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Black Desert Mobile

Black Desert Mobile – 21.04.2020 Patch Notes | Secret Shultz Fortness

The patch notes for the 4/21 Update are here. In this update, we’ve added new content, events, bug fixes, and overall improvements to the game. See the patch notes for more details about this update.

※ All screenshots were taken from the test environment and may differ from what appears in the live server.

■ Secret Shultz Fortress

– The new high-tier zone, Secret Shultz Fortress, has been added.

■ Awakened Enhancement

– Added Awakened Enhancement.

ㆍ You can perform Awakened Enhancement on gear that is Mystical-grade or higher and with an enhancement level of +40.

ㆍ [Pristine Black Crystals] are used for Awakened Enhancement.

ㆍ You can collect Black Stones from the Refinery in the Camp and then use them towards the creation of [Pristine Black Crystal].

ㆍ Advice of Valks can be used to increase your chances of a successful enhancement.

ㆍ If Awakened Enhancement fails, you can use Restoration Scrolls for a chance to maintain the current enhancement level.

■ Weekly Special Collection

– Added Weekly Special Collection.

ㆍ The rewards and criteria for Weekly Special Collections reset every Monday on 00:00 (Server Time).

ㆍ You can collect various rewards by completing the Weekly Special Collections.

※ Your Black Spirit level needs to be 100 or higher.

■ CP Breakdown Comparing System

– Changed the layout of the My Info > Check CP.

ㆍ The Check CP category has been grouped.

ㆍ You can now compare your CP with the average CP of other users.


– For optimization, effects will be simplified on devices with 1GB memory.


– Added a feature where you automatically obtain skillbooks.

ㆍ Characters that completed Ascension can immediately use skillbooks from Skillbook Chests when using the ‘Open Chests’ feature from the inventory.

ㆍ The ‘Auto-Acquire Skillbooks’ feature can be used from all chests within the inventory and ‘open chest’ menus.

ㆍ Skillbooks acquired before Ascension will automatically be used towards ‘Family Skill Training’.

※ Skill Training is available after a character completes Ascension. Silver is needed for Skill Training.


– Adventurers entering the Normal Arena will now have a fixed AP and DP in order to promote fair gameplay.

ㆍ Other than CP, other stats (HP, damage inflicted to other Adventurers, damage taken from other Adventurers, etc.) will remain the same.

– Changed the damage inflicted based on CP to make Ranked Arena more competitive.

ㆍAdjusted damage will be applied based on the difference between your CP and your opponent. (4/22 Updated)

ㆍ Changes to Ranked Arena will continue to be made.

– Changed the level requirement for Ranked Arena from 25 to 50.

– Fixed an issue where points were deducted during matching phase even though the match didn’t start in Ranked Arena.

ㆍ The points that were lost because of this issue will be restored after this maintenance ends.

– A win will be given to an Adventurer if his/her opponent leaves a match during Ranked Arena.

– Added Start Match and Bonus Match in the result window while in a Bonus Match at Ranked Arena.

– Changed the Season Rewards being displayed on the Ranked Arena lobby from the rewards being offered for the current tier to the rewards being offered in the next tier.

– The participants in Ramoness will have their points displayed and it can be viewed by others.

[Ancient Ruins]

– Adventurers will now automatically leave after a certain time once they complete the Ancient Ruins.


– The item description will display when you tap on the list of obtainable items.

– Adventurers can now enter Ramoness and Ranked Arena from the Camp.


– Changed to get a notification when a Blood Kin is online.

– Changed to get a notification when a Blood Kin declines the summon request.


– Fixed the word order of the horse tier text on the Exchange results window for each language.

– The guild tab is now available on the chat screen for easier access.

– Removed the option to equip crystals by going to the item tooltip comparison window on the Guild Boss Rush/World Boss result window.

– Fixed an issue where the animation for the Purchase button was displaying incorrectly when purchasing items from the Pearl Shop.

– The ‘Refresh Products’ text will now appear in the Pearl Shop when items cannot be purchased because they did not refresh.


– You no longer get [Awakening/Ascension Weapon Exchange Coupon] as a reward from the Dark Knight’s Ascension quest ‘Trial of Destiny’.

ㆍ The item cannot be used at this time.

ㆍ Items that are in possession by Adventurers have been retrieved and will be sent back out when it can be used again.

– Fixed an issue where a message was displaying incorrectly in the ‘Open Requirement’ window after defeating Hexe Marie.


– Fixed an issue where the camera didn’t move when tapping on team members of Adventurers while spectating using ‘Watch Mode’ in Ramoness.

– Fixed an issue where the team victory text didn’t properly display for certain languages in ‘Watch Mode’ for Ramoness.

– You can no longer enter World Boss Dungeons while participating in Ramoness.

– Changed to make Arena menu unavailable when you’re in a location where use of Arena content is restricted.

– Fixed an issue where the Arena tutorial activated incorrectly under certain conditions.


– Fixed an issue where the Top Menu UI displayed when exchanging materials from the Blacksmith.


– Fixed an issue where the text cut off in the Special Boss Rush preparation window.

[All Classes]

– Fixed an issue where skills that deal damage over a period of time (DoT) was incorrectly applied with a +1 increase.

■ New Events

– Black Spirit’s Adventure

■ Ending Events

– Dark Knight Level Up Event

– The Perfect Vacation Getaway (Terrmian)

– Barbecue Mission Event

– Daily Missions for New and Returning Adventurers

– Log-in Event for New/Returning Adventurers

■ Sale Ending

– Gold Coin Level Up Package II

– Best Deals > Black Stone

– Ancient Gold Coin Package

■ Changes

– After the 4/21 update, a special discount will be applied to Restoration Scrolls until further announcements.

ㆍ Restoration Scroll (Pearl) will be marked down from 12 Pearls to 2 Pearls.

ㆍ Restoration Scroll (Black Pearl) will be marked down from 12 Black Pearls to 2 Black Pearls.

– You’ll have a chance to obtain the following pets from the Tier 1 Pet Chest purchased from the Pearl Shop > Best Deals > Packages.

ㆍ Snow Wolfdog

ㆍ Lost Penguin

ㆍ Junaid Cat

ㆍ Choppy

– The Chicken Soup Chest (Black Pearl) will be available through a different selling route.

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  1. Neil

    Just trying to locate the arena in Black Desert Mobile. You mention above that the Arena menu is not shown when you are in certain locations ..
    \”Changed to make Arena menu unavailable when you’re in a location where use of Arena content is restricted.\”

    Where is it allowed? I can\’t seem to find it

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