HOTS – HEROIC DEALS | 24.07.2018 – 30.07.2018

HOTS – HEROIC DEALS | 24.07.2018 – 30.07.2018

Our latest round of Heroic Deals offers 50% off select Heroes, and brings a fresh set of skins and mounts into the featured item rotation. Check out the Hero sales and featured items listed below, and then head in-game to add them to your collection before this offer expires on July 30.



Artanis625 312 Gems
Hanzo750 375 Gems


The skins and mounts that we’ve added to the featured item rotation are available for gem purchase for a limited time. Don’t worry if you miss out, you’ll still be able to forge these items using shards after they leave the featured rotation.

Farstrider Hanzo Skin Pack*Stealth Mecha DehakaBrown Dire Wolf
Scarlet Dream Genie ChromieCitrine Knight Owl MedivhAmber Spectre Phantom
Death Knight SonyaDrakkari War Bear
* First time featured item!

Gold Mount Changes

  • Ripper Mount — Has been added to the Collection and can be purchased for 10,000 gold until August 20.
  • Piggy Bank — Is no longer purchasable in the Collection.


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