

( ↓ )Since we fixed the issue where he didn’t Basic Attack after using Skill 2, we noticed that his damage exceeded our expectation. Thus we tuned down the Physical Attack Bonus of Skill 2.

Skill 2 ( ↓ ): Total Physical Attack Bonus: 100% → 60%


Fixed the issue where her Skill 2 cannot penetrate the obstacle in some special cases.


Optimized the camera performance of his Ultimate.


1. The following skins will be revamped in the future patches and are temporarily banned on Advanced Server: Miya “Modena Butterfly”, Eudora “Emerald Enchantress”, Zilong “Glorious General”, Saber “Codename – Storm”, Alice “Wizardry Teacher”, Alucard “Child of the Fall”, Chou “Dragon Boy”, and Roger “Dr Beast” 2.2. 8 Free Heroes: Server Time 8/28/2020 05:01:00 to 9/4/2020 05:00:00 (Tap the Settings button on the top-right corner of the main page to check.)

a. Hayabusa; Fanny; Roger; Lancelot; Esmeralda; Angela; Zhask; Wanwan

b. 6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Chou; Baxia; Lapu-Lapu; Faramis; Hanzo; Terizla


In this patch, we have made significant adjustments to the battlefield. We are expecting the following changes:

1. Players can choose the lane according to the chosen hero’s feature at the beginning of the match. And the laning can be more competitive.

2. The difference between jungle heroes and lane heroes gets more significant and distinctive, so that a hero can be better at his main area while being weaker in the other instead of being able to farm both the lanes and the jungle area with ease.

3. Solo jungling experience in the early game can be optimized.

We will keep observing these adjustments and considering future adjustments according to the performance. If you have any suggestions on this, please feel free to tell us.


1. Lanes: For the first 7 waves, the Siege Minions in each lane have special effects. Siege Minions of the Turtle lane give extra 50% EXP, whereas those of the Non-Turtle lane give extra 50% Gold. From wave number 8, all the Siege Minions stop giving such benefits.

2. Outer Turrets: In the first 3 minutes of the match, it now has a shield that can absorb 4,000 damage instead of a 50% damage reduction. Gold bonus will be granted to nearby enemy heroes according to the damage done to the shield (1 Gold per 10 damage to the shield). Minions deal a fixed 50 damage to the shield.

3. Inner Turrets: Physical & Magic Defense: 40 → 20. HP: 4600 → 5500.


1. Adjusted the attributes of all creeps: Base HP (↑), HP Growth (↓), Initial Attack (↓), Attack Growth (↑). According to the adjustments of the jungle equipment, slightly reduced the Base Exp from creeps.

2. Reduced the HP Regen Speed of all creeps except for the Carbs and Little Crabs in the first 3s after the hero leaves the chasing range.

3. Statued Shocker & Core Guard: New Skill: Reduces damage taken by 15% for each nearby hero, capped at 60%

4. Crabs & Little Crabs:

a. Slightly adjusted the spawn location

b. Reduced the HP Regen Speed in the first 5s after the hero leaves the chasing range

5. Walkie Grass:

a. Removed HP restoration effect. Mana restoration effect per second: 2% → 1%.

b. New effect: Increases the owner’s Movement Speed in the river

c. Lasts 45s instead of 20s

6. Lithowanderer: Spawns on one side of the Mid Lane instead of both sides


1. Retribution is required for purchasing Jungle equipment items now.

2. Added new effects to all the Jungle equipment items: Reduces the Exp gain from minions by 30% in the first 3 minutes of the match

3. Hunter’s Knife

a. Damage increase to creeps: 20% → 30%

b. Extra Exp gain from creeps: 15% → 25%

4. Curse Sword, Pillager Axe, Nimble Blade: Damage to creeps: 35% → 40%


1. Fixed the issue where minions don’t attack heroes occasionally

2. Optimized the skill vibration effects of Alpha, Ruby, Hilda, and Roger

3. Optimized the ground near the Mid Lane River in Imperial Sanctuary for low graphics

1. Optimized Draft Pick

a. Optimized the scene performance

b. When two heroes need to be picked in the Ban-pick phase, the two heroes with large body size are now well-separated from each other.

2. Optimized the interface of receiving rewards


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