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Paladins – 1.6 Patch Notes


  • NEW Champion: Dredge
  • NEW Event: Dark Tides
  • NEW Map: Marauder’s Port
  • NEW Cosmetics (31 of them!)
  • NEW Feature: Deal of the Day
  • Sound Mix Improvements
  • Console Aim Assist Refinements
  • Hi-Rez Expo Balance Adjustments
  • Skin Texture Improvements
  • The Little Box of Horrors Returns


Admiral Dredge ruled the eight oceans as as the Realm’s most feared pirate until one final treasure led to his doom. Dredge stole the Warders’ relics from the Paladins, but could not tame the dragons’ might. His ship was destroyed, his crew scattered, and Dredge sank to certain death in the the ocean’s depths. The Abyss intervened and bore Dredge back into the Realm of the living. Now the undead admiral sails the seas again. And none will take his treasure.


Role: Damage

Health: 2200


Every 0.7s fire an explosive projectile that deals 800 Damage.
Reloading fires a slow traveling projectile that deals 1000 Damage.
Fire three projectiles that each deal 950 Damage after a 2s fuse.
Hurl a piercing harpoon. Enemies hit by the harpoon take 800 Damage and are slowed by 50% for 2s.
Deploy up to two portals that you can travel between.
Create a rift, after 2s Abyssal tentacles rip through reality dealing 4000 Damage in an area.


[Default] Scuttle: [Weapon] Your reload projectile now explodes in an area of effect.

[Level 2] Abyss Spike: Harpoon now lodges into terrain and explodes for 1000 damage when enemies are nearby.

[Level 8] Hurl: Harpoon no longer has a cooldown or applies a slow.

[Level 12] Freebooter: Allies may pass through your Shortcut.



  • Weapon/Armor
    • Dreadnought
      • Increase your Maximum Health by {scale=50|50}
    • Sea Dogs
      • Increase all healing received by {scale=5|5}% when below 50% health
    • Gun Deck
      • Increase your Maximum Ammo by {scale=1|1}
    • Hangman’s Ire
      • Dropping below 50% HP grants a {scale=150|150}HP Shield for 3s

  • Broadside
    • Spy Glass
      • Enemies within {scale=10|10}ft of Broadside projectiles are revealed.
    • Reckless Barrage
      • Dealing damage with Broadside heals you for {scale=50|50} HP
    • Abyss Cannon
      • [Broadside] Dealing damage with Broadside grants you {scale=1|1} ammo
    • Heave Away
      • Broadside increases your reload speed by {scale=8|8}% for 5s


  • Harpoon
    • Hull Piercer
      • Harpoon Deals {scale=75|75}% Damage to Shields
    • Mortal Skewer
      • Heal for {scale=80|80} life when dealing damage with Harpoon
    • Blow the Man Down
      • [Harpoon] Increase the strength of Harpoon’s Slow by {scale=5|5}%
    • Cursed Weaponry
      • [Harpoon] Using Harpoon generates {scale=1|1} ammo


  • Shortcut
    • Plank Walker
      • Heal for {scale=100|100} HP when traveling through a Shortcut.
    • Expansive Vault
      • Your first jump within {scale=1|1}s of exiting Shortcut will be empowered
    • Haul on the Bowline
      • Gain {scale=8|8}% movement speed for 2s after exiting a Shortcut
    • Dark Bargain
      • Standing near a Shortcut Heals you for {scale= 50|50} health every 1s


Abyssal Horrors are invading the Realm! Expel these Abyssal Echoes from matches before they can escape, collecting the Dark Doubloons linking their spirits to our realm. The Merchants of the Dark Exchange may have interest in taking these Doubloons off your hands.

Note: The Dragon’s Call game mode and Dragon’s Call event cosmetics will no longer be available with the release of 1.6 and the Dark Tides event.

Abyssal Echos

During the Dark Tides Event every Siege, Team Deathmatch, and Onslaught game will have a 25% chance to spawn one of four Abyssal Echos during the match. These Abyssal Echos are Boss variations of the exclusive Dark Tides event skins, featuring unique movesets and voice lines.

  • Death Speaker Ying
  • Knightmare Fernando
  • Day Walker Vivian
  • Full Moon Viktor

Defeat the Halloween Horrors

Once an Abyssal Echo appears, players will have a short time to defeat the Echo before it tears open a portal and escapes to the Abyss. Destroying Death Speaker Ying, Knightmare Fernando, or Day Walker Vivian will award every contributing player 1 Dark Doubloon to spend at the Dark Tides event store, the Dark Exchange.

Careful! There have been sightings of a rare Abyssal Echo howling in the night. Defeat Full Moon Viktor and you’ll find yourself with a special Gold Doubloon. Gold Doubloons can be exchanged for Limited Special Variations of the Dark Tides skins – available only during this event.

Event Quests

All players will receive 4 Event Special Quests during the Dark Tides update.

  • Privateer
    • Objective: Collect 15 Dark Doubloons
    • Reward: Gold Chest
  • Buried Treasure
    • Objective: Collect 30 Dark Doubloons
    • Reward: Little Box of Horrors
  • Ghost Catcher
    • Objective: Kill all the Abyssal Echoes (Ying, Fernando, Vivian, Viktor)
    • Reward: Grinning Gourds, Static Spray
  • Salty Salty Dog
    • Objective: Play 150 games
    • Reward: The Salty, Limited Title

Dark Exchange

After collecting enough Dark Doubloons, visit the Dark Exchange event store to unlock spooky Halloween content! To access the Dark Exchange, players must own one of the event artifacts from the Death Speaker Ying, Knightmare Fernando, or Day Walker Vivian Bundles

  • 3D Spray
    • Jolly Roger
    • Price: 15 Dark Doubloons
  • Death Stamp
    • Blasphemous Idol
    • Price: 15 Dark Doubloons
  • Static Spray
    • Boo!
    • Price: 5 Dark Doubloons
  • Ruckus
    • Lil’ Andy, Rare Skin
    • Price: 5 Dark Doubloons
  • Androxus
    • Screech, Rare Skin
    • Price: 5 Dark Doubloons
  • Torvald
    • Grave-robber’s Spoils, Rare Skin
    • Price: 5 Dark Doubloons
  • Seris
    • Parasite, Rare Skin
    • Price: 5 Dark Doubloons
  • Jenos
    • Ghoulish Goalie, Rare Skin
    • Price: 5 Dark Doubloons
  • 1,000 Gold
    • Price: 1 Dark Doubloon
    • No purchase limit
  • 10,000 Gold
    • Price: 1 Gold Doubloon
    • No purchase limit

Note: Your first Dark Tides event Bundle will unlock a coupon for 20% off your second Dark Tides Bundle.

Death Speaker Ying Bundle

  • Death Speaker Bundle
    • Price: 500 Crystals
    • Death Speaker Skin
    • Limitless, Ying MVP Pose
    • Death Speaker, Avatar
    • Death Speaker’s Artifact
  • Death Speaker Ying Edition – Banshee
    • Can be purchased only after purchasing the Death Speaker Bundle
    • Price: 1000 Crystals or 1 Gold Doubloon
    • Limited Skin

Knightmare Fernando Bundle

  • Knightmare Bundle
    • Price: 500 Crystals
    • Knightmare Skin
    • Colossus, Fernando MVP Pose
    • Knightmare, Avatar
    • Knightmare’s Artifact
  • Knightmare Fernando Edition – Sanguine
    • Can be purchased only after purchasing the Knightmare Bundle
    • Price: 1000 Crystals or 1 Gold Doubloon
    • Limited Skin

Day Walker Vivian Bundle

  • Day Walker Bundle
    • Price: 500 Crystals
    • Day Walker Skin
    • Complacent, Vivian MVP Pose
    • Day Walker, Avatar
    • Day Walker’s Artifact
  • Day Walker Vivian Edition – Contessa
    • Can be purchased only after purchasing the Day Walker Bundle
    • Price: 1000 Crystals or 1 Gold Doubloon
    • Limited Skin

Full Moon Viktor Bundle

  • Owning all three Event Bundles will automatically unlock the Full Moon Viktor Bundle.
  • Full Moon Bundle
    • Full Moon Skin  (Unlimited)
    • Vault Key, to unlock an additional Epic Skin
    • Feral, Viktor MVP Pose
    • Dark Tides, Loading Frame  (Limited)
    • Harbinger, Avatar
    • Boo!-ty-licious, Limited Title

Developer Commentary – Unlimited Skins & Cosmetic Obtainability UpdatesUnlimited is the latest cosmetic classification in Paladins. Unlimited Skins and cosmetics are high-end event content that will become available for direct purchase after their event has ended for the full price of that event.

  • The direct purchase option for Unlimited Skins only becomes available after the event has ended.
  • The direct purchase option only includes the event reward skin, and not the content bundled with it during the event.
  • Full Moon Viktor will be the first Unlimited skin released for Paladins, available for 1500 Crystals starting in 1.8.
  • Unlimited Skins will always be available for direct purchase, and never rotate out.
  • Unlimited Skins will never be available at a discount or available in Chests or the Deal of the Day.

Unlimited Skins are our answer to a long time frustration with new players – the disappointment that there is no way to acquire certain event skins that were marked as Limited. We don’t anticipate that many players will choose to unlock Unlimited skins in this manner, but we wanted to give a path for collectors to be able to unlock these skins at a premium without hurting the exclusivity of these skins for players that actually participated in the events.Character Progression Obtainability

  • Items that become unlocked or available for purchasing through Character Progression
  • Examples: Mastery Emotes, Gold Skins, Champion Titles

Normal Obtainability

  • Cosmetics that are available for direct purchase immediately
  • Examples: Champion Recolors, Huntsman Androxus, Alley Cat Maeve

Exclusive Obtainability

  • Exclusive items are not available for direct purchase, but through other means – Events, Battle Passes, Chests, etc.
  • Exclusive content is rotated in and out, and not always available for purchase.
  • Examples: Archangel Tyra, Akuma Makoa, Cutting Shapes (Maeve Dance Emote), Trick or Treat Talus

Unlimited Obtainability

  • Unlimited Items are event-based items that become available for direct purchase after their event has ended, but for the full premium price of that event.
  • Examples: Full Moon Viktor

Limited Obtainability

  • Limited Edition are only available for a single time period. Once their special event or promotion has ended, they will never be available in-game again.
  • Example: Abyssal Lord Drogoz, Crimson Serpent Mount, Convention Skins


Fight for control on Paladins newest Onslaught map, Marauder’s Port.

In ancient times, this remote island was home to a dark sect: A cult that worshipped the Abyss. Its members vanished and most honest citizens fled, afraid to walk amongst the cursed ruins. The isle became a haven for crooks, scoundrels, and anyone escaping watchful eyes – including the pirate Dredge.



News Popup

  • We’ve added a news prompt upon login that will inform players of new Champions, community events, sales, and other important information.

New Splash Art

  • Androxus
    • Default
  • Buck
    • Default
  • Ying
    • Default

Sound Mix

Our sound mix has been updated to better convey the danger and various threat level of enemies around you. This is our first pass, and we will continue to adjust our mix as we gather more information and feedback.

  • Revamped our Threat System by adding multiple variations and volumes to our “damage taken” sound. This revamp better communicates the level of danger necessary for different situations by adjusting the volume of your in-game sounds to help you identify the biggest threats to your survival.
  • Reduced the volume of friendly sounds in varying magnitude to allow players to more accurately identify threats over teammates (footsteps, abilities, weapon fire, etc).
  • Added missing friendly ultimate lines
    • Willo
    • Strix
    • Moji
    • Cassie (various skins)

Deal of the Day

Deal of the Day is a new feature that bundles together Paladins content at a discount. The Deal of the Day is unique to each player and located in the store. Your personal Deal of the Day bundle will feature 3 unowned cosmetics containing anything from Legendary Skins to Mounts, Voice Packs, and more.

  • Going forward, Deal of the Day will not include new content from the past 6 months

Steam Linking

  • When launching Paladins from Steam, players will now be notified if their Steam and Hi-Rez accounts are not linked and be prompted to do so.
  • In 1.8, players with linked accounts who launch from Steam will bypass the Paladins Launcher and go straight into game.

Player Silhouettes

  • Enemy players will now have white silhouettes when out of your weapon’s max range.

Crosshair Updates

  • Drop Crosshair Style renamed to “Circle”
  • New Crosshair Style “Drop” added to options


With 1.6 we will be introducing an improved version of our console controls and settings. We received great feedback on our earlier versions that has shaped this latest implementation. This includes a new aim assist system, improvements to aiming and turning, and bringing our controller settings more in line with the modern console FPS experience.

Aim Assist

  • Tracking enemies and landing shots will feel better and more consistent due to the new type of aim assistance that helps players smoothly acquire and track targets without feeling too strong and restrictive.
  • Steps have been taken to improve common issues with aim assist such as being “jerked” in an abrupt manner when nearby targets pass by your camera.
  • Aim assist has been improved when fighting groups of targets.

Improved Default Settings

  • We have improved the functionality of our controller options and consolidated them into a settings suite akin to modern shooters.
  • With this Update your settings will be reset to the new defaults. We recommend playing with these new defaults and getting a feel for them before adjusting your settings.
  • Scope Sensitivity
    • Default set to -1
  • X Axis Sensitivity
    • Converted to 1- 10 scale
    • Default set to 3
  • Y Axis Sensitivity
    Converted to 1- 10 scale
    Default set to 3
  • Turn Acceleration Strength
    • Default set to 3
    • A turn acceleration value of 10 means that there is no acceleration and that you are immediately at max speed
  • Aim Assist Friction Strength
    • Option removed
    • Friction is no longer used, the new aim assist system serves the same purpose as friction without the unpleasant side effects.
  • Aim Assist Magnet Strength
    • Option removed
    • Magnetism is now used minimally making the option redundant.
  • Another vital part of console controls is Turn Acceleration Mode. Each mode represents a  different way of playing Paladins with a controller; each style has its own positive and negative qualities. The core human-controller relationship that these modes represent is how your character turns based on your movement of the controller sticks. Below are descriptions of how these function.
      • Dynamic (Default)
        • Dynamic uses a non-linear turn speed ramp from stick tilt, allowing much finer movement around the inside of the stick, but ramping up faster toward the edges (ex. 17% max turn speed at 50% tilt, and 50% max turn speed at 80% tilt). Acceleration also changes as turn speed changes. For a few fractions of a second, it’s slower acceleration, to help people that aim by “flicking” the stick. It then accelerates massively to avoid feeling sluggish and allow turning quickly. It then slows the acceleration, allowing longer turns to remain accurate, while allowing further turn speed increase for quicker 180s. This is the recommended style.
      • Classic
        • Classic uses a linear speed ramp, matching percent of max turn speed with stick tilt at a 1 to 1 ratio (50% stick tilt is 50% of max turn speed). Turn Speed approaches this target value at a constant rate (constant acceleration).
      • Precision
        • Precision uses a linear speed ramp up to max stick tilt with no acceleration. However, at max stick tilt, the turn speed accelerates faster, based on the Turn Acceleration Strength setting.

Removed Aim Assist during the Following Abilities

  • These changes improve abilities that were often negatively affected by aim assist.
  • Ash: Shoulder Bash
  • Barik: Rocket Boots
  • Bomb King: King Bomb, Grumpy Bomb
  • Drogoz: Thrust, Dragon Punch
  • Evie: Ice Block
  • Grohk: Tempest
  • Grover: Whirlwind
  • Jenos: Stellar Wind
  • Khan: Commanders Grab, Overpower
  • Koga: Shadow Step, Skewer, Cyclone Strike
  • Lex: The Law
  • Lian: Grace
  • Makoa: Shell Spin, Shell Shield
  • Mal’Damba: Slither
  • Moji: Magic Barrier, Scamper
  • Seris: Shadow Travel
  • Terminus: Shatterfall, Reanimate
  • Torvald: Recharge
  • Willo: Flutter
  • Zhin: Billow, Whirl, Counter, Spite



  • Trick or Treat
    • Obtainable in Little Box of Horror


  • Buccaneer (Recolor)
    • Price: 200 Crystals or 60,000 Gold

  • Golden Dredge (Mastery)
    • Unlocked by reaching Mastery Level 50

Little Box of Horrors

The Little Box of Horrors has returned, featuring our latest candy-hunting Trick or Treat Talus skin and brand new Legendary Roaming Emotes! The Little Box of Horrors costs 150 crystals and contains:

  • Epic Skins
    • New! Trick or Treat Talus
    • Bewitching Evie
    • Nightbane Cassie
    • Pumpking Bomb King
    • Wickerman Mal’Damba
  • Epic Mount
    • Knightmare
  • Epic Weapon
    • Boo Blaster, Pip Weapon (turns your chickens into Ghosts!)
  • Legendary Emotes
    • New! Treat, Furia – Share some treats with the mortals you walk among!
    • New! Stealth Mode, Koga – Shhh, don’t get caught!
    • New! Termenstein, Terminus – Crrrrryyyyyssssttttaaallllsss
    • Spooky, Seris – Boo!
  • Death Stamp
    • Tombstone
  • Rare Skin
    • Raven Strix
  • Uncommon Skin
    • Blightbark Grover
  • Voice Packs
    • Bomb King
    • Cassie
    • Evie
    • Mal’Damba
    • Strix
    • Talus


These 4 Halloween Sprays will be obtainable through special Halloween-themed community events. Follow our social media @PaladinsGame and stay tuned for more details!

Cosplay Event Avatar

The Cosplay Avatar will be given to Paladins cosplayers at events throughout the year, starting with Hi-Rez Expo!

DZ-03 Draco

  • Has received a shiny new metallic coat of paint!

New Exclusive Deal of the Day Titles

  • Hard Carry
  • Loose Cannon
  • The Hot Potato
  • The Impatient
  • The Best
  • Cries over Spilt Milk
  • Devil’s Advocate
  • Professional Snuggler
  • The Nefarious
  • The Wicked
  • The Absolute Madman
  • The Corrupt
  • Can’t be Stopped
  • Gun Wizard
  • Dream Killer
  • The Fabulous
  • Bloodseeker
  • Busy Bee
  • The Die-hard

Now Directly Purchasable

  • Hemlock – Epic Willo Skin
    • 400 Crystals
  • Tinder – Rare Cassie Skin
    • 250 Crystals
  • Timber – Rare Cassie Skin
    • 250 Crystals
  • Slate – Common Viktor Weapon
    • 100 Crystals or 9,500 Gold
  • Carnage Assault Rifle – Common Viktor Weapon
    • 100 Crystals or 9,500 Gold
  • Twilight – Common Androxus Weapon
    • 100 Crystals or 9,500 Gold
  • Magma – Common Androxus Weapon
    • 100 Crystals or 9,500 Gold
  • Hard Candy – Common Bomb King Weapon
    • 100 Crystals or 9,500 Gold


Fish Market

  • Fixed a collision issue where players could shoot through stacked boxes near the point.
  • Lighting and material overhaul to increase visibility and performance.
  • The markets have been restocked with the freshest catch this side of the Realm


Developer Commentary: With Hi-Rez Expo just around the corner, 1.6 and 1.7 balance will be minimized to allow our competitive players the most practice time possible with the current game state.Click here for more information on the Paladins World Championship at Dreamhack Atlanta.


  • Talents
    • Defiant Fist
      • Increased damage per stack 10% ➡️ 15%


  • Kinetic Burst
    • Damage increased from 300 ➡️ 450


  • Pyre Blade
    • Reduced damage done at extended ranges
  • Abilities
    • Kindle Soul
      • Increased Cooldown 4s ➡️ 5s
Developer Commentary: We are still happy with Furia’s level of lethality at close ranges, but that lethality extends to longer range engagements too easily. We’ve increased Furia’s damage falloff to reduce her effectiveness at poking players out from afar.


  • Hellkite Claws
    • Increased Range by 15%
    • Increased Projectile Speed by 15%
  • Talents
    • Master of Arms
      • Reduced chance of hits to cost no ammo 100% ➡️ 50%
Developer Commentary: Master of Arms was over performing in comparison to Koga’s other talents, allowing skilled players to significantly reduce their downtime and risk when fighting multiple opponents in a row. Dragon Stance is meant to be Koga’s moment of power, trading off his primary resource for powerful new weapons. Unfortunately the resource drain outweighed the value of Hellkite Claws in most situations – so we’ve made Hellkite Claws easier to confirm, giving more opportunities for Koga to be effective with Dragon Stance.


  • Magnums
    • Reduced Accuracy loss per shot


  • Gourd
    • Increased Gourds Health per second 280 ➡️ 300


  • Veracharger
    • Increased the range before damage falloff begins.
  • Abilities
    • True Power
      • Decreased Ultimate knockback strength by 44%

Developer Commentary: Talus’ True Power was actively conflicting with the rest of his kit. The knockback was so powerful, enemies were pushed out of Talus’ effective range, taking reduced damage from his weapon and not allowing a strong follow-up. These adjustments fix two things:

  • Veracharger is now doing full damage to players knocked back by True Power
  • Enemies knocked back by True Power are now in range of Blitz Upper



  • Androxus
    • Issues with Defiance’s hitbox at close range.
    • Steam Demon no longer players hover audio at start of match.
  • Drogoz
    • Increased Fire Spit initial fire and explosion to enemies.
  • Fernando
    • Fixed animation bug with weapon fire.
  • Furia
    • Wings of Wrath orb damage is now properly reduced by Haven.
  • Khan
    • Ameri-Khan’s Weapon now properly leaves bullet decals
  • Makoa
    • Fixed an animation issue with Makoa’s Shell Spin when using Davy Jones’ Locker.
  • Mal’Damba
    • Dread Serpent now properly fears through shields and deployables
  • Pip
    • Sturdy now properly reduces knockback with Combat Medic equipped.
  • Sha Lin
    • Removed an incorrect sound clip attached to Sha Lins jump and landing noises.
  • Terminus
    • Damage Dealt UI now shows the correct name for Reanimate.
    • Crush no longer displays a slow debuff to enemies hit by Shaterfall.
    • Can now properly see enemy silhouettes when they are revealed.


  • 14-day Daily Login cycle and 24-hour Daily Login cycle corrected to have the same end time – 9:00AM UTC. This will go into effect starting with September 26th’s cycle.
  • Players will no longer mount in TDM.
  • Fixed a case where Burst Fire weapons could get into a state where it would lock firing.
  • Reload is now blocked while silenced.
  • Fixed a case where lobbed projectiles could occasionally desync on other clients vs the server, resulting in differing visual explosion locations.
  • Fixed an issue where players would dismount on round start if they mounted early in spawn.

Under Investigation

  • Grohk – Ultimate has increased Movement Speed

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