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Black Desert Mobile

Black Desert Mobile – 07.04.2020 Patch Notes | Special Boss Rush

– Added Special Boss Rush.

ㆍ The Special Boss Rush features a difficult version of the original Boss Rush.

ㆍ You can reap greater rewards when you defeat bosses from the Special Boss Rush.

ㆍ You’ll have a chance to obtain Special Boss Stamps when making exchanges with regular Boss Stamps.

ㆍ The Special Boss Rush Stamp is used to enter the Special Boss Rush.

ㆍThe difficulty level range on Special Boss Rushes are the same as the related regular Boss Rush.

■ Ranked Arena

The matching system will match you against other Adventurers based on your arena score in Ranked Arena and not CP.

ㆍIf it’s your first time, you’ll play through 10 placement matches which will determine your Arena Rank.

– Auto-combat is not available in Ranked Arena.

– You can earn victory points from each Ranked Arena match.

ㆍA 3x multiplier is applied to victory points during placement matches.

ㆍYou can earn twice the victory points in a bonus match after every 5 matches once your placement is determined.

ㆍYou’ll get extra points through win streak.

– The Ranked Arena season will reset monthly.

ㆍPlacement matches to determine Arena Rank will be held after the reset.

– Adjusted arena rewards and damage balance with the addition of Ranked Arena.

ㆍSelect Normal Arena to enjoy the previous arena content.

ㆍThe rewards obtained from the previous arena content will be sent to your mail, with adjustments made to rewards.

■ Reorganization of CP Ranks

– Added new rank to character and family CP and readjusted the percentage listings.

– Personal CP rank calculation is now based on a single character with the highest CP in the family instead of all characters in the family.

ㆍNew Rank: Knight (Top 1%)

ㆍMercenary (Before: Top 1% -> After: Top 3%)

ㆍWarrior (Before: Top 3%-> After: Top 5%)

ㆍNew Rank: Elite (Top 10%)

ㆍNew Rank: Soldier (Top 20%)

■ PVP Content Great Rewards Event

– You’ll get 3 times more Guild Bonuses when you win Node War and Siege War during the event period.

– You’ll get better rewards from Arena and Ramoness during the event period.

– The Field of Valor Event has ended.

ㆍ Tokens of Valor will be deleted when the event ends.

■ Improved Shakatu Shopping Speed

– Increased the speed at which you can purchase items with Ancient Gold Coins from Shakatu’s Shop.

■ Boss Rush Auto-Repeat Feature

– Added the Auto-Repeat feature in Boss Rush.

■ Improved the Arena Content Tab

– Placed all Arena-related content together for clarity.

– Improved the Ramoness Daily Rewards information window to allow Adventurers to view first and final rewards.


– You’ll automatically receive the Terrmian event quest [Let’s Go Together] if your Black Spirit is lv 30 or above.

ㆍIf your Black Spirit reaches lv 30 after the maitenance, you’ll automatically accept the quest the next day.

[Arena Ranking]

– Arena Ranking may not appear until the rankings are calculated due to the addition of the Ranked Arena in this week’s update.

As a result, [Send Praise] feature cannot be used for Arena Rank.

[Information on Next Week’s Update]

– From next week, Adventurers can use Mystical gear to craft up to 3-slot Mystical Gear.


– Boss Knowledge level reward has been increased to level 50

– Improved matching feature on normal arena to allow more Adventuers to match up.


– Selected ranks will now appear above the character when playing in Arena or Ramoness.

– Adventurers with the ‘World Famous’ title will now see advice for CP growth from the death window.

ㆍThis will not appear for certain Adventurers.

– Improved the Auto-Exchange feature in Shakatu Exchange at Shakatu’s Shop.

ㆍ Tap the locked item to unlock it.

ㆍ ‘Auto-Exchange’ and ‘Exchange’ button functions have been combined to a singular ‘Exchange’ button.

ㆍ The animation for Auto-Exchange has been simplified.

– The new ‘Arena’ menu now includes the previous arena content.

ㆍ The new ‘Arena’ menu includes the previous arena, Ramoness, and the newly added Ranked Arena.

– Changed the Camp Production List so that building levels are displayed first.

– Fixed to allow designated exchange to go through even if the exchange count exceeded 1,000.

– Fixed an issue where the [Back] button didn’t respond when crafting gear from the Blacksmith.

– Fixed an issue where you could not craft gear even though materials were available.

– When you tap Auto-Select on Tower of Trials, a message will now appear if there’s not enough members due to a character who can level up.


– Fixed an issue where the item popup didn’t display when tapping a locked item from My Info at Shakatu Exchange.

– Fixed an issue where some friends appeared offline on the friend list upon login.

– Fixed an issue where the Pet List sometimes did not refresh after a pet exchange.

– Fixed an issue where some of the character detail text would cut off in the Adventure Log.

– Fixed an issue where Gathering would properly cancel, but the gathering motion continued when you called your horse while Auto-Gathering.

– Fixed an issue where the ‘network unstable’ pop-up displayed upon Dark Energy consumption when inventory is full.

– Fixed an issue where the helmet and armor category was incorrectly categorized in the Camp Production List.

– Fixed an issue where the Auto-Gathering button disappeared upon failing to capture a horse.


– Fixed an issue where the Auto-Play feature occasionally didn’t activate properly for Boss Rush: Executioner.

– Fixed an issue where position adjustment after getting stuck while Auto-Pathing was implemented incorrectly.

– Fixed an issue where sometimes the damage numbers didn’t display.

[All Classes]

– Improved the character motions to appear more natural on the Blood Kin screen.


– Fixed an issue where damage from the last hit of Fearsome Tyrant: Aal did not apply.


– Fixed an issue where some enhanced effects from the Dark Pulse skill did not apply.

– Changed the skill damage description for Wrath of Chaos.

Wrath of Chaos (PvE) Before After
Lv 1 Damage per hit 700%, maximum of 2 hit Hit Damage 700% x2
Lv 10 Damage per hit 910%, maximum of 2 hit Hit Damage 910% x2
Wrath of Chaos (PvP) Before After
Lv 1 Damage per hit 630%, maximum of 2 hit Hit Damage 630% x2
Lv 10 Damage per hit 819%, maximum of 2 hit Hit Damage 819% x2


– Fixed an issue where sometimes the Sharp Light skill damage did not apply.

■ New Events

– The Perfect Vacation Getaway

– Barbecue Mission Event

■ Ending Events

– Super Wheel of Fortune

– Ahonia Kirus’ Special Missions

– Elle Belucci’s Exchange Shop

– Login Reward Event (Token of Valor)

– Dark Knight Art Puzzle Event

■ Sale Ending

– Ancient Gold Coin Package

– Relic Development Package

■ Sales Ending Next Week

– Silver Level Up Package

– Black Stone Level Up Package

– Gold Coin Level Up Package

– Boss Stamp Package

– Ancient Tablet Package

– Epic Accessory Chest I

– Epic Accessory Chest II

– Epic Accessory Chest III

– Epic Defense Gear Chest

– Major Restoration Support Pack

■ Changes

– The price of [X-Large HP Potion x100] from the Mileage Shop was adjusted from 1,000 Mileage to 800 Mileage.

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