Mobile Legends – 1.4.92 Patch Notes & New Skin Kimmy – Frost Wing | Weekly Free Hero Rotation

Mobile Legends – 1.4.92 Patch Notes & New Skin Kimmy – Frost Wing | Weekly Free Hero Rotation

[Starlight Member Weekly Free Hero and Skin Rotation]
* Carmilla – Wisteria Countess
* Roger – Dark Gent
* Hayabusa – Future Enforcer
* Johnson – Fire Chief
* Harith – Stardust
* Akai – Monk


Kimmy – Frost Wing

Now Available!

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Frost Wing 629 Diamonds | Hero-Skin Bundle 1048 Diamonds

[Game Model and Potrait]

[New Skin Tasks]

Frost Wing’s Gifts

Event Time: 09.07.2020 – 11.07.2020

1. New Hero – [Dinozard Rider – Barts]

The Desert King who can absorb energy and become bigger.

Passive: [I AM BIG !] – Rahal and Barts are partners. Each time Rahal deals damage with his skills, he absorbs energy and enhances himself, gaining 1 stack of [Robust] for a period of time which increases his size and attributes. Each time Rahal deals damage to a target, he inflicts 1 stack of [Feast] to the target. When [Feast] reaches 4 stacks, Rahal will gnaw the target upon the next Basic Attack, dealing [Physical Damage] according to his Max HP and restoring HP. When [Robust] surpasses 10 stacks. Rahal will [trample] the target with his Basic Attack. Each Basic Attack inflicts 2 stacks of [Feast] on the target.

Skill 1: [So-Called Teamwork] – Rahal spits contaminated oil in the fan-shaped area in front, dealing damage to enemies within the area and slowing them. Meanwhile, Barts drops the firecracker onto the contaminated oil from his bag and ignites it, dealing damage to enemies within the area. The area of effect of [So-Called Teamwork] will increase when [Robust] reaches 6, 11, 16, 21 stacks.

Skill 2. [Missile “Expert”] – Barts launches a missile to the designated area. Upon landing, a blast of flame spout out from the rear of the missile, dealing damage to the enemies in a straight line and pushing them away a certain distance.

Ultimate: [Beast Roar] – Rahal roars skyward and generates a forcefield around himself. Enemies that come in contact with the edge of the forcefield take damage and are stunned. Enemies in the forcefield take damage continuously and are slowed.


1. Badang’s skin “Fist of Zen” will be available in Epic Showcase on July 6.

2. Kimmy’s skin “Frost Wing” will be available on July 9 (Server Time). Diamond 899.

Kimmy and skin “Frost Wing” will be in a bundle and available on July 9 (Server Time). Launch week 30% Diamonds OFF.

3. 8 Free Heroes: Server Time 7/3/2020 05:01:00 to 7/10/2020 05:00:00 (Tap the Settings button on the top-right corner of the main page to check.)

Carmilla: Hayabusa: Minsitthar: Wanwan; Ling: Faramis: Uranus, X.Borg

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Cyclops, Irithel, Ruby: Chang’e, Zhask, Hanabi



Quicksand Guard – Base HP Restoration reduced from 150-250 to 75-125, whereas the lost HP bonus ratio increased from 7-12% to 9%-14%. Damage Reduction increased from 70% to 80%. Slow effect increased from 40% to 60%,


Elapsed Daytime – Physical Attack Bonus of Swordout Slash increased from 200% to 220%: Base HP Restoration reduced from 150 to 120.

Shadow Slash – The target slashed by the shadow is slowed by 60% for 0.5s now.

An Eye for An Eye – Slow effect removed. Stun duration increased from 1 to 1.58.

Optimized the Build Recommendation.

[Revamped Zilong]

Due to the cooldown reset of Spear Strike, Zilong is able to use this skill frequently. Though we have nerfed him in the last update, his performance is still over our expectations. So we decided to reduce the damage of Spear Strike again.

Spear Strike – Base damage adjusted from 250-500 to 150-300. Physical Defense Reduction adjusted from 15-40 to 10-30.

[Revamped Eudora]

Thunder’s Wrath – Overall damage reduced by 15% at all levels.

[Revamped Alucard]

Pursuit – His skills benefit 50% from Physical Lifesteal now instead of 30%.

[Revamped Tigreal]
Attack Wave – Slow effect adjusted from 40% for 2s to 30% for 1.5s.

Sacred Hammer – The distance and width of the charge increased by 20%. Optimized visual effect. Fixed the issue where Tigreal can knock the enemy behind him airbome.

[Revamped Layla]

Base Physical Attack reduced by 5.

[Revamped Saber]

Base Physical Defense increased by 3.

[Revamped Miya]

Physical Attack Growth increased by 2.

[Yi Sun-shin]

Slightly shortened the backswing of his Basic Attack.

Heavenly Vow – The Movement Speed gain from the Turtle Ship after decay increased from 15% to 21%.

Dauntless Fleet – Synchronized the indicator size with the actual effect.


Tyrant’s Revenge – Max HP based bonus damage adjusted from 10% at all levels to 7.5%-10%.

Bouncing Ball – Max HP based bonus damage adjusted from 5% at all levels to 3%-6%. Physical and Magic Defense gain adjusted from 60%-100% to 50%-100%. Slow duration reduced from0.5 to 0.2s.


Searing Torrent – Cooldown adjusted from 11-9 to 13-10s.


Ring of Order – Base damage reduced from 150-350 to 120-270. Cooldown reduced from 8-6.5 to 7-5s. Mana Cost reduced from 60-110 to 50-75

Divine Judgment – Skill range reduced by 15%.

Wrath Sanction – Max HP based bonus damage adjusted from 6% to 4%. Magic Power Bonus increased from 70% to 100%


Frostmoon Shield – Base Shield adjusted from 420-770 to 300-700.

Stardust Dance – Slow effect reduced from 25% to 10%. Optimized skill description


Cyclone Sweep – Base Damage adjusted from 60-185 to 50-200. Physical Attack Bonus increased from 35% to 50%. Only the Physical Attack Bonus damage can be critical now. Optimized skill description

Lethal Counter – Cooldown reduced from 40-26 to 32-24s.


Combat Ritual – Fixed the issue where the enhanced Basic Attack cannot trigger the attack effects.


Blast Iron Fist – Base damage over time adjusted from 75-150 to 100-150.

Unbreakable – Optimized the response upon charging into a block. Gatotkaca can now pass through the block more precisely.

Steel Bones – The damage of his enhanced Basic Attack scales less with his level now. He now restores HP based on Rage consumption.


Stardust Shock – Base damage of each stardust wave increased by 30 at all levels.


Spear of Alpha – Base damage dealt by Beta reduced from 441-657 to 225-315. Fixed the incorrect damage description.


Rhapsody – Base damage adjusted from 15-155 to 30-180. Physical Attack Bonus adjusted from 80% to 70%.

Rondo – Extra damage for the next 2 Basic Attacks adjusted from 10%-20% to 10%-30%.

Death Sonata – Base damage adjusted from 120-200 to 30-120. Physical Attack Bonus adjusted from 100% to 70%. This skill also deals 12% of the enemy’s lost HP as Physical Damage now.


Wind Blade: Sorrow – Base damage adjusted from 280-505 to 300-550. Windblow – Slow effect adjusted from 30% to 40%.

Windblow: Control – Airborne duration adjusted from 0.9 to 1.2s.

Windstorm: Death – Base damage adjusted from 960-1440 to 1200-1800.


Art of Thievery – Attack Speed gain and Movement Speed gain adjusted from 3.5%-6% to 2%-4.5%.


Energy Transformation – Physical Attack Bonus adjusted from 42% to 34%-44%. Magic Power Bonus adjusted from 48% to 40%-50%.

Chemical Refinement – The enemy units will restore Movement Speed more quickly now after leaving the area of slow effect.

Maximum Charge – Cooldown adjusted from 24-16 to 28-20s.



1. Fixed the abnormal damage result when Harley casts his Ultimate to Kupa.

2. Fixed the issue where Yu Zhong would exit the Barrel prematurely when using Barrel skill in Black Dragon form in Brawl Mode.

3. Fixed the abnormal skill timer of Lesley’s Skill 1 caused by leaving bushes after using the skill.

4. Fixed Ling’s model color issue after getting off the wall caused by leaving bushes after using his skill 1.

5. Fixed the display issue of the incoming HP restoration for Argus ultimate.

6. Fixed the issue happened when Yi Sun-shin and Jawhead are in the same match.


1. Blade of the Heptaseas

Physical Attack increased from 65 to 70.

Unique Passive: Ambush – Extra base damage of the next Basic Attack increased from 180 to 240, whereas the Physical Attack Bonus reduced from 100% to 60%.

2. Blade of Despair

Physical Attack reduced from 170 to 160.

3. Raptor Machete

The Unique Passive deals Physical Damage instead of True Damage now. Optimized the description

4. Core Guard

Soul of Lava: Damage for Marksman/Mage/Support adjusted from 50+60% Physical Attack to 50+30% Physical Attack+50*Attack Speed. Slow effect reduced from 30% to 20%.

Damage for Assassin/Fighter/Tank adjusted from 50+40% Physical Attack to 50+20% Physical Attack+30+Attack Speed. Slow effect reduced from 80% to 60%.


1. Adjusted Chapter 10 of Mastery Code for Freya and Luo Yi.2. MCL Optimization Simplified the promotion/elimination progress. Tidied up the redundant interfaces.

3. Added the special effects for the MCL champion team members and 5-player teams on the loading screen.

4. New style is applied to the bullet screen sent by the streamer.

5. Fixed the sound effect issue due to reconnection.

6. AFK Punishment Rule Adjustments

a. Performing short period AFK multiple times is regarded as AFK and the player will be punished.

b. If the total AFK time of a player is over a certain period of time, this player will not get a star even if the team has won the match.

c. The player who has performed AFK multiple times will be banned from Ranked Mode for a long period of time.


  1. Google Chrome 83.0.4103.106 Google Chrome 83.0.4103.106 Android 10 Android 10
    Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; Android 10; RMX2030) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/83.0.4103.106 Mobile Safari/537.36

    I wish there’ll be an update where someone was MVP on losing team he’s the only one who’ll not loss star and the other 4 teammates will loss star. In that update there’ll be an assurance where everyone will do their best in game even the losing team.

  2. Google Chrome 80.0.3987.117 Google Chrome 80.0.3987.117 Android 6.0.1 Android 6.0.1
    Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; Android 6.0.1; SM-G532G) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/80.0.3987.117 Mobile Safari/537.36

    When the other revamp hero will be release in origina server?


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