Fortnite – 20.20 Patch Notes

Fortnite – 20.20 Patch Notes


The Prop Mover was a little bit of a surprise with the v20.10 upgrade! This device was delivered sooner than anticipated, and as it is now in beta testing, it is being made available to everyone. Please be aware that you can be asked to remove the Prop Mover from your map if you’re using it. For instance, even when the Prop Mover is causing performance concerns, you are featured in the Hub. The Prop Mover currently has several features, however those features could change in the future.


The Video Player device, formerly known as the Llamatron, is now available to all producers, who can use it to broadcast a selection of preloaded music videos made by the amazing xDogged. One or all of them can be used by creators to create an entirely original music-driven island experience.


The water level within a volume can be modified, enabling players to swim, move by marine vehicle, and set fishing locations. This tool might also be used to create lakes, sewers, oceans, beaches, swimming pools, and even floods.


Creators now have access to a collection of tools using the new VFX Creator device to create modifiable effects. Sprites can be chosen by creators and given a variety of parameters to produce a variety of effects.


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