RDR 2 – Triple Rewards For A Land Of Opportunities

RDR 2 – Triple Rewards For A Land Of Opportunities

Saddle up and get ready to serve justice at muzzle velocity with Jessica LeClerk in Red Dead Online this week. Story missions are dealing out a lot of XP alongside some other activities, while your character can get a makeover without having to worry about the bills due to the on-going discounts.

Embark on the A Land Of Opportunities chain of story missions following Jessica LeClerk and her sidekick, Horley’s quest for revenge against the criminals who murdered her husband in cold blood. By assisting Ms. LeClerk, you will earn not double, but triple the usual XP for these story missions through the 13th of July.

Additionally, all Free Roam Missions and Free Roam Events are also rewarding players with triple XP all week, in case you tire of the A Land Of Opportunities missions, or have played through them in the past and don’t feel like revisiting them. Unfortunately, there aren’t any bonuses this week which boost RDO$ or Gold rewards, but hopefully things will be different next week!

That being said, there are several discounts and even some free services on offer out in the frontier. All Barber Shop services, including hairstyling, shaving, as well as makeup and dentistry services are free all week if you are keen on giving your character a new look, or just regaining your civilized demeanor after a long stint in the wilderness.

On top of that, all Ability Cards as well as the Fast Travel service are half price this week, with the latter being a boon for those of you pursuing those Free Roam Events, Free Roam Missions and story mission bonuses. And if getting a new hairstyle or makeup look isn’t quite enough of a makeover, you can reinvigorate your in-game wardrobe with a 40% discount on all hats, shirts, coats and boots.

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