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Lineage 2: Revolution

Lineage 2: Revolution

Lineage 2: Revolutions – Mount Battle, New Costume & New Boss | November 2019

20.11.2019 Patch Notes

1. Field Boss Arsmundt

Information about Arsmundt
– Location: Aden Southern Plains
– Recommended Level: Lv. 380
– Recommended CP: 3,718,109
– Recommended Players: 100
– Attribute: Humanoid
– Attack Characteristics: Uses a wide range of skills with a huge hammer, and uses a debuff to combat nearby characters.

Tip1. Most of the attacks are wide area skills, so it’s important to look and avoid the skill range shown on the floor!
Tip2. If you receive a debuff, it’s important to move to a place where there are no characters around you before the duration is over!

– You can earn rewards based on your contributions or by chance when defeating Arsmundt, including the following new skill and Talisman.

– Rare Skill: Holy Shock
> Applies Sacred Power to the surrounding area.
> If the target is an enemy, it deals damage and reduces damage.
>If the target is an ally, a shield is created for 5 seconds, and damage is increased.

– Talisman: Arsmundt’s Hammer
  > Color: Yellow
> Stats: Crit. Rate, Penetration, Evasion

2. Hide and Seek (Battle Royale)

How to Participate
– You can match and enter through the icon that is displayed 5 minutes before the event.


Hide and Seek Rules
– Duration: 150 Seconds
– Participants: 6 Players (5 Silverlight Mercenaries, 1 Monster)

* Party matching is not possible.

* Participation Restrictions: 2 times per day.
Entry reset time
07:00 (PST)
10:00 (EST)
15:00 (GMT)
02:00 (AEDT)

Hide and Seek each round
* Match is possible 5 minutes before the start of each round.
* The start time for each round is based on the regional time.

– America I (EST), America II (PST), Oceania (AEDT)

Round Start Time
1 18:30
2 19:00
3 19:30
4 20:00
5 20:30
6 21:00
7 21:30


Europe (GMT)

Round Start Time
1 17:30
2 18:00
3 18:30
4 19:00
5 19:30
6 20:00
7 20:30


How to Play

> 6 players are matched. One ‘Monster’ and five ‘Silverlight Mercenaries’ are randomly determined.
> After entering, you can move freely until the battle begins.

> Use your skills to survive 150 seconds of the Silverlight Mercenaries onslaught.
> You cannot attack the Silverlight Mercenaries.
> After a certain time, only the “monster” will receive damage.

 Silverlight Mercenary
> Attack and defeat the monster within 150 seconds.
> At the start of the battle Buff (skill) objects will spawn in a special location for 20 seconds every 30 seconds.
> You can acquire and use 1 skill through the object.
> You can delete a skill if you interact with an object while you have a skill, and acquire a skill through the interaction with the object again.
* Cooldown time is maintained even after skill deletion.

Skill Information

Type Skill Description
Monster Roar Roar grants Fear to nearby enemies
Stealth Stealth and movement speed increased for a short time
Bravery Use to increase Atk., Atk. Spd., and Speed
Purifying Flame Use to inflict a powerful flame attack
Earth Smash Use to inflict AoE damage and slow movement


* Please check the Event Notice for more details about the event and reward information. (LINK)

3. New Costume: Fashionista


– Outfit: Critical Resistance, Ignore PvP Crit. Damage Decrease
– Hair: Max MP, PvP Crit. Damage Decrease

4. Bug Fixes
– Fixes a phenomenon in which an error message is displayed when attempting to share a Soul Crystal in the chat window through the [Share] function.

06.11.2019 Patch Notes

1. Mount Battle

How to Participate/Mount Battle Entry Rules 

– How to Enter:
1) The entry icon will be displayed at the start of the event.
2) Matching will take place for 10 minutes.
3) After matchmaking time is complete, no new matches will be made. If you haven’t participated yet and there is vacancy in a match, you will be able to enter.
– Duration: 5 Minutes
– Participants: 20 Participants (4 teams of 5 players)
* When matching, the process can be carried out with a party.

How to proceed
– Entry

> Each team starts at each corner of the map and can be distinguished by red, blue, green and yellow balloons.
> All participants will use the Bumper Car for Mount Battle.
* You cannot get off the Mount while Mount Battle is in progress.

– How to Play
> Coins are regenerated on the map for 10 minutes.
> Passing over the coin allows you to acquire 1-3 coins.
> Acquired coins are turned into the team’s score when brought to the return position.
> If a user with a coin is rushed and knocked down, all the coins will be scattered around and can be acquired by other users around them.
> Random boxes will appear on the map, and you can get one-time skills through the random boxes.
> Rank is determined according to the score at the end of regulation time.
* One-time skills can be acquired if there are empty skill slots. If there are no empty slots, skills cannot be acquired.
* If the scores are the same, ranking will be determined by which score was achieved first
Ex) If two teams have a first place score of 30 points, the team that achieved 30 points first will be ranked first.

* Check the Event Notice for detailed rewards for the event. (LINK)

2. New Costume: Fairy Tale
The 2nd Anniversary Costume can be obtained through the Check-in Event.
* Costume has no additional stats.
* Check the link for information on events where you can obtain the costume. (LINK)

3. New Agathion: Violet

Main Stats
– P. Def.
– M. Def.
– Critical
– Evasion

4. New Mount: Bumper Car

Main Stats
– P. Atk.
– M. Atk.
– HP Recovery
– Penetration
– Critical

* Bumper Cars are available to Enchant. 

5. Other Adjustments and Bug Fixes 
– Adjustments have been made to add specialty items to the item components that can be obtained from each Relic.

Bug Fixes
– Fixed an issue where Meteor Shower’s cool time would be displayed abnormally and could not be used while wearing the Horror Costume.
– Fixed an issue where Clan CP ranking was incorrectly displayed.
– Fixed an issue where equipment’s set effects would not activate after Awakening.
– Fixed the issue where certain collaboration Soulstones needed different material for upgrading to UR.


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