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Lineage 2: Revolution

Lineage 2: Revolution

Lineage 2: Revolutions – OFFLINE MODE | December 2019

17.12.2019 Patch Notes

1. Region Merge
– Americas I, Americas II, and Oceania regions will be merged into the America region.
– World Boss, Academy Clan Dungeons of the region will be changed to the following times.
* European region will remain the same.
* Each server will remain the same.

* After the update, the region selection screen will display America I, America II and Oceania. They are all linked to the same region and will be modified at a later date.

World Boss Appearance Time Change

World Boss Region 1st Appearance Time 2nd Appearance Time
Guillotine Europe 20:00 (GMT) 08:00 (GMT)
America 18:00 (PST)
21:00 (EST)
13:00 (AEDT)
06:00 (PST)
09:00 (EST)
01:00 (AEDT)
Zaken Europe 20:00 (GMT)
America 18:00 (PST)
21:00 (EST)
13:00 (AEDT)


Academy Clan Dungeon Open Time Change

Academy Clan Dungeon Region Start Time End Time
Varkaron’s Vestige Europe Monday/Wednesday/Friday 13:00 (GMT) Monday/Wednesday/Friday 17:00 (GMT)
America Sunday/Tuesday/Thursday 17:00 (PST)
Sunday/Tuesday/Thursday 20:00 (EST)
Monday/Wednesday/Friday 12:00 (AEDT)
Sunday/Tuesday/Thursday 21:00 (PST)
Monday/Wednesday/Friday 00:00 (EST)
Monday/Wednesday/Friday 12:00 (AEDT)
Queen Ant’s Cave Europe Tuesday/Thursday 13:00 (GMT) Tuesday/Thursday 17:00 (GMT)
America Monday/Wednesday 17:00 (PST)
Monday/Wednesday 20:00 (EST)
Tuesday/Thursday 12:00 (AEDT)
Monday/Wednesday 21:00 (PST)
Tuesday/Thursday 00:00 (EST)
Tuesday/Thursday 12:00 (AEDT)


2. Courageous Battlefield
– This new battlefield is 5 vs 5.

– Schedule: The event will open at the same time as Honorable Battlefield.
* Please check the event details for event progress and rewards. (LINK)

Server Running Time
Staris, Tarkai, Lancer Monday/Wednesday/Friday 21:00 – 22:00 (EST)
Vasper Monday/Wednesday/Friday 21:00 – 22:00 (PST)
Lithra Monday/Wednesday/Friday 22:00 – 23:00 (AEDT)
All of Europe Server Monday/Wednesday/Friday 17:00 – 18:00 (GMT)


– How to Enter
> You can enter through the [Battlefield – Courageous Battlefield].
> Entry is open to individuals or parties.
* There is no limit to the number of times a Courageous Battlefield can be entered in the allotted time.
* Entry is only possible with your Main Class.
* Entry is only permitted from normal fields like Honorable Battlefield.

Battle Progress
– Start count (3 seconds) will proceed after both teams have entered.
– After the start count, both teams battle to destroy the opponent’s core.
– Destroy the opponent’s core within the time limit or winning conditions will determine the result of the match.

Courageous Battlefield Rules
– Time limit: 10 minutes

– Winning Conditions
1) The first team to destroy the opponent’s core wins.
2) The team with the higher HP core after the time limit expires wins.
3) If the HP of the core is the same after the time limit has expired, the team with the higher Kill score wins.
* If the last criteria is the same, the match will end in a draw.

– Using items
> All consumables, including potions and Soulshot are unavailable in the Courageous Battlefield.
– Resurrection
> If you die, you can respawn at the starting point near your core.
> The first resurrection cool down time is 5 seconds and increases by 2 seconds each time you are revived. (Max. 15 seconds)
> When resurrected, both HP and MP are restored and the cooldown of the skill is reset.
> Invincible buffs last for 3 seconds during respawn, but all buffs and debuffs applied before dying are removed.

– Battlefield Points and Market Buffs
> Battlefield points can be acquired according to battling and time spent on the battlefield.
> Battlefield Points can be used to level up the Market Buff on the left side of the screen.
> There are a total of 9 kinds of Market Buffs, and 3 are randomly selected when entering the match.
> You can change the Market Buff up to 3 times from the starting location.
> You can enhance one Market Buff at the start of the match.

Movement Speed Increase
Attack Speed Increase
Defense Increase
Attack Damage Increase
Skill Cooldown Reduced
Max HP Increase
Respawn Time Reduced
Ally Monster Health Increase
Increased damage and defense in combat with enemy players

Courageous Battlefield Tip
– Conquer Buff

> There is a capture point at the top / bottom of the map, and when conquered, the buffs are applied depending on how many are in possession.
> When conquered, it is impossible to capture for 30 seconds, after which the opposing team can try to conquer it.

Number Conquered Buff
1 20% Increase in defense
Battlefield Point Acquisition +2
2 Attack increased by 30%
Battlefield Point Acquisition +3


– Central Buff
> At any given time, one of five buffs is randomly generated in the center of the map, and you can get a buff effect if you touch it.

Attack speed increased by 100 % for 20 seconds.
Attack increased by 100 % for 20 seconds.
Defense increased by 100 % for 20 seconds.
Movement speed increased by 100% for 20 seconds.
30% health and mana restored for all team members

– Defeat Aslon (Boss)
> Aslon (Boss) appears at 12 o’clock position on the map, and 4 minions will be summoned at the 6 o’clock position to attack the opponent’s core.
> Aslon reappears 90 seconds after being defeated.

3. Snowball Fight Battle Royale
– A Battle Royale where the one who survives the snowball fight in the end will receive reward.

– You can enter up to 3 times a day.
– Battle Royale starts every 20 minutes after the start of the event and is open six times daily.
Ex) Vasper 1st (21:00 PST), 2nd (21:20 PST), 3rd (21:40 PST)
* Please check the event details for event progress and rewards. (LINK)

Server Running Time
Staris, TarKai, Lancer Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday 21:00 – 23:00 (EST)
Vasper Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday 21:00 – 23:00 (PST)
All of Europe Server Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday 20:00 – 22:00 (GMT)
Lithra Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday 22:00 – 24:00 (AEDT)


– How to Enter
> You can participate through the icon activated on the main screen when the event starts.
> Entry requirements: 10 people (minimum), 50 people (maximum).
* Unable to enter as a party.
* Entry is not possible while Battle Royale is in progress.
* If 10 people or less do not connect within a certain time period after entry, the matching will fail and you will leave the battlefield.

Battle Progress
– Time limit: 10 minutes
– All characters can attack using only the ‘snowball throw’ skill.
– After a certain period of time, a penalty will be incurred in the battle zone, resulting in a narrower battle area.
– Every 30 seconds, a supply is created, and you can obtain one of the buffs below.

Movement speed increased by 50%
Attack Speed Increased by 50%
Invulnerable to damage
Skill cooldown time reduced by 50%


– Rank is determined in the order of survival time.
– Characters remaining when the time limit is reached will be ranked based on how many players are left.
Ex) If 3 characters remain > Third place
4. Cloak Limit Break
– Limit Break your Cloaks using the same Cloak Brooch or Limit Break Cloak Stones.
– When Limit Breaking a Cloak the maximum level it can increase is 1.
* After Limit Breaking your Cloak you will need to level it up using Cloak Yarn or the specified material.
* Increase the Substat and Equipped effect of the Cloak through level up.
* Certain special Cloaks cannot Limit Break.
* Ex) Heroic Cloak

5. Mount Limit Break
– Limit Break your Grade SR Mounts using the same Summoning Stone or Mount Limit Break Stones.
– When Limit Breaking a Mount the maximum level it can increase is 1.
* Only Grade SR Mounts can Limit Break.
* After Limit Breaking your Mount you will need to level it up using Advancement Stones.
* Mounts can increase their stats through leveling up.
* Certain special Mounts cannot Limit Break.

6. Offline Mode
– This feature allows automatic hunting and conquest while offline for a certain period of time.

How to use it
– -You can run Offline mode through [Option – Offline mode].
– Offline mode will automatically hunt for the amount of time shown on the screen.
* If you have hunting benefits, a popup will display every day and you can proceed with the quests in Offline mode.
* Game will automatically close when in Offline mode.


Offline Mode Time
Base time: 120 minutes
-Daily benefit: 60 minutes each
> Login Diamonds
> Daily Quest Benefits
> Daily Hunting Benefits
> Daily Item Benefits
* Each additional time applies when you purchase and apply each benefit.

* If you already purchased Login Diamonds, the extra time will be added for the remaining days.

– If your character died or you reached the Offline mode time limit, Offline mode will automatically end.
– HP and MP potions that are equipped when using Offline mode will be automatically used.
– If Soulshot is activated before running in Offline mode, it will continue to be used. Please check if it is activated before running.
– Depending on your PK mode setting, you may get unwanted chaotic values, so please check your PK mode setting before activating Offline mode.
– After completing Offline mode, you can check the items acquired when connecting back to the game.
– During Offline mode, a push message will automatically be sent when your inventory is out of space, or when your HP/MP potions is low.
7. Tier 4 Talismans Added
– Obtain Tier 4 Talismans from Temporal Rifts.
8. New Costume / Mount


Main Stats
Frost Kingdom Outfit Costume:
 Max HP, Rare Skill Damage Decrease Ignore
Frost Kingdom Hair Fashion: Critical Resistance, Evasion
Frost Kingdom Weapon: M. Atk., P. Atk.
White Tiger: P. Def., M. Def., Max HP Increase, HP Regen, Resilience, Crit. Rate, Critical Resistance

9. Improvements 

– Battle Deck setting by content has been added.
* Battle Decks for each content is set to the current Battle Decks by default.
* Completed Battle Decks for each content will be automatically applied when entering the content.

Content Battle Deck
Daily Dungeon Battle Deck can be set for each of the 7 dungeons
Tower of Insolence 1 Battle Deck can be set
Elite Dungeon Battle Deck can be set for each of the 19 dungeons
Extraction Pit 1 Battle Deck can be set
Temple Guardian 1 Battle Deck can be set
Adena Vault 1 Battle Deck can be set
Trials of Experience 1 Battle Deck can be set
Summoning Circle 1 Battle Deck can be set
Harvest Dungeon 1 Battle Deck can be set
Temporal Rift Battle Deck can be set for each of the 7 Temporal Rifts
Arena 1 Battle Deck can be set
Honorable Battlefield 1 Battle Deck can be set
Fortress Siege 1 Battle Deck can be set
Castle Siege 1 Battle Deck can be set


– Battle Decks per Mount setting feature has been added.

– Weekly Progress Report has been improved.
> Added a button to go directly to content that affects growth.
> In ‘achievements’, the additional combat power according to rank has been improved..
> Data will be displayed based on the saved CP of the last connection of the week (updated to 00:00 PST every Monday).
> Displays increased CP through certain content (such as Costumes, Cloaks, and Elixirs).
> Improved to compare the combat power of the current equipment compared to the previous week.
> The ‘Talisman’ tab in the Weekly Progress Report will be deleted.

– Improvements made to Fortress / Castle Siege
> The ‘Top 50 Clan CP Ranking’ is added to the criteria for bidding for Fortress / Castle Battle.
> ‘Extended map’ is added to the bottom right of the mini-map. Using maps, the entire map of the battlefield is now transparent in the center of the screen.

– Agathion Improvements
> Displays the Agathion equipped in the character window based on the currently selected Battle Deck.
> Rare Charm Special Effects have been added. (More Rare Charm Special Effects have been added to the existing ones you could acquire)
>> Shorten the time required to complete a quest (if you are proceeding with a quest)
>> Monster Shop Powder Cost Discount
>> Shorten Relic opening time
>> Increased default Bonus time in Hall of Greed
>> Main Professions Jackpot Chance Increase
>> Has a chance to achieve Perfect when harvesting
>> Chaotic Status Transition Criteria Increase
>> Reduced daily quest auto completion time
>> Increased daily quest renewals

– Elite Dungeon Improvements
> Elite Dungeon quests have been adjusted so that the Red Diamonds needed to claim rewards will be the same as the Red Diamonds needed to clear the day’s quests.
> The amount of Red Diamonds required will be adjusted when you choose double EXP rewards after clearing the Elite Dungeon quest.
> The reward for Elite Dungeon Red Zones will be changed from Relics to Rare Monster Summoning Stones.

– Ranking function has been improved.
> Improved to check the ranking of each race, class.

– Relic immediately open feature has been improved.
> Added the ability to select Relics from the inventory and immediately open them using diamonds.

– Dungeon difficulty display has been improved.

– Costume stats display has been improved.
> You can see more information than before through the additional pop-up window when checking costume stats.
> You can check the stats of the costume you want to purchase by previewing it in the costume store.

– Returning character’s first connection location has changed to Magnadin.

– Options that have been deleted
> The Vulcan Resource feature has been deleted.
> The G-voice feature has been deleted.

10. Bug Fixes
– The light bulb guide popup will disappear over time.
– Fixed the issue where the Shop’s sales list was displayed for free under certain circumstances.
– Fixed the issue where rewards were incorrectly displayed as (0/10) in the Main quest menu before Act 3.

04.12.2019 Patch Notes

1. Winter Fortress Siege
– Existing Fortress Siege will be changed to Winter Fortress Siege during the event period.

Winter Fortress Siege Additions
– Two snowmen will be added periodically in Fortress Siege’s field.

Snowman Name Defeat Effect
Small Mystic Snowman Buff effect applied to clan members and leaders
Giant Mystic Snowman When one clan member is defeated, buff will be given to their clan leader.


Buff Effects
* Buff effects will disappear at the end of Winter Fortress Siege or if exited.

Defeated Snowman Buff Effect
Small Mystic Snowman
(All Clan members)
P. Atk. 1.5% increase
M. Atk. 1.5% increase

* Accumulate up to 10 times. 
Giant Mystic Snowman
(Clan Leader)
50% increase in health
Freeze effect
* Freeze : chance to Freeze the target when a normal attack hits.


2. Magnadin Winter Background Change
– Changes will be made to the background of Magnadin including music boxes, snowmen and ice.

3. Bug Fixes
– Fixed the issue of occasional stopping during auto-questing scroll quests.
– Fixed the issue in where certain scroll quests would not progress if moved through Magnadin during the auto progress of a sub quest.
– Fixed the issue where an error message wass displayed when using the ‘sharing’ function of Soul Crystals, and the information was not shared in the chat window.

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