H1Z1 – Season 2 Rewards and More

H1Z1 – Season 2 Rewards and More

The July 26 update for H1Z1 on PC marks the start of Season 2! Check out our recap of Season 1, see what’s new for Season 2, and learn what new rewards you can earn below.


Season 1 ranking was focused heavily on consistency, which ultimately led to some players achieving their “perfect top 10” and not playing any additional matches for fear of ruining their placement. It was more punishing for players just trying to have fun or improve from game to game, as it counted even “bad games” as part of consistency scoring, which could lead to de-ranking. With Season 2, we want to re-emphasize the importance of kills over consistency or even placement, so that you can climb towards to Royalty without worrying about de-ranking.


Season 2’s scoring formula places the emphasis back on kills, and greatly reduces any average placement modifiers. Here’s what to expect from the scoring formula for Season 2:

  • Placement: Normalized the modifier to be flat (similar to Preseason scoring models), so no more fear of a bad game de-ranking you.
  • Scoring: Increased kills as the dominant factor of rank achievement.
  • Consistency: Removed the impact of consistency being applied to the scoring equation.

In addition, we’ve returned the tier thresholds to their Preseason 7 values:

TierSolo Score ThresholdDuos Score ThresholdFives Score Threshold


Livewire MK4 AR-15

Livewire MK4 AR-15 (Royalty Reward)

Season 2 brings a new wave of rewards, including the Livewire AR-15! With 4 different variations available as you advance through the tiers, here’s what you can earn from each tier at the end of Season 2:

BronzeLivewire MK1 AR-15
SilverLivewire MK1 AR-15
GoldLivewire MK1 AR-15 + Livewire MK2 AR-15
PlatinumLivewire MK1 AR-15 + Livewire MK2 AR-15
DiamondLivewire MK1 AR-15 + Livewire MK2 AR-15 + Livewire MK3 AR-15
MasterLivewire MK1 AR-15 + Livewire MK2 AR-15 + Livewire MK3 AR-15
RoyaltyLivewire MK1 AR-15 + Livewire MK2 AR-15 + Livewire MK3 AR-15 + Livewire MK4 AR-15


Source: https://www.h1z1.com/news/season-2-guide-july-2018

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