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Black Desert Mobile

Black Desert Mobile – 03.03.2020 Patch Notes | New Region North Mediah

The new region North Mediah has been added.
– There are new quests, missions, and bosses in North Mediah.
– The ‘Prelude to War’ section has been added to the Collection.
– The Abyssal-grade item Shultz Armor and Shultz Helmet can be obtained in certain areas of North Mediah.

Region Recommended CP Obtainable Items
Rumbling Lands,
Ruins Excavation Site
3400 [Mystical] Main Weapon
Helms Post,
Helm Highlands,
Helm Cave
3650 [Mystical] Helmet
Canyon of Corruption,
Elric Canyon,
Elric Shrine
3800 [Mystical] Shoes
Sarma Outpost,
Sausan Outpost,
Sausan Garrison
4200 [Mystical] Sub-Weapon
Shultz Shore Camp,
Shultz Defense Outpost
4800 [Mystical] Armor
[Abyssal] Shultz Armor
Shultz Coastal Fort 5400 [Mystical] Armor
[Abyssal] Shultz Armor
[Abyssal] Shultz Helmet


The maximum Enhancement level for gear (weapons, armor) has been increased from Lv 35 to Lv 40.

The Camp Manager System has been added.
– The Camp Manager will manage the Camp on their own while you are away.
– If you have a Camp Manager, you can receive the items they collected while you were away when you enter your Camp.

– The Camp Manager will collect Camp Funds and manage the Ranch, Gardens, Refinery, and Stable.
– Tap the Camp Manager button to view the Camp Manager’s storage.
– If you have a Camp Manager, you can access and store items in the Camp’s Storage without entering your Camp by going to ‘My Information’ > ‘Camp Storage’.
– You can assign the Camp Manager to gardening duties from the Camp Manager menu.
– If you add seeds to the Camp Storage, the Camp Manager will plant them if there are any empty plots in the Gardens.

– You can purchase Camp Managers from Pearl Shop > Support.
– You must have a Tier 2 Town Hall in order to employ a Camp Manager.

The Hardcore Difficulty Mode has been added to Guild Rush.

ㆍChanged the surrounding visuals of some towns to fit the cherry blossom season.
ㆍAdded cherry blossom petal effects and decorations to the Camp that fit the Spring season.

You can now feed your horses in the Stable to increase their levels.

■ How to Obtain Feed
Obtain Feed by hunting in an area with your max-leveled horse where your horse can gain EXP (Field, Ancient Ruins, Boss Rush).

■ Please Note
– There is a limit placed on how much feed you can store. You can store more feed by upgrading your Stable.
– You can select the horse you want to feed in your Stable from the Camp and increase its level.

– The Black Market Vendor’s Precious Gear Chests (Main Weapon/Sub-weapon/Armor/Helmet/Glove/Shoes) can now be purchased.
– Mystical Crystal Sacks (Spiritbound) can now be purchased.

– Added a button in the Guild Mission reward window which allows you to move to the Quest Tab.
– Fixed an issue where the notification at the top of the UI and the button to leave the Camp disappeared when you pressed the right-most menu button.
– Added an alert that shows up when a Guild Check-In is available.
– Added a button next to the minimap that allows you to move directly to the Blood Kin screen.
– Added a function that takes you directly to the Blood Kin screen when tapping on the “Request Blood Bond” notification.
– Fixed an issue where the View option from the Pearl Shop was made available even when it wasn’t checked.

– Changed the resulting message when you amplify an Alchemy Stone from “Alchemy Stone successfully crafted” to “Alchemy Stone has been amplified”.
– Fixed an issue where the HP Potion slot next to the Black Spirit icon was not properly displaying.

[Node War, Siege War]
– Adjusted the HP and Attack damage of Elephants, Ogres, Cannons, Gates, and Guard Towers used in Node War and Siege War.
※ Due to balance changes, rewards from Node War and Siege War that took place in the 4th week of February has been sent out.
Rewards will be based on bidding amounts and number of nodes in possession. Check rewards through Guild Funds or your in-game mailbox.

[Boss Rush]
You can now skip the cutscene for Boss Rush: Uraka.

– Fixed an issue where the “Sell Junk” function would activate when you close the Bargain window from Patrigio even after selling expired items.
– Fixed an issue where Pets would display behind the UI when it was purchased from the Mileage section in the Pearl Shop.
– Fixed an issue where Pets would shift to the right side of the screen on certain devices when adjusting UI size or exchanging them.
– Fixed an issue where the purchase limit would not reset after making a purchase through the “Need More?” menu.
– Fixed an issue where only a portion of CP Rank and Family CP Rank would display when adjusting UI size with a specific value that was not 75/100.
– Fixed an issue where the UI location would not display properly after you adjust the UI size to 75 and equip a Lightstone.
– Fixed an issue where the animation for receiving a reward repeatedly appeared when claiming rewards from certain events.
– Fixed an issue where the craft window did not appear after you craft a Black Stone from the Camp.
– Fixed an issue where certain areas/region names and loot information of the area would not properly display in the World Map.

– Fixed an issue where some recovery skills for Ascension classes included the following description: “Not applied in Path of Glory”.

[Boss Rush]
– Fixed an issue where users would get stuck in certain areas when auto-playing Boss Rush: Executioner.

– Fixed an issue where the list of Rare Finds at Behr did not display correctly when viewing from World Gathering > Herb Grass > Rare Finds.

■ All Classes
・Increased the activation rate of the Ahib Skill Branch and increased the damage dealt upon activation.

・Adjusted so that damage will no longer be reduced when moving away from the target.

■ Archmage
Fixed an issue where the skill effect for the skill [Meteor Shower] didn’t properly display the target area.

・Increased the PvP damage of the skill.

Firestorm (PvP) Before After
Lv 1 168% per hit 192% per hit
Lv 10 218.4% per hit 249.6% per hit


[Arcane Bolts]
・Increased the damage of the skill.

Arcane Bolts (PvE) Before After
Lv 1 140% per hit 185% per hit
Lv 10 182% per hit 240.5% per hit
Arcane Bolts (PvP) Before After
Lv 1 98% per hit 129.5% per hit
Lv 10 127.4% per hit 168.35% per hit


・Increased the damage of the skill.

Tornado (PvE) Before After
Lv 1 242% per hit 292% per hit
Lv 10 290.4% per hit 379.6% per hit
Tornado (PvP) Before After
Lv 1 154% per hit 204.4% per hit
Lv 10 184.8% per hit 265.72% per hit


・Increased the damage of the skill.

Fireball (PvE) Before After
Lv 1 325% per hit 425% per hit
Lv 10 422.5% per hit 552.5% per hit
Fireball (PvP) Before After
Lv 1 227.5% per hit 297.5% per hit
Lv 10 295.75% per hit 386.75% per hit


[Frost Pillars]
・Increased the damage of the skill.

Frost Pillars (PvE) Before After
Lv 1 625% x2 685% x2
Lv 10 812.5% x2 890.5% x2
Frost Pillars (PvP) Before After
Lv 1 456.25% x2 500.05% x2
Lv 10 593.12% x2 650.06% x2


[Frigid Fog]
・Increased the damage of the skill.

Frigid Fog (PvE) Before After
Lv 1 620% x2 640% x2
Lv 10 806% x2 832% x2
Frigid Fog (PvP) Before After
Lv 1 527% x2 544% x2
Lv 10 685.1% x2 707.2% x2


[Arcane Burst]
・Increased the damage of the skill.

Arcane Burst (PvE) Before After
Lv 1 576% x2 605% x2
Lv 10 748.8% x2 786.5% x2


■ Titan
・[Falling Rock] now activates more naturally while evading forward or running.
・Altered collision movement when colliding with a target while running.

[Lava Piercer]
・Changed the skill mechanics to allow you to run while holding the movement button after the skill ends.

[Beastly Wind Slash]

・Fixed an issue where the damage from Enhanced: Extra Hits didn’t match the skill description.

・Improved the hit effects and reduced the duration of the effect upon a successful hit.
・Increased the rate at which you can follow up with another skill after the last hit.

[Fearsome Tyrant]
・Reduced the cooldown from 9 seconds to 8 seconds.
・Increased range of the skill.
・Improved the hit effect and reduced the duration of the effect upon a successful hit.
・Increased the PvP damage of the skill.

Fearsome Tyrant (PvP) Before After
Lv 1 304.8% per hit 342.9% per hit
Lv 10 396.24% per hit 445.77% per hit


[Falling Rock]
・Increased the level cap to level 5 for skill Enhanced: Increase DP.
・Increased how quickly you can use Evasion after using the skill.
・Increased the PvP damage of the skill.

Falling Rock (PvP) Before After
Lv 1 168% per hit 192% per hit
Lv 10 218.4% per hit 249.6% per hit


・Increased the PvP damage of the skill.

Earthshatter (PvP) Before After
Lv 1 267.4% x2 305.6% x2
Lv 10 347.62% x2 397.28% x2


[Raging Thunder]
・Improved hit effect of the skill.
・Increased the PvE and PvP damage of the skill.

Raging Thunder (PvE) Before After
Lv 1 362% per hit 375% per hit
Lv 10 470.6% per hit 487.5% per hit
Raging Thunder (PvP) Before After
Lv 1 289.6% per hit 300% per hit
Lv 10 376.48% per hit 390% per hit

■ Paladin
[Celestial Spear]
・Increased the PvE damage of the skill.

Celestial Spear (PvE) Before After
Lv 1 800% 1100%
Lv 10 1050% 1430%
Celestial Spear (PvP) Before After
Lv 1 640% 990%
Lv 10 840% 1287%


[Radiant Charge]
・Increased the PvP damage of the skill.

Radiant Charge (PvP) Before After
Lv 1 288% per hit 393.36% per hit
Lv 10 342% per hit 443.52% per hit


[Shield Chase]
・Reduced the cooldown from 7 seconds to 6 seconds.
・Increased the PvP damage of the skill.

Shield Chase (PvP) Before After
Lv 1 102% per hit 196% per hit
Lv 10 132% per hit 238% per hit


・Reduced the cooldown from 14 seconds to 12 seconds.

[Judgment of Light]
・Reduced the cooldown from 8 seconds to 7 seconds.

[Divine Wrath]
・Changed the skill effect Enhanced: Burn to Enhanced: Bleed.

■ New Events
– [Event] Ganin Arth’s Special Daily Log-in Event
– [Event] Cherry Blossom Festival
– [Event] The Forgotten Labyrinth of the Ancients
– [Event] Creator Support Event

■ Ending Events
– Share the Love!
– Sweet Candy Bingo Event
– Trial by Fire Event
– Ascension Missions Event

– 150% Login Rewards Event

■ New Items
– Limited Gold Coin Chest
– Limited Boss & Tablet Chest
– Daily Tablet Chest
– Daily Boss Stamp Chest
– Major Boss Rush & Tablets Chest
– Shakatu Exchange Certificate Chest
– Major Restoration Support Pack
– Camp Manager: Ethan/Irene/Raymond

■ Sale Ending
– Mileage Product (Monthly): Ancient Tablet x100
– Mileage Product (Monthly): Boss Stamp x100
– Mileage Product (Monthly): Ancient Gold Coin x100

■ Changes
– The Ascenion Weapon Outfit and Ascension Armor Outfit will now be available as part of the All-Inclusive Ascension Chest.

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