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Dawn of Man

Dawn of Man

Dawn of Man – 1.6 Patch Notes | New Techs & New Resource

The new Armor Update is now in the experimental branch, we will leave it there for a while in order to gather feedback and fix any possible issues.

In this update we are focusing on some of the main requests by the community: Armor and Combat.

To get this version, right click on “Dawn of Man” in the Steam Library, select “Properties” and in the “betas” tab select experimental branch



Your people can now make armor, they will automatically equip it when you sound the alarm. Note that raiders will also wear armor, from the Bronze Age onward.

Armor is made in the new Armorer structure, we’ve also moved shield production there (which was previously in the Workshop).

It comes in two variants, Leather Armor, available from the Bronze Age, and Mail Armor, available from the Iron Age.


You can now choose the position where your people gather when you trigger the alert.


You can now place gates in 8 directions, allowing for much more organic looking towns.


Walls can now be built in shallow water (and steeper slopes), this makes it possible to use lakes and rivers as defensive barriers. Raiders might end up swimming through them to attack you, but this would still allow you to shoot at them from a distance for a long time.

Full Changelog

Made from leather, offers reasonable protection, available from the Bronze Age.

Made from iron rings, offers very good protection, available in the Iron Age.

Structure that produces Leather and Mail Armor, we’ve also moved the shield manufacturing here, which was in the Workshop previously.

New techs ArmorMail and Reinforced Shields, required for Leather Armor, Mail Armor and Oval Shields.

– It is now possible to edit the position at which people gather behind the gates when the alert is on.
– Gates can now be build in 8 directions allowing for more organic wall designs.
– You can now build walls, watchtowers and platforms in shallow water, and in steeper slopes.
– In the Bronze and Iron Ages, raiders don’t immediately acquire all techs in the era, but they do it progressively with each attack wave.
– There is now an option in the defense panel to customize the amount of men and women that will use melee weapons in combat.
– People will now upgrade their weapons from slings to bows if available.
– Weapons that raiders drop when dead now have random condition instead of 100%
– Added some old raiders, and slightly increased the proportion of males that come to attack.
– Clothing now decays when absorbing combat damage, the damage that is saved is instead taken by the clothing.
– Stamina decay rate is now cut in half when the alert is on. This affects all humans, including raiders.
– Slings can now be sold for their full value up to the Neolithic only (down from the Copper Age).
– Making sure that people don’t run to another gate after all raiders are dead.
– Animals that have been butchered, even only partially, now decay a lot faster.
– Most defensive structures, like walls, gates and towers are now a bit more resistant.

– It is now possible to set a resource limit to a percentage of the adults in the settlement.
– This is now the default for tools, shields and armor, as children can not use them.
– Improved tooltips for all resource limits, to make everything more clear.
– Added 20% and 33% resource limits

– Butchering tasks for hunted or slaughtered animals will now only get auto-generated if any of Meat, Bone or Raw Skins are under the limits.
– In auto generated butchering tasks (after hunting or slaughtering), people will not extract resources that are over the limits.
– Meat limit is now set to 100 by default (it was 30 before).
– Raw Skins limit is now set to 40 by default (it was 10 before).
– Bones limit is now set to 20 by default (it was 10 before).
– These changes do not affect manual butcher tasks (created by right clicking or using the context actions), these always extract all resources from the animal.

When a person is given a direct command to move somewhere (by right clicking on the ground), they will stay there and:
– They won’t go to their usual combat positions. This is useful when the enemies are attacking if you want to station a bunch of people somewhere instead of in the default positions.
– They won’t wander around town.
– For a while, they won’t go and get any weapons or armor.
– For a while, they won’t go to rest.
– For a while, they won’t get assigned any tasks.
– For a while, they won’t go store any resources.
The idea behind these changes is that you get more control over what people do, but eventually they will do what they need to do to survive.

– Humans will retry with higher accuracy if they can’t find a suitable path to the destination.
– Beings prefer to walk on even terrain.
– Beings try harder to cross by a nearby ford instead of swimming.

– New loading screen for the Ancient Warriors scenario.
– Ancient Warriors tech cost has now been slightly reduced.
– Slightly increased population limit.
– Domestic Animals will now prefer to wander around stables.
– People now prefer to wear outfits that are in better condition.
– Workload calculations now count kids as half an adult.
– You can now select a loaded person and right click on a storage structure to tell them to unload there.
– Added Elasmotherium, Hyena, long haired woman and old man to intro screen.
– Carts, Sledges and Plows can now be built by two people simultaneously.


  1. HALIL


  2. Mark

    Can we have a night and day cycle, like in your previous Mars game, would be nice to see your people sit around the fires at night, maybe dance around it to recover some lost morale. This will be awesome.

    Absolutely a great game for me. Love it.

  3. Fábio Costa

    How about straw baskets or backpacks(carry 2 to 4 small items, can be used by children, about half the uses from a sledge but much easier and faster to craft).
    And hay as subproduct from pulses. Can be stacked on a hay bale, and takes priority as feed for domesticated animals, leaving straw as secondary and grains as tertiary. It allows more freedom to use the straw for the huts, granaries, towers and other buildings that use thatching on the neolithic, reducing the risk of overusing and leaving the animals to starve.
    If there is the risk too much straw be unused, can be used as the packs/baskets i mentioned earlier.

  4. Sean

    I’m sure this has been mentioned before, but would it be possible to have AI run settlements as an option? It would add more depth to the game as now you could have trade deals, maybe have someone to help you with raiders, or potentially an enemy that will attack you and that you can attack in return.
    Also, instead of raiders coming from an off map site and dying, perhaps they should come and set up a camp, leave a few people behind during each raid, and the camp generates new raiders until you destroy it. Only have one or two camps on the map at a time.
    Another great thing to add would be horse riding in the Bronze Age as horse riding began about 5,000 years ago, and the Bronze Age started around the same time.
    Back packs, as Fábio Costa mentioned, would be cool too.
    Additionally, please fix the villagers lack of common sense! I have gotten good at managing the work load so they don’t starve while trying to do their tasks, however, who starves when they are carrying bread? Who starves when they walk past a granary full of food? Villagers need to have enough common sense to survive. Also, putting priority on crops does not actually make anyone stop what they are doing and work in the fields.
    There should also be a way to treat sick people and force them to stay in bed. I have had sick people work themselves to death even after I send them to a hut and the workload was low.
    Also, just because we haven’t found evidence of animals being used to pull megaliths, does not mean that they weren’t used. It is actually very likely that they did use animals because they can be trained to work together well and are much stronger that humans. All the humans would need to do is guide them.
    Sorry if all these things make it sound like I hate the game, I actually really like it, but I feel like it is always the same thing each time I play it. Some of the things I mentioned would help add some variety.
    Thank you

  5. Timothy Balcaen

    I would like to thank you for:
    * this game
    * all the hard work
    * mentioning these patch notes
    * having this level of transparency

    I hope more will come!

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