Dead Cells – Malaise Update | Update 21 – Update 21.5

Dead Cells – Malaise Update | Update 21 – Update 21.5

Update 21.5

Important features

  • The patch is unfortunately only available on the Steam Linux and Windows versions. We will update all other platforms as soon as we can, which means probably early/mid-January as we’re almost all taking holidays until then!

Bug fixes

  • Community suggestion Fix Disabling Malaise option in Custom game always reverting back
  • Community suggestion Fix Tick door being locked while using Hunter’s Grenade
  • Community suggestion Fix Demolisher bullet explosion hitting through walls
  • Community suggestion Fix UI bug in picking a new skill menu
  • Community suggestion Really giving you the santa skin. Merry Christmas dear fellow

Update 21.4

Important features

  • Kill Rythm blueprint added to Oven Knights (Guardians) loot.


  • Community suggestion Prevent malaise spawned enemies from alerting nearby enemies when teleporting.
  • Community suggestion Prevent hidden mobs from becoming elite due to malaise.
  • Community suggestion Katana charge attack damage increased (again).

Graphics & UI

  • Removed an outdated FX from an attack of Hand of the King.

Bug fixes

  • Saves used in the private alpha of Fatal Falls should now be usable.
  • Added Demolishers to the stat panel.
  • Removed duplicate option for enabling malaise in custom mode.
  • Removed now useless malaise immunity from Tonic and Tainted Flask.

Update 21.3

Important features

  • 21.3 isn’t available on Mac yet. We will fix that as soon as we can.
  • Community suggestion Custom game: you can enable Malaise in Normal, Hard, Very Hard and Expert difficulties.
  • Community suggestion Backpack weapon can be reroll in the forge.
  • Community suggestion Weirded Warrior doesn’t block bullets anymore when in frozen state.


  • Community suggestion Armadillopack mutation goes in cooldown only after a parry.

Bug fixes

  • Community suggestion Fix parry mutations not activated by Armadillopack parry.
  • Community suggestion Cursed Sword in the backpack make you cursed. Mouahahahah
  • Community suggestion Weirded Warrior slash hitbox fix.
  • Community suggestion Dual Weapons have now same level after being generated.
  • Community suggestion Fix Perfect Halberd effect when used in backpack
  • Community suggestion Fix Oven Knight Shield impossible to break.
  • Community suggestion Fix Hunter’s Instinct effect with Boomerang.
  • Community suggestion SPOILER - Fix fight against you-know-who.
  • Community suggestion Fix Tonic not responding anymore after being used.
  • Community suggestion Fix affixes having no effect with Root Grenade.

Update 21.2

Important features

  • New tactic mutation : Ranger’s Gear

    Like Scheme, but for ranged weapons.
    Tactic lost a fair number of its mutations in this update. This will not compensate for all losses, but should be a step in the right direction until the next update.


  • Community suggestion Implement a 3 seconds cooldown for each backpack mutations.
  • Community suggestion Nerf of the rally effect : 20% of an attack damage, dealt to the hero, is unrecoverable via rally.
  • Community suggestion Heart of Ice: implement a short cooldown (0,5 sec), make it work again against slowdown enemies and not triggerable by skills.
  • Malaise reduction per mob kill increased. Currently, the Malaise still increases too fast compared to what we’re aiming for.
  • Community suggestion ice Shards now dual scales with tactics (oversight from the previous patch).

Bug fixes

  • Fixed Heavy Crossbow damages being capped too hard on bosses.
    I’m hesitant to call it a “fix”, because it’s more of a band-aid while waiting for a more permanent solution, but in the meantime Heavy Crossbow should deal actual damages against bosses.
  • Fixed both parts of a two-handed weapon sometimes spawning with different rarities. You can still refine them separately, but they should both spawn equal.
  • Fixed Heavy Crossbow and Explosive Crossbow off-hands generating weird affixes.
  • Fixed Acrobatic Preparation working while using a melee weapon.

Update 21.1

Important features

  • Community suggestion A more manageable Malaise:
    – Living Barrels, Corpulent Zombies, Living Barrel and Arbiters can’t be spawn anymore.
    – Killing mobs now grants more malaise reduction, but Elites less.
    – Malaise mobs spawn from further away.
    – Malaise mob spawn rate decreased, at all tiers.
    – Malaise Elite generation decreased. Mobs don’t turn Elites instantly anymore, they “charge” their transformation during a few seconds, giving you time to kill them before they become Elites.
    – Malaise bonus aggressiveness to mobs (movement speed, time doing nothing, faster teleportation) decreased.
    – Malaise mobs spawn through Malaise can’t turn into Elites.
    – Malaise mobs can’t turn into Elite while you’re cursed.
    – Malaise mobs don’t benefit from Masker’s invisibility, nor Protectors/ Defenders’ invincibility bubble.


  • Community suggestion Crusher dual-scaling with Tactics again.
  • Community suggestion Wolf Trap dual-scaling with Tactics again.
  • Community suggestion Phaser dual-scaling with Tactics again.
  • Community suggestion Knife Dance dual-scaling with Tactics again.
  • Community suggestion Lacerating Aura dual-scaling with Tactics again.
  • Community suggestion Ice Shards dual-scaling with Tactics again.
  • Community suggestion Telluric Shock dual-scaling with Survival again.
  • Community suggestion Spartan Sandals now dual-scaling with Tactics.
  • Community suggestion Pyrotechnics now dual-scaling with Brutality.
  • Community suggestion Katana‘s lock after the third strike decreased, dash damage increased.
  • Community suggestion Endless Bow first two shots damage increased, third one decreased.
  • Community suggestion Frontline Shield melee damage boost increased.
  • Community suggestion Scythe Claws damage decreased.
  • Community suggestion Heavy Crossbow‘s reload speed increased.
  • Community suggestion Emergency Triage‘s invincibility bubble increased from 1 second to 1.5 seconds.
  • Community suggestion Fall damage is now capped at 30% of max life.
  • Grappling Hook now stuns hooked enemies even before hitting it.

Quality of life

  • Adding an option to disable the malaise in the custom setting. Or rather named it properly. Disable achievements.
  • Community suggestion Sawblades traps can now be dodged.

Bug fixes

  • Eating infected food after you clear Malaise from the biome still give you Malaise.
  • The Malaise state is now the same outside and inside the various level’s doors (Boss Cells doors for instance).
  • Fix starred enemies turning elite and removing their starred loot in the process.
  • Fix many crashes.
  • Fix Katana forward movement.
  • Fix Malaise being cleaned during boss fights with minions.
  • Prevent Morass’s Ticks from turning Elite with the Malaise. Proper nightmare material
  • Fix Cursed Sword interaction with the new curse custom setting.
  • Fix Grappling Hook hooking friendly wormettes.
  • Fix lags when a type of mob spawn for the first time with the Malaise.
  • Fix Tortoise Shell working even without a shield in the backpack.
  • Fix killing minions and boss adds reducing malaise rate.

Update 21

Important features

  • Community suggestion The Malaise is being reworked:

    – The bar now fills with (game) time. The malaise contamination rate is tied to the number of enemies still alive in the level, the fewer enemies, the less quickly your malaise bar will fill. When only 10% of the enemies are left alive, the biome is considered “Malaise cleared”.

    – The higher the malaise, the more dangerous the enemies (increased movement speed, quicker teleport, shorter reaction time and at the latter stages, increased damage).

    – Enemies will also randomly spawn around you and from time to time, an enemy will transform into an Elite. The spawn rate and Elite rate will also increase with Malaise.

    – Being hit doesn’t increase your malaise anymore. Killing enemies, Elite, and Bosses decreases your malaise gauge.

    – Food looted in walls is always contaminated and will increase your Malaise bar, the “healthy” food looted on enemies doesn’t decrease your Malaise bar. Healing with your flask does heal some Malaise too.

    – The “Malaise Cleared” event completely stops the bar from filling until the end of the biome, and even decrease your malaise gauge with the amount you would get by killing all the enemies left in the level. However, these won’t get you any more malaise reduction. Mobs and Elites stop spawning.

    We’re aiming to give a cycling nature to the mechanic, with a Malaise that should stay in-between 3 and 7 during most of the run (except boss fights). Currently, all mutations and items interacting with the Malaise have seen that aspect of their design disabled.

    Balancing that new mechanic is going to be a major challenge and we’re counting a lot on your help and feedback.

  • Community suggestion Colours have been rethought following community feedback pointing out the continued decrease in consistency. Hence, we decided to change the scaling of a good chunk of items and of some mutations to (re)focus each statistic on its primary identity.

    – Tactics keeps all things related to ranged gameplay: turrets, range weapons, with some utility and damaging spells to support it. Dual scale with anything that wouldn’t fit in that category but is poison or electricity gameplay.

    – Brutality keeps its focus on fast melee weapons and everything related to jumping into the melee. Grenades stay mostly red. Dual scale with anything that wouldn’t fit in that category but is fire or blood gameplay.

    – Survival keeps its focus on crowd control, survivability, shields and slow, heavy melee weapons. Also supported by heavy damage skills with the long cooldown that goes with it. Dual scale with anything that wouldn’t fit in that category but is root or ice gameplay.

    In addition, the health points scaling of Brutality and Survival has been decreased in the late game while the Tactics has been very slightly increased. However, it’s mostly felt at high scrolls counts, so it mostly impacts 3BC+ late game.

  • The Backpack introduced in the 19th update to support transitioning from 2-slots weapons to two differents weapons has been reworked. It’s now a meta upgrade unlocked at the Collector, in a similar fashion than Recycling or the random starting weapons and can be used with any type of weapons.

    You can store any weapons to the exception of the too noble GiantKiller and the 2-slots weapons in your backpack by pressing the backpack key (Y on Xbox controller, △ on a PlayStation one) when picking a weapon. Empty your backpack by holding the “use” key.

    Video settings have also been added to accommodate every one preference. You can choose in-between putting the backpack slot to the right of you skill slots or in-between your weapons and your skills. An opacity slider is also available.

  • New Mutations have been added, thought at the start to support 2-slots gameplay through the backpack slot but which are now available for any type of build:

    – Acrobatic Preparation: Attacking with a ranged weapon also attack with the ranged weapon in your backpack. Roll to reload. (Tactics).
    – Porcupine Backpack: Rolling through enemies attacks them with the melee weapons stored in your backpack. (Brutality)
    – Tortoise Wheel: Rolling parry attacks and projectiles with the shield stored in your backpack. (Survival)

    A fourth mutation, Fatal Cadence (Survival) has also been implemented, increasing the attack speed when alternating in-between primary and secondary weapon slot.

  • Community suggestion New Weapon: The Katana, finally added upon popular request. Its unique mechanic allows to chain a standard slash with a dashing charge attack by holding the button. Merry Christmas!
  • Community suggestion New Mob: The first mob we implement inspired by a discord community suggestion (many thanks to Leylite#4491) using the Explosive Crossbow to hunt you.

    We called him the Demolisher because it reminds us of construction workers using explosives to do his job. It can be found in BC0 in the distillery, and in several places later on, mostly as an alternative upgrade to the Knife Thrower.

  • New Outfits, including 2 Christmas-themed ones.
  • 2-slots weapons can now have different affixes on each part.
  • New Diet! Cheese can now be chosen in the diet options.


  • Colour scaling changes:

    – The “Soldier Resistance” and “Berseker” mutatutions, focused on increasing player survivability, now scale with Survival instead of Brutality.
    – The “Predator”, “Initiative” and “Scheme” mutations, focused on increasing melee damage and playstyle now scale with Brutality instead of Tactics.

    Melee Weapons:
    – Broadsword (no more red scaling)
    – Symmetrical Lance (no more red scaling)
    – Rapier (no more purple scaling)
    – Meat Skewer (no more purple scaling)
    – Flashing Fans (no more tactics scaling)
    – Rhythm n’ Bouzouki (remove red scaling)
    – Crowbar (remove purple scaling)
    – Cursed Sword (remove purple scaling)
    – Assassin’s Dagger (remove purple scaling)
    – Frantic Sword (remove purple scaling)
    – Seismic Strike (remove red scaling)

    Ranged Weapons:
    – Hokuto’s bow (no more red scaling)
    – Alchemic Carbine (no more red scaling)
    – All Crossbows (add purple scaling)
    – Boomerang (no more survival scaling)
    – Hemorrhage (add red scaling, remove green)
    – War Javelin (remove survival scaling)
    – The Boy’s Axe (remove red, add green)
    – Ice Shards (no more purple scaling)
    – Barrel Launcher (remove red scaling)

    – Assault Shield (add red scaling)

    – Cleaver (no purple scaling)
    – Crusher (no more purple scaling)
    – Wolf trap (no more purple scaling)
    – Stun Grenade (no more purple scaling)
    – Ice Grenade (no more purple scaling)
    – Root Grenade (remove purple scaling)
    – Swarm (no more green scaling)
    – Grappling Hook (no more purple scaling)
    – Phaser (no more purple scaling)
    – Lacerating Aura (no more purple scaling)
    – Telluric Shock (no more green scaling)
    – Smoke Bomb (add red scaling)
    – Cluster Grenade (add green scaling)
    – Sinew Slicer (add red scaling)
    – Knife Dance (remove purple scaling).

  • The Heart of Ice mutation doesn’t decrease cooldown when hitting slowed enemies anymore. It can now be triggered by ranged weapons fired at close range.
  • Oil Bomb does more damage but doesn’t spread oil as far as before.
  • Swarm now creates 8 worms per use, with a 10 seconds cooldown.
  • The Concierge red aura size has been slightly reduced to allow dodging with a very well timed dodge.
  • Rhythm n’ Bouzouki damage has been reduced.
  • Community suggestion Spite Sword critical damage has been reduced.
  • Blood Sword damage has been reduced.
  • Hokuto’s Bow bonus damage has been reduced.
  • Crusher damage has been reduced.
  • Bloodthirsty shield damage has been reduced.
  • Thunder Shield damage has been reduced.
  • Torch damage has been reduced.
  • Grappling Hook range has been increased.
  • Community suggestion Oil Sword damage has been reduced.
  • Community suggestion Sadist’s Stiletto critical damage has been reduced.
  • Community suggestion Tesla Coil and Flamethrower Turret damage has been reduced.
  • Tonic‘s cooldown now starts after its effects ended.
  • The Vengence mutation damage bonus increased and defence bonus decreased.
  • The Emergency Triage mutation now protects you during only 1 second instead of 3.
  • Community suggestion The Dead Inside mutation now let you consume food but the efficiency of all sources of healing is now decreased by half.

Level design

  • All biomes in BC3+ have less mobs overall.
  • Community suggestion Prison Quarters: Even less rats, and no more shieldbearers after BC1.
  • Some mobs have been removed from some biome to make room for the Demolisher:
    – Inquisitors are replaced by Demolishers in Clock Tower (BC3+).
    – Bombarders are replaced by Demolishers in the Distillery (BC0).
    – Enforcers in Ramparts are now a BC4+ mob, and Slashers a BC2+ mob. Demolishers are met there in BC1+. Weirded Warriors have been removed from this biome.
    – Knife Throwers are a BC1 only mob in Prison Quarters, replaced with Demolishers in BC2+.
    – Stilt Village ‘s Knife Throwers have been replaced with Demolishers (BC1+). The number of Weirded Warriors has also been greatly reduced.

Graphics & UI

  • Community suggestion An option to disable the gameplay slow-motion (most notably when elites die) has been added.

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