Fortnite – Competitive Prize & Payment Changes

Fortnite – Competitive Prize & Payment Changes


As of late, we encountered delays in Competitive prize installments because of two separate issues. The principal issue was identified with our DreamHack Anaheim occasion. Here, we experienced deferrals because of extra California state charge retaining that necessary manual handling of prizes outside of the Hyperwallet framework. All prizes for DreamHack Anaheim have been sent straightforwardly to player financial balances. These prizes ought to be saved in the particular victors’ records in the following not many days. We apologize for the postponement.

The subsequent issue was identified with excessive charge of prizes for certain champs of online cups because of an administrative blunder and required manual amendment. Since we have sifted through the excessive charge issues, we are in the groove again to process prizes in an all the more ideal way.


All payments have recently transitioned to a new system using Tax Identity and HyperWallet to handle validating Creators’ identities and managing payouts. This onboarding process was not without its obstacles, bugs and delays, and we apologize to all Creators for the frustration and confusion caused during this rollout.  While a significant number of these issues have since been settled, underneath are probably the most well-known answers for clients not accepting installments:

  • Minors are required to have parental consent and information to use the payment platform.
  • Please ensure your correct payment method is selected prior to processing payments.
  • Setting up a new personal or business entity in the HyperWallet platform requires a new email address. One email account cannot be used for multiple personal or business entities.

If you are still encountering problems unrelated to the issues outlined above, please be sure and watch our Hyperwallet Account Activation tutorial or reach out to Support-A-Creator Player Support for assistance. We are working to add more Player Support agents to help solve these issues.


We are aware of a number of Creators making content designed to scam and defraud players, and we’re taking actions to both remove these Creators from the ecosystem and prevent similar scams in the future.

Ordinarily, these people make web based life material that guarantees bogus exceptional advantages to players as a byproduct of utilizing a particular Support-A-Creator code. Another regular trick includes Creative islands that guarantee awards to players like free V-Bucks gift vouchers. The players that utilization these codes never get the exceptional advantages they were guaranteed by the Creator.
Creators cannot provide Outfit or free V-Bucks rewards for using a Creator code. Making content aimed to scam and defraud players is a violation of Creators’ agreement with Epic Games. Penalties for these violations include removal from the Support-A-Creator program and cancellation of any pending or potential payments.

We take violations of the Terms of Service and Code of Conduct seriously, and are looking at additional measures to prevent bad actors from abusing the program, up to and including potential legal action.

To prevent future fraud, we are putting measures in place to protect players from content aimed to scam and defraud them including:

  • Creator code changes are no longer available for the foreseeable future.
  • A future version of Support-A-Creator will require all new and existing Creators to update and maintain their profiles with legitimate social media accounts.

We want to keep the Creator ecosystem fair and safe for both Creators and players. Fraud in the program diverts Support-A-Creator revenue away from honest Creators who make awesome, high-quality content and support Fortnite, the Epic Games Store and players.

To report scam content, please submit a Player Support ticket and add the hashtag #reportacreator. A screenshot of the Creator code and link to the content is required for us to investigate. A video is even better.

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