Dead Cells – 2.0.8 Patch Notes

Dead Cells – 2.0.8 Patch Notes

Important features

  • Added missing lore room lines in the Derelict Distillery.


  • Legendary gear dropped by elites now has a bonus to its gear level

Level design

  • Prevent players without the spider rune to get blocked in the Derelict Distillery

Music & Sfx

  • Fix 8 bit soundtrack volume balancing

Bug fixes

  • Fix explosive barrels being reflected by the lightning AoE affix
  • Fix explosive barrels receiving the counter attack buff
  • Fix various crashes
  • Fix Wings of the Crow acting weird when going through a door
  • Prevent Wings of the Crow bonus electric damage area to trigger Thornies’ back damage
  • Fix Vorpan and explosive barrel interaction

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