Lineage 2: Revolutions – March 2019 UPDATE

Lineage 2: Revolutions – March 2019 UPDATE

New Territory and Level Expansion

With the addition of Schuttgart, character levels have been expanded.
If you’re curious about new lands, quests, and monsters, then be sure to head for Schuttgart Territory!

1. New Schuttgart Territory
– Schuttgart Territory is located on the northern side of Aden and is divided into the regions below.

Region NameLevel Restriction
Northern Immortal PlateauLv. 320 or higher
Schuttgart Snow FieldLv. 338 or higher
Spine Mining ZoneLv. 346 or higher

– Schuttgart Territory Story/Daily/Weekly/Scroll Quests will be added.
– Schuttgart Territory Monster Core list will be added to the Monster Codex.
– A Monster Dungeon list will be added for acquiring Schuttgart Monster Cores.

2. Level Expansion (Lv. 360)
– Achieve Lv. 360 to fully enjoy new Main Quests and Sub Quests
– Rune Imprinting and Elixir Grades have been expanded.
– Achievements and Level Up Rewards are adjusted. (Existing: Lv.320 → Lv.360)
– Page 16 have been added to Rune Imprinting. (Open Lv.360)
– Grade SR Elixirs have been added. (Open Lv.340)

3. Epic Level System Added
– From Lv. 360 to Lv. 370, a new Epic Level System has been applied.
– Higher levels will be shown in a darker red color in the Epic Level Area.
*You need much more exp. than before to level up in the Epic Level Area.

4. Elite Dungeons Added
– New Elite Dungeons Cave of Trials Catacomb 1 and Cave of Trials Catacomb 2 will be added.

Dungeon NameLevel Restriction
Cave of Trials Catacomb 1Lv. 322 or higher
Cave of Trials Catacomb 2Lv. 346 or higher

Cute Adventuring Companions – Agathions

Agathions, cute and adorable adventuring companions, are now available!
Agathions not only follow characters around, but also strengthen characters!

1. 4 Agathions Added
– Agathion are unlocked at Character Lv. 15
– Agathions can be summoned using Souls, which can be acquired by opening the Agathion Summon Box from the Shop.
– Agathion grades are C-SR. Grade SR is split into Normal SR and Rare SR.
– 3 Agathions of the same grade can be combined to acquire a higher-grade Agathion. (Randomly Generated)
> There’s a chance to acquire a Grade SR Agathion when opening the Agathion Summon Box or combining 3 Grade SR Agathions.

2. Agathion Strengthening and Features
– Agathions have substats that increase with grade.
– Agathions can be strengthened using Normal Strengthening (Adena) or High-grade Strengthening (Red Diamonds).
> When using Normal Strengthening, there’s a chance for stats to drop.
> Strengthening does not apply to maxed values.
– When a higher-grade Agathion is summoned, the lower-grade Agathon will be automatically replaced.
– When the lower-grade Agathion is replaced by the higher-grade Agathion, all previous data for the Agathion will be transferred.
– When automatically changing to a higher grade Agathion, the previously held grade Agathion Souls are acquired in the Agathion Inventory.

3. Charms

– Charms are Agathion-exclusive equipment that have substat values.
– Each Agathion has their own unique set of Charms.
– Charms cannot be unequipped. When equipping a new Charm, the existing Charm will be replaced by the new Charm.
– There are 6 different Charm slots. Combine Charms from identical slots to randomly acquire new Charms.
The newly acquired Charm will be for an identical slot.

4. Agathion Inventory and Exclusive Storage
– Agathion Souls and Charms can be found in the Agathion Inventory.
– The Agathion Personal and Account Storages can be accessed by talking to an NPC within Magnadin.
– Agathion Inventory, Personal Storage, and Account Storage can be expanded.

5. Other Features
– Agathion will be automatically added to all decks upon equipping.
– You can change the name of the summoned Agathion.
> The first name change is free. However, after the first name change, Red Diamonds will be used to change the Agathion’s name.
> The Agathion’s name may be reverted back to its original name if the name violates policies.
– ‘Agathion’ tab has been added in Trading Post

New Field Boss Marlox

Field Boss Marlox is now here! Acquire Rare Skill Pages from the Field Boss.

– Recommended CP for Marlox: 1,037,500
– Location: Giran < Haunted Necropolis < Brink of Death
– Key Rewards: New Forgotten Scroll Page (Absolute Shield)
– Marlox has a high Evasion Rate.
– While facing Marlox, players must deal with summoned Demon Totems.
– If players fail to destroy 3 summoned totems within the time limit, they will be hit with an AoE attack that inflicts massive damage.

4. Monster Dungeon Renewal
The Monster Dungeon is now more convenient for everyone!

1. Party Search Feature Changes
– You can check the Monster Summoning Stone list at Dungeon Menu > Monster Dungeon.
– You can join a Monster Dungeon Party using the Participate (Join) button in the Monster Summoning Stone list.
– When searching by monster name, all results will be displayed by dungeons currently in progress.
– You can modify search conditions or sort through the filter menu.
– Use the auto-join feature to automatically enter a Monster Dungeon that suits your requirements.

2. Consecutive Summon Feature Changes
– Monster Dungeons can be created by using 1 Monster Summoning Stone. The consecutive summon feature can only be used upon entering the Monster Dungeon.
– You can schedule up to 20 Monster Summoning Stones. Everyone can use this feature upon entering the Monster Dungeon.
– You can cancel through the pop-up window. Only monster Summoning Stones registered by the player can be canceled.

3. Other Features
– A character that is not in combat will be automatically kicked after a period of inactivity.

Miscellaneous Additions

1. Quest Skip Feature Improvement
– When using the skip feature, all dialogue will be skipped during quests.
– When not using the skip feature, the next dialogue will appear after 1 second during quests.

2. Temporal Rift Readiness Verification
– Upon attempting to join a Temporal Rift Party (Normal Difficulty) via chat, your CP will be verified.
– Upon attempting to join a Temporal Rift Party (Nightmare Difficulty) via chat, your Augmentation will also be verified.
– The Join button will be disabled for players that lack CP or Augmentation.

3. Other Details
– You can now change purchase amounts when purchasing items from the Honor Coin Exchange Shop.
– You can now purchase Daily Benefits during the trial period.
– All characters will be equipped with the Grade C Armor set upon creation.
– Content for Clans/Academy Clan will open from a different level. (Level 10 to Level 5)

4. Bug Fixes
-Fixed an issue where some Orc characters were not receiving rewards after episode and main quest completion since the 2/27 update.
* The following measures will be taken for non-received compensation:
>Episode clear rewards will be sent the the mailbox.
>Main quest completion rewards: reactivated so players can receive the rewards themselves.

New Items

1. New Items
*In the Event <Daily Rewards> tab, you can earn the following rewards based on the cumulative purchase amount.
– 1 Grade A Accessory Box
– 1 Grade A Soul Crystal Box
– 1 Grade S Accessory Box + 20 Loyalty Points
– 1 Grade SR Equipment Box (includes Weapon, Armor, Accessory) (Rare equipment excluded) + 10 Topaz
Recommended Items
– “[New Friend] Complete Rare Monster Summoning Stone Box” In the Item “Rare Evil Summoning Stone Selection Box”, you can not select monsters from Schuttgart Territory.

CategoryItem NameContentsPurchase Limit

[New Friend] Introducing Agathions!

1 Grade R Agathion Selection Box
1 Grade R Agathion Summon Box
3 Agathion Charm Selection Boxes
4 times per period

[New Friend] Complete Rare Monster Summoning Stone Box

70 Rare Monster Summoning Stone Selection Boxes
(Monsters from Schuttgart Territory excluded)
10 Boss Summoning Stone Selection Boxes
1 World Boss Summoning Stone – Guillotine
10 Core Gain Increase Potions
5 (1,000 Soul Powder Pouches)
1 time per week

[New Friend] Red Diamonds for Strengthening!

999 Red Diamonds99 times per period

[New Friend] Summon an Agathion!

5 Agathion Summon Boxes
50,000 Adena
1 time per period

[New Friend] 25 Grade UR Material Selection Boxes

25 High-grade Material Selection Boxes1 time per week

[New Friend] Select a Draconian Attribute Armor!

1 Grade S Exclusive Draconian Attribute Rare Armor Selection Box
12 Grade SR [Draconian Defense Attribute] Armor Varnishes
20 Armor Upgrade Stones
4 times per period


Daily Benefits Shop

CategoryItem NameContentsPurchase Limit
Daily Benefits Shop

Luxury Temporal Rift Rewards 2x Daily Benefits

Receive 800 Red Diamonds upon purchase!
All Temporal Rift Rewards doubled for 28 days!
Receive 1 Cloak Strengthening Material Selection Box daily!
1 time per month


Character Bundle
*Upon using the Sand of Oblivion, all Normal Skills acquired before the 2nd Class Transfer will be reset. (Excludes 2nd Class Transfer Skills and Rare Skills)
*Upon using the Sand of Oblivion, 100% of all Skill Points and 80% of all Adena used for Skill Level Up will be returned.
*The Sand of Oblivion item will be sold until further notice.

CategoryItem NameContentsPurchase Limit
Character Bundle

Sand of Oblivion

1 Sand of Oblivion1 time per month


Summon Box

CategoryItem NameContentsPurchase Limit
Summon Box

Agathion Summon Box (Red Diamonds)

Agathion Summon BoxX

Agathion Summon Box (Blue Diamonds)

Agathion Summon Box + 5 Loyalty Points

Collector Shop

CategoryItem NameContentsPurchase Limit
Collector ShopStrengthening Diamond VIIReceive Instantly: 3,000 Red DiamondsX
Lv. 325 Gift: 1,000 Red Diamonds and 1 Grade R Attribute Stone
Lv. 330 Gift: 10 Maphr’s Protections
Lv. 335 Gift: 1,000 Red Diamonds and 1 Lesser Giant’s Tome
Lv. 340 Gift: 2,000 Red Diamonds and 1 Grade R Attribute Stone
Lv. 345 Gift: 1,000 Red Diamonds and 1 Lesser Giant’s Tome
Lv. 350 Gift: Equipment Recipe Selection Box (Select a Normal/Rare recipe)
Lv. 355 Gift: 1,000 Red Diamonds and 1 Lesser Giant’s Tome
Lv. 360 Gift: 1,000 Red Diamonds and 1 Grade UR Limit Break Stone
Story IVReceive Instantly: 2,000 Red DiamondsX
Dragon Valley: 1,000 Red Diamonds, 2 Avento – Rare Monster Summoning Stones, and 1 Maphr’s Protection
Promised Land: 1,000 Red Diamonds, 2 Avento – Rare Monster Summoning Stones, and 1 Blessed Scroll Selection Box
Ancient Dragon Mountain Range: 1,000 Red Diamonds, 2 Avento – Rare Monster Summoning Stones, and 1 Maphr’s Protection
Northern Immortal Plateau: 1,000 Red Diamonds, 2 Schuttgart – Rare Monster Summoning Stones, and 1 Blessed Scroll Selection Box
Schuttgart Snow Field: 1,000 Red Diamonds, 2 Schuttgart – Rare Monster Summoning Stones, and 2 Maphr’s Protections
Spine Mining Zone: 1,000 Red Diamonds, 2 Schuttgart – Rare Monster Summoning Stones, and 4 Blessed Scroll Selection Boxes

Events <Pan’s Specially-made Souvenir>

CategoryItem NameContentsPurchase Limit
<Pan’s Specially-made Souvenir>
Daily Bundle A40 Blue Diamonds + 100 Red Diamonds + 10,000 Adena1 per day
Daily Bundle B120 Blue Diamonds + 300 Red Diamonds + 50,000 Adena
Daily Bundle C150 Blue Diamonds + 400 Red Diamonds + 100,000 Adena


2. Existing Item Changes
*Costume Shop Added
– Café Confection Costumes now available for 1,500 Blue Diamonds


*High-grade Mount Material Box Improvements
– To make it a little easier for more heroes to obtain Mounts, purchase Currency changed: Blue Diamonds ► Red Diamonds
– Camelot Summoning Stone Fragment added
– Halloween Magic Broom Enchanted Orbs/ Orbuculum/ Orbuculum Activator added
– Eggcellency Summoning Stone Fragments/ Summoning Stone/ Binding Hornflute added
– Bicycle Summoning Stone Fragments/ Summoning Stone/ Binding Hornflute added
– Rudolph Summoning Stone Fragments/ Summoning Stone/ Summoning Bell added
– Golden Boar’s Tusk Fragments/ Tusk added

*Radiant Upgrade Stone Selection Box Purchase Limit Changes
– 1,000 per week by server ► 200 Max.

* ‘Daily Hunting Benefits’ Item Change
-Loyalty Points are changed to 20 ► Red Diamonds are changed to 60
* Please note that the benefits will be changed while the product is currently in effect.
* The remaining Loyalty Points for the period after the 3/28 update will be sent to your mailbox all at once.
You can receive the 60 Red Diamonds per day after the update.


3. Cumulative Purchase Rewards
*All cumulative purchase rewards will be reset after the patch.
*New Cumulative Purchase Rewards

Purchase CountHigh-grade Mount Material Box
11 Grade R Mount Equipment Selection Box
305 X-Large Advancement Stone Boxes
5010 Mount Equipment Enhance Scrolls
1001 Maned Lion Summoning Stone


Purchase CountAgathions (Blue Diamonds)
11 Grade A Agathion Box
301 Normal Agathion Charm Box
5001 Grade R Agathion Box
9991 Rare Agathion Charm Box



Purchase Count[Draconian] 10 High-grade Equipment Boxes (+1 bonus) (Red Diamond)
11 Grade R Exclusive Weapon Selection Box
32 Grade R Armor Varnishes
75 Enhance Scroll Selection Boxes


Purchase Count10 Accessory Strengthening Boxes (+1 bonus)
15 Beads Boxes
310 Beads Boxes
710 Beads of the Hero


Purchase Count[New Friend] Introducing Agathions!
41 Grade SR Agathion Box


4. Discontinued Items
– [Cookie Update] Café Confection Costume + Gingerbread
– [Cookie Update] Grade UR Accessory Material Bundle
– [Cookie Update] Gingerbread Mount
– [Cookie Update] Café Confection Costume
– [Cookie Update] 1,000 Red Diamonds
– [Cookie Update] Skill Point Bundle
– [Limited Quantity] Grade SR Varnish Selection Box

New Events

Feldheim’s Agathion Adventure

Event Period
After 3/28 Patch – Until Next Patch 

*We will notify you when there’s a patch that will end the event.

Keys can be exchanged for rewards. They’re acquired from purchasing items with Diamonds and completing missions.
*Feldheim Keys will be deleted when the event ends.

How to Acquire Keys

How to Acquire KeysAcquired Key Quantity
1 High-grade Equipment Box (Red Diamond, Daily Free Draw included)1
[Draconian] 10 High-grade Equipment (+1 Bonus) (Red Diamond)11
1 High-grade Equipment Box (Blue Diamond)2
[Draconian] 10 High-grade Equipment Boxes (+1 Bonus) (Blue Diamond)22
1 High-grade Material Box (Red Diamond)1
1 Grade UR High-grade Material Box (Blue Diamond)2
1 High-grade Mount Material Box (Red Diamond)1
1 Agathion Summon Box (Red Diamond)1
1 Agathion Summon Box (Blue Diamond)2
10 Accessory Strengthening Boxes (+1 Bonus) (Blue Diamond)22
Contribute to Defeating Field Boss Marlox1
Complete Open Siege5
Clear Adena Vault5

Exchange Rewards
*A total of 50 slots can be exchanged for rewards. Each slot requires 1 key for exchange and can be exchanged once.
*30,000 Adena can be used in addition to keys to exchange for rewards, but is limited to twice per day.
*Rewards will reset if all 50 slots have been exchanged.
*Even if all 50 slots have not been exchanged, 1,000 Friendship Points can be used to reset the board if at least 20 slots have been exchanged.

RewardsNumber of Slots
20,000 Adena8
30 Unconfirmed Scraps10
1 Normal Upgrade Stone Box10
1 Boss Attribute Recipe Selection Box (Select Weapon/Armor)2
1 Grade R Boss Attribute Equipment Selection Box (Select Weapon/Armor)1
Boss Attribute Blessed Scroll Selection Box10
Grade SR Boss Attribute Varnish Box8
Grade B Agathion Summon Box1


Rewards for Exchanged Amount

Exchange AmountRewards
501 Grade SR Boss Attribute Upgrade Stone
1001 Grade SR Boss Attribute Limit Break Stone
1503 Maphr’s Protections

Monster Summoning Amenities

– Use a Monster Summoning Stone during the event period to receive rewards.
– Details can be found in [Menu] > [Event] > [Monster Summoning Amenities!]

Available Rewards for Completing Missions
*Rewards can be acquired 1 time per character.
*Participating with other players’ summoning stones will not count.

MissionUse CountRewards
Use a Monster Summoning Stone11 Unconfirmed Accessory Bead
21 Grade SR Boss Attribute Equipment Selection Box (Select Weapon/Armor)
31 Unconfirmed Accessory Bead
51 Unconfirmed Accessory Bead
81 Unconfirmed Accessory Bead
131 Unconfirmed Accessory Bead
212 Unconfirmed Accessory Bead
343 Unconfirmed Accessory Bead

Pan’s Boss Attribute Material Exchange Shop Event

– Exchange Boss Attribute materials for materials you need!

How to Access the Event
– The event can be found at [Menu – Event – Event]

*Items acquired from exchanging attribute materials will be sent to the Inventory.
*Exchange them to acquire the rewards below.

Required ItemsRewardsExchanges Allowed
5 Blessed Scrolls: Boss Attribute Weapon1 Blessed Scroll: Weapon Attribute Selection Box5
5 Blessed Scrolls: Boss Attribute Armor1 Blessed Scroll: Armor Attribute Selection Box
4 Grade SR Boss Attribute Weapon Varnishes1 Grade SR Weapon Varnish Attribute Selection Box
4 Grade SR Boss Attribute Armor Varnishes1 Grade SR Armor Varnish Attribute Selection Box


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