DOTA AUTO CHESS – September 2020 All Update & Patch Notes

DOTA AUTO CHESS – September 2020 All Update & Patch Notes

29 September 2020

Chess Piece Updates
● Mech has now been renamed to Inventor.
● New Chess Piece: Meepo ($3 Kobold Inventor) has joined the game!
Drawing mystical energies from the earth, a Meepo teleports to the side of an enemy, dealing damage in arrival locations.
● Luna ($1 Elf Knight) has rejoined the game! (preiviously $2)
Moon Glaives: Empowers Luna’s glaives, causing her attacks to bounce between enemy units. Deals less damage with each bounce.
● Pudge ($3 Undead Warrior) has been temporarily removed from the game for potential bugs.

● Increased Dark Willow’s base damage from 50 to 55.
● Increased Winter Wywern’s base health fro7m 50 to 600.
● Increased Timbersaw’s base armor from 5 to 6.
● Increased Templar Assassin’s base damage from 100 to 105.
Synergy Updates
● New Species: Kobold – Divided We Stand
(1) Kobold: If you control a pair of identical Kobold pieces on the chessboard, summon a replica for each pair when battle starts.
● Trolls’ Voodoo Frenzy now benefits all allies at all ranks:
(2) Trolls: All allies have +20 attack speed. (from +35 to all friendly Trolls)
(4) Trolls: All allies have +25 attack speed. (from +30)
(6) Trolls: All allies gain +15 attack speed for each succcessful attack. Maximum 15 stacks.
● Decreased (4) Elementals’ Elemental Essence stone duration from 4 to 3 seconds.
● Decreased Knights’ Divine Protection bonus armor from shields from 30 to 25.
● Increased (6) Orcs’ Battle Hardened bonus health multiplier from 8 to 9.
● Increased (4) Undeads’ Horror armor reduction from 4 to 5.

● Now if you have sufficient gold, by double-clicking Buy Exp you can instantly raise your Courier level by 1.
● Optimized Click-and-Drop operation logic and animation.
● Optimized Eliminate Chess Piece animation and sound effect.
Bug Fixes
● Fixed Brewmaster’s Cinder Brew misss chance tooltip error.
● Fixed a bug where when attacks are forced to magical or pure damage but still encountered reduction from target armor.
● Attempted to fix a displacing bug with Morphling.
● Fixed style bugs with Dismiss notifications.

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