Black Desert Online – MOBILE WEB UPDATED !

Black Desert Online – MOBILE WEB UPDATED !

Accessing the Central Market

1. From your mobile device, login to your account from our mobile webpage. (

  • Please keep in mind you must have logged into your account before accessing your Central Market.
  • You can also login through Facebook and Steam (if you are a Steam player).
  • Of course, when you are on your PC, you can continue to use the in-game Central Market with your PC by accessing your game directly.

2. Press on the sidebar menu on the top left corner, select “Central Market” at the bottom of the listed categories.

3. Select your region (EU or NA), and you will be in the Central Market!

Using the Central Market

The Central Market Mobile Web will allow you to buy and sell on the Central Market using the items and Silver already in your Warehouse. (You cannot move items/Silver between your Inventory/Storage and Warehouse using Central Market Mobile Web.)

Below are some of the main functions in the Central Market Mobile Web.

Volatile Price Items Page

The first page of the Central Market Mobile Web will show you Volatile Price Items first. Press on the sidebar menu on the right part of the UI to see the entire menu.

You can see the amount of Silver in your Warehouse, search for items you want to look for, and sell items in your Warehouse, and buy items.


Below are some of the main features available.

1. Notifications: Check the history of the items you bought and sold on the Central Market.

*The backpack icon next to the Notifications icon will turn yellow when a Value Pack is


2. Search: Search for your desired item. (Please keep in mind that the search feature is case sensitive).

3. Items Listed: See the items you listed to sell.

4. Orders: See the items you ordered.

5. Central Market: Browse items for sale on the Central Market.

6. My Items: See the items in your Warehouse or access the “Items Listed” and “Orders” features.


  • Please be aware that it may take a brief moment for the Central Market Mobile Web to synchronize with the in-game Central Market.
  • Please refresh your Central Market Mobile Web after you have sold an item and collected the Silver in order to update your balance in your Warehouse.
  • Please be aware that this Central Mobile Web Page is still being updated, and future changes will be announced as it is updated.

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