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Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online – 28 October 2020 Patch Notes

[New Events]

  • Halloween in Florin
    • Event 1. Halloween Quests in Florin
    • Period: October 28 (after maintenance)–November 11 (before maintenance)
      • During the event period, different types of Halloween-themed event quests will be offered. Complete the mysterious quests for big rewards!
    • Event 2. Halloween Shop in Florin
    • Period: October 28 (after maintenance)–November 11 (before maintenance)
      • During the event period, a special Halloween Shop will open its doors wide! Head over to check out what special NPC Kirwin has in store for you!
    • Event 3. Mysterious Knight for Halloween
    • Period: October 28 (after maintenance)–November 11 (before maintenance)
      • During the event period, <Special Skill Instructor> Mysterious Knight will randomly appear all over the world of Black Desert Online (in Combat Zones only) with whom you can interact (R) with to get Skill EXP +300%  for 180 mins.!
  • Nightmare Comes True
    • Period: October 28 (after maintenance)–November 4 (before maintenance)
      • During the event period, Nightmarish Kzarka will spawn at a fixed schedule. This isn’t an addition of more Nightmarish Kzarka but a confirmed spawn from the existing Kzarka spawn schedule.
  • Magical Elixir
    • Period: October 30 (00:00 UTC)–November 8 (23:59 UTC)
      • Over a period of 2 weeks, play daily and log in during the designated challenge period to get rewards including [Event] Magical Elixir and Item Collection Increase Scroll (60 min) via the Challenge tab (Y) based on your accumulated playtime.
      • Perform Simple Alchemy with [Event] Magical Elixir and other draught items to create magical draught items that will give you even greater boosts to help your adventures.

[Ongoing Events]

  • Monthly Loyalty – October 2020: October 1 (00:00 UTC)–October 31 (23:59 UTC)
    • Please note that the bonus items and any accumulated bonus points will disappear if they are not collected within the promotional period. Please make sure to claim the items within the promotional period (before the end of October)!
    • Please note that there is no Monthly Loyalty bonus event planned for November.
  • Refer-a-Friend Promotion: October 7–November 4 (before maintenance)
  • O’dyllita Launch Events
    • Event 4. Flower of the Burning Moon: October 7–November 11 (before maintenance)
  • O’dyllita Attendance Check: October 7–November 11 (before maintenance)
  • Spooky Witchy Halloween!
    • Event 1. Spook is Back: October 21–November 4 (before maintenance)
    • Event 2. Defeat Isabella the Black Witch!: October 21–November 4 (before maintenance)
    • Event 3. Halloween Challenges: October 22–November 4 (23:59 UTC)
    • Event 4. Halloween Quests: October 21–November 4 (before maintenance)
    • Event 5. Halloween Adventure Logs: October 21–November 4 (before maintenance)
  • Set Sail Again
    • Event 1. Set Sail with Burst of Boosts: October 21–November 4 (before maintenance)
    • Event 2. Lekrashan Strikes Back: October 2–November 4 (before maintenance)
    • Event 3. Build a Strong Ship: October 21–November 4 (before maintenance)


[Ended Events]

  • October Events
  • Level Up Again with Hashashin
  • Collect Commemorative Coins
    • Event 1: Collect by Playing!: Available until October 29 (23:59 UTC)


  • Mythical Arduanatt
    • Added a new dream horse available through Mythical Awakening, the Mythical Arduanatt.
      • Stable your Arduanatt with Gula, stable keeper of Stonetail Horse Ranch, to attempt Mythical Awakening.
      • You will need 1 male and 1 female Lv. 30 Arduanatts.
      • Use the Mythical Censer to attempt Mythical Awakening, which has a fixed success rate of 3%.
      • Successfully breeding the 2 Arduanatts will lead to 1 awakened Mythical Arduanatt.
      • If failed, the 2 Arduanatts can be recovered at any time, and use the Mythical Censer to try again.
      • Newly born Mythical Arduanatts have all the skills the Arduanatts were born with along with Mythical Arduanatt skills they’ve known from birth.
      • Arduanatt’s skill from birth will be at 100% mastery, and will not disappear even if you reset their growth.
      • The base price of the Mythical Arduanatt will be higher than the combined prices of the male and female Lv. 30 Arduanatts. However, due to its unique nature, it cannot be registered in the horse market.
      • Mythical Arduanatt is a legendary dream horse born from Mythical Awakening and does not specify a gender.
    • Details on Mythical Arduanatt skills are as follows.


Skill Name Preceding Skill(s) How to Use Stamina Consumed Description Other
Mighty Leap Instant Accel, S: Instant Accel, High Jump, Double Jump Press E during Instant Accel, S: Instant Accel 400 Swiftly ride the winds to leap mightily into the air. Not available when weapon is unsheathed.
Flight Start Accel ↑ (W) + E while idle or E after raising forelegs with Space 400 continuously After floating into the air with elegant movement, spend some time floating mid-air. Not available when weapon is unsheathed.
Wings of Swiftness Wings of Wind, WIngs of Freedom Press F during Wings of Freedom n/a Having learned the ways to read the wind currents, the Mythical Arduanatt pierces through the winds during Wings of Freedom to descend at even faster speeds.
  • To craft the “‘Mythical Censer,” you will need the following materials.


Item Crafting Method Materials
Mythical Censer Manufacture Old Moon Censer x1 + Mythical Powder x10 + Mythical Feather x10 + Fire Horn x10 + Powder of Flame x10
Old Moon Censer Manufacture Old Moon Censer Mold x1 + Pure Platinum Crystal x100 + Pure Copper Crystal x100 + Pure Tin Crystal x100 + Moonlight Opal x100
Mythical Powder Grinding Flower of Oblivion x10 + Royal Fern Root x10 + Everlasting Herb x10 + Fruit of Enchantment x10 + Black Stone Powder x10


Item Where to Obtain
Old Moon Censer Mold Purchase from Old Moon Manager’s Shop
Flower of Oblivion Supplying horses to the Imperial House

※ You cannot get Flower of Oblivion by supplying a Dream Horse

Royal Fern Root Stonetail Horse Ranch’s Material Vendor Wapra, Complete Quest [Weekly] Fly Like the Wind
Mythical Feather Exchange Radiant Fairy Wings, Brilliant Fairy Wings with “Herawen”

Obtained from Lush Primitive Lakiaro Sack, Primitive Lakiaro Sack, Lush Old Lakiaro Sack, and Old Lakiaro Sack at a low chance

  • The higher the tier of the horse supplied to the imperial house, the greater amount of “Flower of Oblivion” you will obtain.


Tier Flower(s) of Oblivion obtained
1 1
2 2
3 3
4 4
5 5
6 10
7 15
8 20


Arduanatt reigns over the skies, Diné rides the desert dunes, and Doom conquers on land. The beauty and power of these dream horses, especially their unique skills, have been longed by many adventurers over the years. However, over the years, many adventurers have been able to tame them and a greater number of adventurers have sought for a new type of dream horse. Thus, we present before you a dream horse of even greater magnitude in both power and beauty. We hope this provides a new goal for adventurers who enjoy horse training and dream horse content. We particularly hope this is also a more meaningful endeavor for those high-leveled trainers as well. While we only have the Mythical Arduanatt to show for today, we are currently preparing to release an upgraded Diné and Doom as well.

  • Revamped Black Spirit’s Adventure
    • Now you will roll not 1 but 2 dice, and their sum will determine how many spaces the Black Spirit moves forward.
    • Use the “Acquire” button on the lower portion of Black Spirit’s Adventure to obtain Black Spirit’s Dice.
    • You will gain an extra pair of dice every 30 minutes, up to 3 times a day.
    • Getting the same number on the dice will automatically grant you another roll.
      * However, an extra roll will not be granted if you land on a bonus square or the finish line, or if you roll the same number on both dice for the second time.
    • Your Black Spirit piece will change appearance every 10th round completed.


Black Spirit’s Adventure is one of our most beloved contents. We chose to revamp it by retaining much of the accessibility in its original variation, while adding some strategic elements to spice up the fun.

  • Added the Naval Fame system.
    • Naval Fame is shared by family, and measures the adventurer’s Karma at sea.
    • Naval Fame begins at 0, can be restored up to 300,000, or fall to -1,000,000.
    • If your Naval Fame is greater than 0, you’ll become a “Navy”, and if lower than 0, a “Pirate.”
    • While in pirate status, your ship will be marked in red, allowing you to be attacked by the ships of adventurers without activating PvP mode.
    • Each time you force PvP by attacking an adventurer, your first attack will reduce your Naval Fame by -50,000.
    • You can no longer ride the Guild Galley if your Naval Fame is in pirate mode.
    • Destroying a ship reduces your Naval Fame by -200,000.
    • The act of defeating an adventurer, after destroying a ship, will reduce your Karma not Naval Fame.
    • While in pirate status, you won’t be able to interact with, repair or supply your ship through normal wharf managers. You will only be able to repair and resupply your ship through Gafur, the wharf manager of the pirate-ridden Kuit Islands.
    • You can restore your Naval Fame by defeating Sea Creatures.
    • Your Naval Fame is affected by Guild Skills, Pet Skills, Tear of Repentance, and other Karma Recovery effects. However, your Naval Fame is not affected by the Book of Repentance.


The Naval Fame system has been added as a new content. This will serve as the foundation for our pirates and bounty hunting system. Defeating sea creatures will increase your Naval Fame, while attacking other adventurers and their ships as a pirate will reduce your Naval Fame. If your Naval Fame is below 0, you will be severely limited in your access to sea-related content. Also, please note that Naval Fame is applied to your entire family. We are currently preparing future contents so that different roles can be played by adventurers in Naval Fame without being unfair to one particular side over the other.

  • Added Ancient Spirit Dust x50 to the “Victory at Red Battlefield!” quest rewards.
  • Increased the number of Red Seals obtainable from losing in the Red Battlefield to 2 seals.
  • Changes to Node/Conquest Wars, boss spawns, and Tribute Wagon departure time have been reflected so please follow the start and closing times of the local time for the EU servers accordingly.
    • Node War: 20:00 CET–22:00 CET
    • Conquest War: 20:00 CET–24:00 CET
    • Tribute Wagon Departure 18:00 CET
    • Please note Daylight saving time 2020 for North America will end at 02:00 local standard time on Sunday, 1st of November. However the necessary changes to Node/Conquest Wars, world boss spawns, and Tribute Wagon departure times for NA servers will take into effect starting with November 4th regular maintenance. (Please mind that Node Wars and boss spawns will appear to occur 1 hours early during Nov. 1 to Nov. 4 maintenance).


  • Renewed the design of the Settings window that appears when you create a character and log in at the start of the game.



  • Taya, the Old Moon Manager of Duvencrune, now rents out the Old Moon Fence.
  • Old Moon Manager Mene has come to O’draxxia following the Kalicha Merchant Guild.
  • Moved the sailors waiting for their captains at the tavern in Velia so that they wouldn’t interfere with the tavern business.

[All Classes]

  • Re-adjusted skill add-ons for all classes.


Skill Add-on List
Monster AP Increase

PvP AP Increase

PvP AP Reduction

All DP Increase

All DP Reduction

All Evasion Rate Increase

All Evasion Rate Reduction

All Accuracy Rate Increase

All Accuracy Rate Reduction

Critical Hit Rate Increase

Attack/Casting Speed Increase

Attack/Casting Speed Reduction

Movement Speed Increase

Movement Speed Reduction

Bleeding Damage inflicted for a certain period of time

HP Recovery per hit

MP/SP/WP Recovery per hit

MP/SP/WP Reduction per hit

Chance to Down Smash

Chance to Air Smash

Back Attack Damage Increase

Down Attack Damage Increase

Air Attack Damage Increase

Critical Hit Damage Increase


We’ve improved the skill add-ons for each class. Previously, you chose 2 out of 6 given add-ons and added them to your character’s skills, but now you can choose the add-ons you want from 24 add-ons (shared across all classes). The limitations of the previous system led adventurers to approach the add-ons as if there was a correct formula to use them, but with this renewal, we hope that adventurers will be more experimental in their customizations of their skill add-ons according to their play style. Also, before we had grouped our skill add-on effects into 5 levels (for example, the amount of Monster AP increased differed depending on the skill) based on the skill’s cooldown time and utility, but now we’ve reduced it to 3 levels in order to increase their utility. Additionally, we’ve made adjustments based on adventurer opinions on how the skill add-on effects were being applied to all hits for certain skills.

  • Fixed the issue where the target of a successful grab skill would sometimes display irregular movements.


[By Class]


  • Night Crow – Fixed the issue where using the skill while consuming Shards of Darkness after having learned Crow Food II, Storming Crow II, and with Storming Crow II locked, would display irregular movement.


  • Fallout – Fixed the issue where the skill’s add-on effect wouldn’t activate when the skill was on cooldown.
  • Infernal Destruction – Fixed the issue where the skill’s add-on effect wouldn’t activate when using Land Buster.
  • Spiral Cannon – Fixed the issue where the skill would only apply 6 hits instead of 7.
  • The Ancient Fragments of the Ancient Puturum who emerge from the Dark Rifts have begun to emit even stronger energies.
    • Changed the active region where the Ancient Puturum protect the Ancient Ruins and their legacy to Valencia’s desert only.
    • Changed the loot from the Ancient Puturum, which has become fortified with the energy emanated from the Ancient Fragments, into a more valuable reward.
    • Defeat the Ancient Puturum from the Dark Rift to obtain Mass of Pure Magic and Howling Dead Man’s Chest.
    • You’ll randomly get one of the following items enhanced up to DUO (II) from the Howling Dead Man’s Chest: Laytenn’s Power Stone, Ogre Ring, Eye of the Ruins Ring, Valtarra Eclipsed Belt, Basilisk’s Belt, Ring of Crescent Guardian.



  • Added additional quests to obtain the Royal Fern Root, one of the materials required for awakening the Mythical Arduanatt.
    • Details regarding the quests are as follows.


Life Skill Level Required Quest Name Quest Objective Quest Reward
Trainer Beginner [Beginner] No Worries for the Prepared Catch a Tier 1 Wild Horse 100 Contribution EXP

Royal Fern Root x1

Trainer Apprentice [Apprentice] No Worries for the Prepared Catch a Tier 1 Wild Horse 100 Contribution EXP

Royal Fern Root x1

Trainer Skilled [Skilled] No Worries for the Prepared Catch a Tier 2 Wild Horse 100 Contribution EXP

Royal Fern Root x2

Trainer Professional [Professional] No Worries for the Prepared Catch a Tier 2 Wild Horse 100 Contribution EXP

Royal Fern Root x2

Trainer Artisan [Artisan] No Worries for the Prepared Catch a Tier 3 Wild Horse 100 Contribution EXP

Royal Fern Root x3

Trainer Master [Master] No Worries for the Prepared Catch a Tier 4 Wild Horse 100 Contribution EXP

Royal Fern Root x4

Trainer Guru [Guru] No Worries for the Prepared Catch a Tier 5 Wild Horse 100 Contribution EXP

Royal Fern Root x5

  • These quests are family quests, and you may only accept and complete one of them at any given time.
    • These quests are Daily quests, and you can accept them once more after they reset at 00:00.
  • Fixed the graphical issue with some regions in front of Balenos.
  • Fixed the issue with incorrect font color being displayed after line breaks in certain chat messages.
  • Fixed the issue with the message that appears when using the Battle Command to Gather.
  • Fixed the issue where the caution message would sometimes not appear when enhancing your equipment.
  • [Archer] Fixed the issue where the ra’ghon and the crossbow would sometimes disappear when performing certain actions while wearing the Crayodel Outfit.
  • Fixed the issue where the node guild information did not fit in its window while viewed on the World Map.
  • Fixed the issue where the Chat window size decreased when you loaded a preset with Quick Hotkeys.
  • Fixed the issue where characters would sometimes get stuck within trees in some regions of Longleaf Tree Sentry Post.
  • [Shai] Fixed the graphical issue that occured when wearing the Marine Romance outfit with the tied-up hair customization setting.
  • We are aware of the issue where the following quests from the Halloween in Florin event sometimes do not appear as completed in the Quest (O) window when having completed them.
    • [Event] Threats Preceding Cleaning
    • [Event] Frightened Doll that Ran Away
      This issue will be resolved with the November 4 maintenance.
  • We are aware of the issue where the NPC Kisha of Florin is hidden by the event background, making it difficult to talk to her. This issue will be resolved with the November 4 maintenance.
  • We are aware of the issue where you cannot take out your ship when it gets destroyed while in Pirate status for destroying another adventurer’s ship after having taken out your ship from a wharf that is not on the Kuit Islands (Pirate Island) while in Marine status.
    • If you experience this issue, please contact Customer Support for further assistance.
  • We are aware of the issue where the “Extra AP Against Monsters +20 for 7 sec.” Skill Add-on incorrectly displays the effect as +25 in the buff icon.
  • We are aware of the issue where the “A Gift for the New Black Spirit’s Adventure!” Challenge incorrectly states that it can be completed daily instead of just once during the event period. This issue will be resolved with the November 4 maintenance.
  • We are aware of the issue where you may be unable to restore your Naval Fame to Marine status if your Naval Fame changes to Pirate status while none of your characters in your Family have a large ship taken out.
    • This issue will be resolved during the November 4 maintenance.

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