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Apex Legends – 1.08 Patch Notes | MYSTERY PATCH ?

UPDATE TWO: Respawn has now confirmed why they released today’s Apex Legends update 1.08 on PS4. According to a new post, this was to fix a problem with the exclusive PS Plus skin bundle currently available on the PlayStation Store.

“We are aware of the crashing reports on PS4 since downloading the update today,” The Apex dev message reads. “For some context, this patch was only meant to update the PS+ skin rewards in the PlayStation Store, no changes were made to the game and this was pushed on PlayStation 4 only.”

This would explain why only certain players on PS4 have been affected by today’s Apex Legends patch issues.

UPDATE ONE: Respawn Entertainment has not provided any further information on today’s Apex Legends update on PS4; however, they have confirmed that they are looking into the issue of games crashing on the platform.

“For those experiencing crashing on PS4, we’re aware and investigating the issue. We’ll provide updates as we work on a fix,” a message from the Apex Legends dev team explains.

It’s unclear when the game will be returning to normal and how long it will take for Respawn to roll out a fix. Further information on today’s Apex Legends outage can be found below.

ORIGINAL: A mystery patch has appeared on PS4 today, leading to issues following the Apex Legends update process finishing.

Fans are reporting problems with games crashing and not being able to complete matches. These problems appear to be connected with a new Apex Legends update released today on PS4.

What makes it strange is that it is labelled Apex Legends 1.08, which would make it an older build. Fans are wondering if this new patch has been released by mistake, following problems with loading Apex Legends and playing matches tonight.

“Yeah something is not right,” one user writes.

“The games I did make it into people were lagging all over the place. Also making my PS4 sound like a jet engine.

Another Apex Legends player adds: “Looks like there was an update! Any info other than the game is broken? What was it supposed to fix before it broke more stuff?”

So far there has been no information shared about the new Apex Legends update on PS4 or any other platform.


Apex Legends update notes will be expected if this is indeed a full patch, something that fans will be hoping for soon.

If this is a mistake, Respawn Entertainment will likely post news on what has happened in the near future.

Apex Legends has proven a big hit with Battle Royale gamers, having launched as a new free-to-play game earlier this year.

Fans are now waiting to find out when the next Apex Legends characters will be released and what new plans there are for the game’s Battle Pass.

It was recently revealed that Apex Legends will be released on mobile phones and in China, although no release dates have been confirmed.

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