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Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online – 2 September 2020 Patch Notes

[New Events]

  • Hashashin Launch Events
    • Event 1. Attend for Hashashin
    • Period: September 3 (00:00 UTC)–September 16 (23:59 UTC)
      • Log in daily to claim your special attendance rewards including [Event] Premium Horse Appearance Change Coupon, Wizard Gosphy, and Radiant Adventure Box!
    • Event 2. A Sudden Gust of Wind
      • Period: September 2 (after maintenance)–September 16 (before maintenance
        • Simply Interact (R) with the sandstorm spawning randomly all over the world of Black Desert Online to get Skill EXP +300% and Item Drop Rate +20% boost for 180 minutes!
  • Level Up in Hot Time
    • Event 1. Hooooooooot Time
    • Period: September 2 (after maintenance)–September 16 (before maintenance)
      • Enjoy Combat EXP +200% and Skill EXP +30% in all servers except Season servers and Combat EXP +250% and Skill EXP +25% in Season servers during the entire event period.
    • Event 2. Level Up Your Hashashin
    • Period: September 2 (after maintenance)–September 23 (before maintenance)
      • Simply level up your Hashashin and claim your rewards via the Challenges (Y) tab!
  • Fall in Season Servers
    • Event 1: Mercenary’s Challenge
    • Period: September 3 (00:00 UTC)–September 23 (before maintenance)
      • Log in during the event period with your season character and receive either a Mercenary’s Experience (60 min) or a Mercenary’s Experience (120 min) once a day per family.
    • Event 2: Level Up Your Season Character!
    • Period: September 2 (after maintenance)–September 23 (before maintenance)
      • Level up your season character and claim your rewards via the Challenges (Y) tab!
      • If you level up a Hashashin as a season character, you are automatically eligible to receive the “Level Up Your Hashashin” challenge rewards mentioned above as well.
  • Monthly Loyalty – Get Bonus Back on your Purchase
    • Period: September 2 (after maintenance)–September 30 (before maintenance)
    • Earn bonus items depending on how many Pearls you spend during the special promotional period!
      • Rewards will be claimable directly from the Monthly Loyalty button located on the top right corner of the Pearl Shop (F3) window.
      • Please note that the bonus items will disappear if they are not collected within the promotional period. Please make sure to claim the items within the promotional period!

[Ongoing Events]

  • Distorted Illusion at Altar of Blood: Until September 9 (before maintenance)
  • Create and Customize
    • Customization Contest: August 26–September 9 (before maintenance)
  • Great Summer Festival: Open until September 9 (before maintenance)

[Ended Events]

  • Newly-Discovered Treasures is Back: Extended for 2 more weeks until September 16 maintenance.
  • Waiting for…?
  • Create and Customize
    • Event 1: Pre-create Hashashin Now!
  • Mysteries of Summer: A Tale of a Fallen Kingdom II
  • Glimmering Earring
    • Event 3: Enhanced up to TRI?
    • Event 4. Remnants of Restoring Hope
  • August Events
    • Event 2. Ancient Spirit Dust Pouring Down
    • Event 3. Newly-Discovered Treasures is Back

[Reward Distribution]

  • Pre-create Hashashin Now! Event rewards
    • Please check your in-game mailbox (B) to claim your rewards for having created a Hashashin character during the event period.
  • Autumn Season Character Pre-creation rewards
    • Please check your in-game mailbox (B) to claim your rewards for having created a Season character during the event period.
  • Mysteries of Summer: A Tale of a Fallen Kingdom II
    • Please check your in-game mailbox (B) to claim your Title and item rewards if you completed all of this year’s Mysteries of Summer quests before September 2nd maintenance.
    • Congratulations to NA and EU for finishing 3rd and 4th on global rankings. The following rewards will be provided via boost on all servers by region:
      • NA servers for finishing 3rd on global rankings will receive: Item Drop Rate +30% from September 9 (after maintenance)–September 16 (before maintenance)
      • EU servers for finishing 4th on global rankings will receive: Item Drop Rate +20% from September 9 (after maintenance)–September 16 (before maintenance)
      • Please note the item drop boost applies to all lootable items from defeating monsters but excludes gathering or fishing.


  • Vell Extra Spawn
    • Vell Extra Spawn event which starred back on July 1, 2020 has become a permanent addition. Enjoy battling the fearsome world boss twice a week on Wednesdays and Sundays.
  • Crow’s Black Jewel
    • The number of audience who are eager to see the thrilling fights at Pit of the Undying has been increasing and so Patrigio, the First Crow, has started to give more Crow’s Black Jewels which are needed to do the promotion matches to those adventurers who win their fight.
      • Changed the number of Crow’s Black Jewels you can obtain through the quest “[Daily] To the Bottom of the Pit of the Undying” as follows.
  • You will get the Crow’s Black Jewels when you win against <Undying Shadow>, the last enemy at Pit of the Undying.
    • Adjusted the number of Crow’s Black Jewels required to do the quest “[Promotion] Crow’s Sealed Promotion Scroll” as follows. However, the number of Crow’s Black Jewels required for a rematch will remain the same.


  • Added a quest that allows you to fight against Yulho, Pit of the Undying’s rising start, 1:1.
    • This quest is available only once per family. You must complete the quest [Promotion] DUO: Undying Crow’s Insignia and accept the quest Chorpy’s Secret Offer from Chorpy in order to do this quest.
    • You will get Crow’s Black Jewel x10 when you defeat Yulho.
  • 1:1 Arena
    • The number of adventurers who are visiting the Battle Arena to prove their strength has been increasing and the Cliff Detached Force has opened a new 1:1 arena inside the Battle Arena for individual matches.
      • The first two adventurers to talk to Hafun will be able to enter the new 1:1 arena.
      • The new arena will have a limit time of 3 minutes. If no winner is decided within 3 minutes, the two participants will be moved outside of the arena regardless of their HP.
      • The winner will remain inside of the arena and the loser will be moved outside. Adventurers who are not engaged in any individual match within the Battle Arena can see the current progress of the match at the new arena via the 1:1 Arena UI located on the upper left of the screen.
    • Changed the way in which you enter the Battle Arena.
      • Select (New) Menu → War → Battle Arena and go to the Marni server Battle Arena.
      • There will be a total of 10 open battlefields in the Marni server Battle Arena. Select the battlefield that you wish and enter.
      • You won’t be able to participate in the Battle Arena while in a server with an ongoing Node/Conquest War.
  • Node War Revamped
    • Changed Tier 1 Node Wars’ AP and DP restrictions as follows.
      • Tier 1 Easy: AP 230 / DP 260 → AP 210 / DP 250
      • Tier 1 Medium: AP 250 / DP 290 → AP 230 / DP 270
      • Tier 1 Hard: AP 270 / DP 320 → AP 240 / DP 300
    • Changed Tier 1 (Easy, Medium, Hard) Node Wars’ Damage Reduction Rate to be fixed as follows.
      • Tier 1 Easy: Damage Reduction Rate (7%)
      • Tier 1 Medium: Damage Reduction Rate (9%)
      • Tier 1 Hard: Damage Reduction Rate (13%)
    • Added a Max HP restriction of 5,000 to Tier 1 (Easy, Medium, Hard) Node Wars and this Max HP restriction will decrease every time a set period of time has elapsed.
      • Once the Node War starts, Max HP will decrease by 500 every 20 minutes.
      • e.g. Tier 1 Node War: 5,000 → 4,500 → 4,000 → 3,500 → 3,000 → 2,500
    • Changed the day on which certain nodes’ Node War occurs as follows.


Cron Castle SiteTier 1 – EasyMondayTuesday
Treant ForestTier 1 – EasyFridaySunday
Wolf HillsTier 1 – MediumFridaySunday
Southern Neutral ZoneTier 1 – HardMondayWednesday
Altar of AgrisTier 2MondayTuesday
Costa FarmTier 2MondayTuesday
Bree Tree RuinsTier 2FridayWednesday
Sausan GarrisonTier 2FridaySunday
Crescent ShrineTier 2FridaySunday
  • Considering that Sundays are when Node Wars occur most actively, we have changed the day on which certain nodes’ Node War occurs to Sunday to allow more adventurers to participate in Node Wars. We have also distributed the nodes that used to be concentrated on Mondays and Fridays more evenly so that you can participate on the day you prefer.


Number of Nodes Allowed for Node War Distinguished by Day
  • Changed the number of participants allowed in certain nodes’ Node War so that players can select a variety of nodes depending on the Node War’s number of participants.


NodeDayTier# of Participants AllowedWar Hero
Cron Castle SiteTuesdayTier 1 – Easy4020No change
Longleaf Tree ForestWednesdayTier 1 – Hard5540No change
Pilgrim’s Sanctum: FastSundayTier 1 – Hard5540No change
Eastern BorderFridayTier 35565No change
Karanda RidgeThursdayTier 35565No change
Anti-Troll FortificationSundayTier 35550No change
Western GatewayWednesdayTier 35565No change
North Kaia MountainTuesdayTier 35550No change
Sarma OutpostTuesdayTier 35565No change
Florin GatewayThursdayTier 35550No change
Splashing PointFridayTier 35550No change
Awakening BellWednesdayTier 35550No change
Rock PostMondayTier 35550No change
Ibellab OasisSundayTier 35550No change
Quint HillFridayTier 310065No change
Elric ShrineThursdayTier 310065No change
Forest of PlunderWednesdayTier 410075107
Southern Guard CampTuesdayTier 410075107
Roud Sulfur WorksSundayTier 410075107
  • Adjusted the number of War Heroes allowed in Forest of Plunder, Southern Guard Camp, and Roud Sulfur Works, according to the changes made in the number of participants allowed in the Node War.
  • Revamped the Crafting Notes window as follows:
    • Adjusted the Search button to match the height of the “Enter a search term” bar on the upper-right hand side.
    • Changed the Item List on the left side to display even more items.
    • Changed the Title (item name) font size to be greater than the contents in the Item Information section.
    • Fixed the graphical issues when placing the mouse over certain areas of the window.
  • Made Instant Resurrection usable up to Lv. 20 (previously Lv. 15), and added the following regions where it can be used:
    • Cron Castle Site
    • Cron Castle
    • Heidel Pass
    • Goblin Cave
    • Ehwaz Hill
    • Coastal Cliff
    • Balenos River
    • Imp Cave
  • Improved the Jukebox’s volume to be better heard in the Pearl Shop (F3).
  • Added warning text to certain outfits of the following Classes:
    • Mystic, Striker, Archer, Lahn


    • [Guardian] Fixed the graphical glitch around the Guardian’s right shoulder when wearing the Terrminé Outfit.
    • Changed the 5th and 6th dye parts for the [Lahn] Clead Armor.
    • Fixed the following typos:
      • Item descriptions of Combined Magic Crystals
      • The notification that is displayed when teleporting to Valencia after interacting with the Guardian of Edana
    • Fixed the issue where if a Character had no Profile Pic, you could not Change to that Character.
    • Fixed the issue where you could not chat with your team in the Red Battlefield.
    • Fixed the issue where only the guild members of the Guild Alliance leader could use the Returning function when participating in a Node or Conquest War with an allied guild.
    • Fixed the issue where leaving the Altar of Blood would sometimes make the Minimap disappear.
      • Flow: Indignation – Added the Down Smash effect to the skill.Changed the Red Battlefield to now automatically kick out all participants after 2 minutes if there are less than 2 players remaining.
        • [Warrior, Berserker, Tamer, Musa, Maehwa, Valkyrie, Kunoichi, Ninja, Dark Knight, Striker, Mystic, Lahn] Changed the sound effect of the skills on Guard.
          • Fixed the issue where the character would freeze if a cutscene was played while interacting on a mount with a NPC.
            • For those of you who were unable to convert their Tuvala gear or graduate their Season characters, we’ve made some changes to what happens to Summer Season gear and items when the new Autumn Season starts with the September 2nd maintenance.
            • Autumn Season Servers are here! Learn all about the benefits and thrills of Autumn Season Servers
              • You will be able to level up your season character incredibly fast by using the benefits only season characters can have such as EXP increase buff without level restrictions, [Season] Leveling Aid Boxes, [Season] Secret Book of the Misty Breeze, etc.
            • From September 2nd, until Autumn Season of Season Servers end, the following servers will be converted likewise:
              • NA/EU_Kamasylvia1 → NA/EU_Season1
              • NA/EU_Kamasylvia2 → NA/EU_Season2
              • NA/EU_Kamasylvia3 → NA/EU_Season3
              • NA/EU_Kamasylvia4 → NA/EU_Season4
              • NA/EU_Kamasylvia5 → NA/EU_Season(PVP)
            • Added the Black Desert Season Challenges for Season Characters who will obtain special rewards by completing the given challenges.
              • Black Desert Season Challenges can be accessed by either clicking the icon on the left of the Minimap or the banner to the left of the Equipment (I) window.
              • Completing each challenge will reward your Season Character with an item to aid in your character’s growth.
              • Purchase the “Black Spirit Pass” from the Pearl Shop (F3) to gain additional special rewards
            • Coco Leaf has been introduced with Black Desert Season Challenges.
              • Collect Coco Leaves and find Patrigio of Velia to exchange them for a special item. Please note that there is a limited number of exchanges for certain exchange items.
            • As the Autumn Season has started, Kamasylvia 1–4 & Olvia 6 have been changed to Season Servers 1-4 & Season Arsha Server, respectively
            • Added Perilla’s Star, a special alchemy stone that can be obtained through the Autumn Season.
              • Although the place where the final star from Perilla to her beloved Fughar is located is still unknown, rumor says that a few clues have been found here and there.
            • Added Rift’s Echo, a [Party] Boss Summon Scroll only for Season Servers.
              • Rift’s Echo can be obtained by combining 5 Rift’s Fragments. Rift’s Fragments can be gathered from defeating monsters in Valencia, Kamasylvia, and Drieghan, as well as from Savage Rifts.
              • Rift’s Echo can only be used in Season Servers, and using Rift’s Echo will summon waves of Violent Boss monsters. Defeating the Violent Boss will grant items that will further aid your Season Character’s growth.
              • Rift’s Echo consists of 3 total stages. Completing the Rift’s Echo’s 2nd stage has a low chance to summon special monsters from the rift, and defeating certain monsters within the given time limit will grant an item that will definitely help you in growing stronger. During the Rift’s Echo’s 3rd stage, a Most Violent Boss has a low chance to appear. These bosses are quite powerful, yet defeating them will grant better quality loot compared to other 3rd stage Rift’s Echo bosses.
              • Bosses that are drawn to the Rift’s Echo are all Violent, so we recommend facing them with a party.
              • ※ Rift’s Fragments can only be obtained on Season Servers.Improved Change Fairy’s Appearance to display a warning pop-up message

            [Game World]

            • Fixed the issue of leaves floating in mid-air in certain parts of Stonetail Wasteland.

          [All Classes]

        [By Class]


        • Scars of Dusk, Absolute: Scars of Dusk, Prime: Scars of Dusk I–III – Improved the animation speed of the skills’ 3rd hit while mounted.


        • Doubled the movement distance of Flow: Air Explosion Shot activated after certain skills.


        • Violation – Increased the skill’s spin hit damage and added PvE critical hit rate.


        Violation ISpin Hit Damage 745% x8Spin Hit Damage 856% x8
        Violation IISpin Hit Damage 847% x8Spin Hit Damage 973% x8
        Violation IIISpin Hit Damage 949% x8Spin Hit Damage 1091% x8
        • Grim Reaper’s Judgment, Black Spirit: Grim Reaper’s Judgment – Increased the skills’ normal hit and charge hit by 1 hit.

        • Upward Claw, Prime: Upward Claw – The skills’ movement and effect will now coincide.


        • Prime: Shield Chase – Fixed the issue where you could use the skill without wearing a shield.
        • Ultimate: Blitz Stab – Reduced the movement distance of the skill.
        • Verdict: Lancia Iustitiae – Added critical hit rate to the skill’s downward attack hit.
        • Ultimate: Divine Power – Increased the skill’s hit damage as follows.
          • 353% x 9 → 1012% x 9
        • Ultimate: Divine Power – Added PvE critical hit rate and applied PvP damage reduction effect.


        • Below the Belt – Increased the skill’s Extra Hit Damage.


        Below the Belt IExtra Hit Damage 784% x2Extra Hit Damage 813% x3
        Below the Belt IIExtra Hit Damage 885% x2Extra Hit Damage 944% x3
        Below the Belt IIIExtra Hit Damage 987% x2Extra Hit Damage 1075% x3
        • Black Spirit: Below the Belt – Fixed the issue where the skill was dealing 1 less hit for its final hit.
        • Crosscut – Increased the skill’s 1st Spin Hit Damage.


        Crosscut II1st Spin Hit Damage 567% x51st Spin Hit Damage 637% x5
        Crosscut III1st Spin Hit Damage 613% x51st Spin Hit Damage 753% x5
        Crosscut IV1st Spin Hit Damage 658% x51st Spin Hit Damage 869% x5
        • Flow: Backflow – Increased the skill damage.
          • 1062% x 5 → 1213% x 5


        • Frost Pillars – Increased the skill’s activation speed.
        • Frost Pillars – Improved the skill to now combo into New Year’s Eve after using the skill.
        • New Year’s Eve – Increased the skill damage.
          • 1074% x 4 → 1182% x 5


        • Serpent Ascension – Increased the skill’s activation speed, and the Ninja now assumes the Transition Stance when using the skill.
        • Serpent Ascension – Fixed the skill description to state the correct number of targets hit.
        • Serpent Ascension – Increased the skill’s Hit Damage.


        Serpent Ascension IHit Damage 593% x7Hit Damage 653% x7
        Serpent Ascension IIHit Damage 696% x7Hit Damage 766% x7
        Serpent Ascension IIIHit Damage 880% x7Hit Damage 968% x7
        • Drastic Measure – Increased the charging speed of the skill.


        • Half Moon Slash – Improved to combo more smoothly into other skills after using the skill.
        • Wheel of Wrath – Increased the skill damage.


        Wheel of Wrath IDamage 423% x5, Max 2 HitsDamage 592% x5, Max 2 Hits
        Wheel of Wrath IIDamage 543% x5, Max 2 HitsDamage 752% x5, Max 2 Hits
        Wheel of Wrath IIIDamage 782% x5, Max 2 HitsDamage 912% x5, Max 2 Hits

      • Seed of Catastrophe – Increased the skill damage.


      Seed of Catastrophe IIDamage 735% x5Damage 784% x5
      Seed of Catastrophe IIIDamage 843% x5Damage 981% x5
      Seed of Catastrophe IVDamage 952% x5Damage 1178% x5
      • Touch of Exploitation – Increased the skill damage.


      Touch of Exploitation IIDamage 528% x3, Max 4 HitsDamage 607% x3, Max 4 Hits
      Touch of Exploitation IIIDamage 633% x3, Max 4 HitsDamage 760% x3, Max 4 Hits
      Touch of Exploitation IVDamage 738% x3, Max 4 HitsDamage 923% x3, Max 4 Hits
      • Shattering Darkness – Added 2 Hits to the skill’s Phantom Blade attack.


      • Prime: Amplify Martial Spirit – Fixed the issue where Thunder Pound wouldn’t activate after using the skill.
      • Prime: Soul Basher – Improved to combo more smoothly into other skills after using the skill.


      • Deadly Dance – Increased the skill’s Max Hits to 2.
      • Taunting Death – Increased the skill damage.


      Taunting Death IIDamage 790% x6Damage 854% x6
      Taunting Death IIIDamage 877% x6Damage 1005% x6
      Taunting Death IVDamage 964% x6Damage 1156% x6
      • Bridled Despair – Increased the skill damage.
        • 1070% x7 → 1388% x7


      • Luthraghon’s Call – Improved the skill’s crouching movement and charging speed.
      • Radiant Explosion – Increased the skill damage.


      Radiant Explosion IIDamage 316% x4Damage 470% x4
      Radiant Explosion IIIDamage 594% x5Damage 890% x5
      Radiant Explosion IVDamage 842% x6Damage 1260% x6
      • Arrow Explosion VI, Absolute: Arrow Explosion – Increased the skill damage.


      Arrow Explosion VIDamage 952% x5Damage 1047% x5
      Absolute: Arrow ExplosionDamage 1220% x6Damage 1342% x6


      • Revamped Florin’s Leaf to now display its energy figures.


      • The master of the sands who crossed the desert in search of the truth behind the Blackstar, Hashashin out now!
      • Fixed the Undying Crow’s Insignia item description to better reflect the changes to how the Pit of the Undying is carried out.
      • Changed the Phnyl that appears in the Navarn Steppe to be marked as Elite Monsters on the Minimap.
      • Changed the background of certain areas of Hexe Sanctuary monster zone to allow securing a clearer view when defeating monsters.
      • Extended the event period of “Newly-discovered treasures” to obtain treasure loot from certain hunting grounds until September 16.
      • World Bosses affected by the “Vell Extra Spawn” event which began on June 30th will now return to their normal spawn schedules.
        • NA
          • Wednesday, 17:00 PDT – Offin
          • Wednesday, 14:00 PDT – Kutum
        • EU
          • Wednesday, 17:00 UTC – Offin
          • Wednesday, 14:00 UTC – Kutum



      • Lowered the difficulty of certain quests in Secret Quest Challenge: The Tale of the Fallen Kingdom II.
        • Increased the chance to loot the required items for the following quests.
          • The King and the King
          • Sheathed Claws
          • The Abandoned
        • Reduced the amount of required items for the following quests.
          • An Old Man’s Tears
          • A Sudden End of Hostilities
          • The End of Philandering: Lowered the height of the stepping stone and increased its area.
        • Changed the quest “The Aged Lion” to require only one adventurer to have met the conditions to make the Wild Rose appear.
        • During “The King and the King” quest, you can now obtain the required item even while hunting and/or butchering Giant Wolves.
        • Increased the amount of time the summoned monster stays alive during “The Eagle’s Lament.”
      • Fixed the issue where attempting remote collection of Secret Quest items from one’s Campsite Storage would sometimes make them disappear.

      • Changed the message that appears when pressing the Battle Arena button after entering the Arena of Arsha with a Trial Character.
      • Fixed the issues where the UI for Florin’s Leaf, Martial Spirit Shard, Red Blade, Shards of Darkness would move irregularly and out of the screen while in Edit UI mode and using the Custom HP Bar.
      • Clicking on Skill Points, Play and Enhancement Chance icons in My Information (P) window → Status will open up the Skill (K), Compose & Play, and Enhancement windows, respectively.
      • Fixed the graphical glitches with the Arena of Arsha UI that occurred when changing game settings with the Arena of Arsha window open.
    • We are aware of the UI issue where the check icon is partially covering the word “cleared” in Pearl Shop’s Monthly Loyalty window. This issue will be solved next week.
    • We are aware of the issue where NPC Palong of the Great Summer Festival event won’t spawn between September 2 (after maintenance)–September 9 (before maintenance), so players cannot accept the quests “[Event] Looking After the Whale I & II” and “[Event] Golden Sunset Dreams.”
      • Palong will spawn between September 9 (after maintenance)–September 16 (before maintenance) and players will be able to receive the quest rewards for the Great Summer Festival event during this period.
    • We are aware of the issue where you can abnormally obtain Gaze of Cantarnia when defeating Gyfin Rhasia monsters. This issue will be fixed on the next maintenance.
    • We are aware of the issue where the “update” mark was attached to the (New) Menu → Music Album.
    • We are aware of the issue where the [Event] Black Spirit Pass is visible when you enter the Pearl Shop with a normal character.
      • Please visit the Pearl Shop with a season character since you can purchase this item only with season characters.

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