Lineage 2: Revolutions – Server Merge | January 2020

Lineage 2: Revolutions – Server Merge | January 2020

1. Server Merge
The Server Merge will proceed as mentioned earlier in the Server Merge for January, 2020 Notice. For more detailed information on the Server Merge, please check the link below.

> Server Merge for January, 2020 (Link)

Server Merge List

RegionServer NameMerged Servers


– Reset of some content is limited to the Merged Servers.
– Characters in your account will be deleted if all three conditions below apply.
(If there is a character in the account that does not meet all 3 conditions below, it will not be deleted.)
(1) If the account has not been accessed for 15 days or more.
(2) If all characters in the account are below level 50.
(3) If no payment has been made.

Ex) Of the four characters in account A that have not connected to the game for more than 15 days, one character is at level 70 and the remaining three characters are at level 10. No purchase history.
> All characters in account A will not be deleted.

2. Fortress Adjustments
* Fortress occupation information on all servers will be reset.
* Rewards will be given to clan members who have fortresses at the start of the update.
* Rewards will be given to clan members who join the clan at the start of the update.
* If you gave up the Fortress before the update started, no rewards will be given.
(1) Clan Member Reward: 10,000,000 Clan Adena (Sent to Clan Storage)
(2) Individual Clan Member Reward: 10 Dion Treasure Chests

Fortress NameRegionGradeAdjustment
Gludin Highway FortressGludioBFortress Deleted
Gludio Plains FortressGludioBFortress Deleted
Windawood Manor FortressGludioBFortress Deleted
Wasteland FortressGludioBFortress Deleted
Plains of Dion FortressDionAFortress Deleted
Cruma Swamp FortressDionAFortress Deleted
Summit of Dissonance FortressDionAFortress Deleted
Shrieking Hallows FortressDionAFortress Deleted
Giran Dominion FortressGiranBFortress Grade Changed
Deathly Fog Shores FortressGiranBFortress Grade Changed
Devil’s Isle FortressGiranBFortress Grade Changed
Haunted Necropolis FortressGiranSFortress Deleted
Northwind Plateau FortressOrenANewly Added
Eternal Lands FortressOrenANewly Added
Ivory Tower Conquered FortressOrenANewly Added
Dragon Valley FortressAventoSNewly Added
Promised Land FortressAventoSNewly Added
Ancient Dragon Mountain Range FortressAventoSNewly Added
Northwind Plateau FortressSchuttgartRNewly Added
Schuttgart Snow Field FortressSchuttgartRNewly Added
Spine Mining Zone FortressSchuttgartRNewly Added
Aden Southern Plains FortressAdenSRNewly Added
Land of Rage FortressAdenSRNewly Added


3. Ni no Kuni Collaboration

With the help of the Silverlight Mercenaries, Scarlett attempts a dangerous experiment of Mass Teleportation.

As she is attempting to control the powerful magic, unexpected forces cause the magic to become uncontrollable, knocking out Scarlett and her party.

After a while, the party wakes up to find themselves in a strange, and… beautiful new world.

Event Temporal Rift – Ni no Kuni
Clear the dungeon and defeat the final boss “Black Knight” with the help of 3 Ni no Kuni characters.

– Characters





< Evan >< Roland >< Aranella >
The main character of Ni no Kuni.
A boy king who was driven out of Ding Dong Dell by the rebellion.
President in the real world. He was knocked unconscious, then awoke to find himself younger in the world of Ni no Kuni.
Helps the main character, Evan.
Evan’s governess who watched over him since he was a child.


– Middle Boss – Black Knight

– The middle boss “Black Knight” is a boss monster sent to eliminate “Evan,” the heir to the Kingdom of Ding Dong Dell.
– Uses a one-handed sword and shield. Mainly uses skills to strengthen defense.
– When you defeat the middle boss “Black Knight”, the final boss will appear.

– Final Boss – Unbound Black Knight

– A powerful final boss who abandons all defense and weapons to reach his full potential.
– As his health decreases, he inflicts more powerful damage and his attacks become more enraged.

Various content related to the Ni no Kuni Collaboration will be added.

– Event World Boss Mossy Monument will be added.
> Please check the Event Notice for more details. (LINK)

– Ni no Kuni Collaboration Weapon & Outfit Costumes will be added.

Outfit: Penetration, Rare Skill Damage Decrease, 90% damage reduction from Ni no Kuni-type Monsters.
Weapon: P. Atk., M. Atk., Ignore PVP Crit. Damage Decrease, 400% damage increase against Ni no Kuni-type Monsters.

– Ni no Kuni Collaboration Agathion “Lofty” will be added.

> P. Atk., M. Atk., Max HP, HP Regen.

– Ni no Kuni Collaboration Mount will be added.

> P. Def., M. Def., Max HP, HP Regen, Resilience, Critical Rate, Critical Resistance.

– Ni no Kuni Soul Crystal

> Black Knight’s Soul Crystal: Soul Crystal of Attack
> Mossy Monument’s Soul Crystal: Soul Crystal of Penetration
> Evan’s Soul Crystal: Soul Crystal of Evasion

– Ni no Kuni Artifacts 
> Grade C: 2 types
> Grade B: 3 types
> Grade A: 2 types
> Grade S: 2 types
> Grade R: 2 types
> Grade SR: 2 types
> Grade UR: 1 types

– Ni no Kuni Collaboration Monsters will be added.
> Black Knight (A), Unbound Black Knight (S), Mossy Monument (R)

4. Bug Fixes
– Fixed an issue where Clan CP was not reflected during the Castle / Fortress bidding process.

– In the Elite dungeons, players can no longer move to another party during PvP.

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