Fortnite – 20.10 Patch Notes | The Battle for Daily Bugle

Fortnite – 20.10 Patch Notes | The Battle for Daily Bugle


A significant conflict between IO and Resistance forces has broken out at The Daily Bugle on the Island. Drop by and aid the Resistance in the fightback to get incredible rewards for your entire squad! Just be cautious because Huntmaster Saber is flying overhead.


The Heavy Sniper Rifle has been updated and is back in use to counter the recent vehicle rampage. It is the ideal weapon to take down a Titan or breach an adversary’s defenses from a distance because its high-caliber rounds now deal extra damage against vehicles.
Heavy Sniper Rifles can be acquired by supply drops, uncommon chests, and chests of epic and legendary rarities. No target lasts long in the sights of the heavy sniper rifle, whether it be a far away foe or a vehicle’s


Donation Boards are open for fundraising, so grab those bars and make your voice heard! The MK-Seven Assault Rifle and Combat Assault Rifle’s Resistance trial period is over, and only one can continue to be used on the Island.

At all significant POIs, there are donation boards that compare the two Assault Rifles. Go to one and add Bars to the thing you want to see the Resistance congregate in large numbers for. Based on everyone’s global contributions, the first choice to reach 100% Funded will win and enter the treasure pool right away!


A balance update last week made meaningful adjustments to the following items:

  • Combat and Stinger SMG damage to players and structures reduced
  • Combat SMG headshot damage reduced to match the Stinger
  • MK-Seven and Combat Assault Rifle damage to players and structures reduced
  • Titan tanks and Cow Catchers have been removed from competitive playlists.


  • Wins are now correctly tracked in the Career Leaderboard tab.
  • Fixed an issue with Resistance Quests where players could not progress into Week 2.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause vehicles to stutter and jerk when driving on flat terrain.
  • The Fishing Collection Book no longer resets between matches and correctly saves progress.
  • Fixed an issue where last season’s quests displayed as tracked on the HUD if no other quests were tracked.
  • Players are now able to use the Ziplines between wind turbines on Windbreakers Island.
  • In order to maintain optimal performance, certain legacy or unsupported drivers will now default to Performance Mode when launching Fortnite.


  • The Heavy Sniper Rifle is not included in competitive playlists.
  • The winner of the MK-Seven Assault Rifle vs Combat Assault Rifle vote will not immediately be unvaulted in competitive playlists when they’ve reached 100% Funded.
  • The Daily Bugle is not under assault in competitive playlists, but Huntmaster Saber has still relocated.

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