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Lineage 2: Revolution

Lineage 2: Revolution

Lineage 2: Revolutions – Main Professions | October 2019

1. Main Professions

What is a Main Profession?
– Main Professions is content where you can produce desired equipment and items by acquiring materials with Secondary Professions.

Secondary Professions
– Secondary Professions have a Mastery Level and Heroes can level it up through Mining, Extraction, and Fishing. Secondary Professions have a maximum level of 15.
– Secondary Professions can be used in the Harvest Dungeon.
– Secondary Profession opens at Character Level 245.

Harvest Dungeon
– Consume AP to collect materials for each Secondary Profession.
– Automatic harvesting is convenient to harvest desired materials, but only base materials can be obtained.
* If you use the ‘Harvest Tool’ item during the automatic harvesting, you will be able to obtain better materials.
– A Harvesting action occurs during manual harvesting, and depending how close the circle gets to the baseline before pressing the circle, better materials can be obtained.
– Harvest Dungeon opens at Level 245.
* Harvest Dungeon is a free PK zone like the Extraction Pit.

AP (Action Points)
– AP is required to use Main and Secondary Professions.
– 100 AP automatically recharges every 5 minutes and Heroes can store a maximum of 100,000 AP.
– AP can be recovered by using AP Potions.
– AP opens at Level 245.

Main Professions
– There are 5 Main Professions Alchemist, Blacksmith, Gemologist, Enchanter and Cook.
– Alchemist, Blacksmith, Gemologist and Enchanter can reach Level 5. If one is selected, it can reach Level 15 using specialization.
Cook does not have specialization and can only reach Level 10.
– If you do a specialization reset, the selected profession will be rolled back to Lv. 5 and the previous levels will not be recovered.
– After doing a specialization reset you will be returned 10 Artisan Tokens.
Ex) If you reset the Blacksmith Specialization at Level 10 > the Blacksmith Level will be reduced to Level 5.
– Main Professions open at Level 245.

Commissions Office
– This is a system where you can acquire items of the Main Profession that you didn’t select. Up to 10 items can be requested.
– Commissions can be carried out at the request of others, and production experience and Artisan Tokens can be obtained upon completion.
– Up to 5 Commission requests can be accepted.
– Heroes can reduce the crafting time using the Special Commission Ticket. When you help a clan member’s request, the amount of AP consumed will be decreased.
– Commissions Office opens at Level 245.
* Requesting and accepting requests will be done on the basis of the highest level of the four Main Professions.

Additional Content about Main Professions
– Alchemist
> Elixir Limit Break (Grade SR, UR): Increases the number of Elixirs used.
> Elixir Grade UR Upgrade: Upgrade your 8 Elixirs into Grade UR.

– Enchanter
> Mount Enchanting: You can add random Substats to your Mount.
* Only certain Mounts are available for enchanting.
* Mounts that can be enchanted: Black Bear / Silver Saint / Kukurin / Maned Lion / Strider / Steam Beetle / War Elephant, Bicycle, Zephyr Roc, Golden Boar, Gingerbread and Camelot.

– Blacksmith
> Awakening Equipment: Grade UR equipment can be awakened in 3 stages to increase the base stats of the equipment and imprint Mana Stones slots for even more stats.
> Mana Stones: Use Mana Stones to provide new stats by imprinting them to your equipment,

Please check the guides listed below for more technical information!
– Main Profession Guide: Commissions Office and Specialization (LINK)
– Main Profession Guide: Harvest Dungeon (LINK)
– Main Profession Guide: Main and Secondary Profession (LINK)
– Main Profession Guide: Gem Crafting & Soul Crystal Renewal (LINK)
– Main Profession Guide: Smithing (LINK)
– Main Profession Guide: Alchemy, Enchanting and Cooking (LINK)
2. Soul Crystal Improvements

Soul Crystal Substats
– In addition to the default stats, additional substas will be randomly given.
* Different substats are given to the same type of Soul Crystal and each of them will occupy one space in the inventory.

Soul Crystal Change Substats
– The ability to change Soul Crystal Substats will be added..
– Cost: 300 Red Diamonds (During the event a 90% discount will be applied and the cost will reduced to 30 Red Diamonds)
* The substats will randomly change to one of the substats displayed on the Change substats tab.
* Change Substat Discount Event will be held until 11/6. (LINK)


Soul Crystal Level Up
– The ability to level up Soul Crystals to Lv. 5 using other Soul Crystals as material will be added.
– When you level up, the basic stats of the Soul Crystal will increase.
* Levelling up Soul Crystals will use Soul Crystals as material, Soul Crystal Varnish and Adena.

Soul Crystal Upgrade 
– When the Soul Crystal reaches Level 5 you are able to upgrade it using Adena. Soul Crystals can be upgraded to Grade SR.

Soul Crystal Limit Break
– Limit Break can be performed on a Grade SR Soul Crystal. Use the same grade Soul Crystal as Material for Limit Break.
– When performing a Limit Break, the level is increased by 1, and the maximum number of successful Limit Breaks that is possible is five times.

Upgrading to a Grade UR Soul Crystal 
– After the Soul Crystal reaches Level 10 it can be upgraded to Grade UR. Use materials acquired through your Main Profession and salvaging, to upgrade your Soul Crystal to Grade UR.

Soul Crystal Improvement Notes
* Each Soul Crystal will occupy 1 inventory space.
* Soul Crystals worn on equipment before the update will have substats randomly applied after the update.
* Soul Crystals held in the inventory or storage before the update will be sent as Unconfirmed Soul Crystals of the same type. Random substats will be applied after using the Unconfirmed Soul Crystal.3. New Clan Dungeon and Auto-clear 

New Clan Dungeon Tiat’s Altar 
– In Tiat’s Altar you can obtain a new rare skill, Frozen Armor.
> Frozen Armor: Creates Frozen Armor to decrease incoming damage, and slow and decrease the Atk. Speed of attacker. Frozen Armor will disappear after a set number of attacks and also decreases Normal Attack Damage while in effect.

– Dungeon Information

Difficulty Level Restriction Recommended CP
Easy Clan Level 12 1,149,000
Normal Clan Level 17 3,026,200
Hard Clan Level 26 4,005,900


Clan Dungeon Auto-clear 
– Clearing high difficulty Clan Dungeons will allow you to Auto-clear lower difficulty Clan Dungeons.
* After the first clear, Auto-clearing is possible.
* The highest difficulty of Clan Dungeon cannot be Auto-cleared.
* You can only Auto-clear a clan dungeon if you are Clan Leader or Elder.
* Clan Dungeon Auto-clearing no longer consumes any additional items.
* When Auto-clearing Clan Dungeons, clear rewards can only be obtained not contribution rewards.

4. Halloween Events
– Magnadin will be changed to celebrate the upcoming Halloween holiday.
– 5 events related to Halloween are currently in progress.
   > Event Notices (LINK)

5. Halloween Costume


* When wearing a Halloween Weapon Costume, the effect of the Meteor Shower Skill will be changed.
* Halloween Weapon Costume will deal additional damage to Horror World Boss Komabor.


Tyoe Stats
Halloween Outfit Evasion 345, Rare Skill Damage Decrease 500
Halloween Weapon Accuracy 446, Ignore PvP Crit. Damage Decrease 232
Halloween Hair P. Def./M. Def. 256, Crit. Rate 216

6. New Agathions 



Name Stats
Cow P. Atk./M. Atk./Max MP/Penetration
Lindvior P. Atk./M. Atk./Accuracy/Penetration
Son Wukong P. Atk./M. Atk./Max MP/Accuracy
Mystery Surfer P. Atk./M. Atk./Max MPP/Resilience
Stylish Tigg P. Atk./M. Atk./Accuracy/Resilience



7. Bug Fixes
– The distribution feature for Clans has been fixed to work correctly.
– When entering another tab while performing a “Into the Enemy” Main Quest, the scenario ends with a pop-up.
– The Mount list is deactivated after the Bulk Sale of Mount equipment.
– The party is not being displayed in the chat window when Publicizing for a party.
– The issue where setting the color of a battle deck to green or pink would change the color.
– When [Forge-Limit Break] was selected in the inventory, Limit Break materials were not being displayed.
– Monster Card Collection being displayed.
– The issue where the ‘Show All’ in ‘Show Other Player’s Name Tag’ is disabled.
– The size of the Clan and Academy Clan menu icon is displayed excessively large.
– When moving to Magnadin, Agathion is left alone in the field.
– Changed the shape of Rune Page 18.

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