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Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online – Heidel Ball Coupons +150 FS & 4000 CRONS + HAMMER! | September 2022

Everyone, we have a great announcement for you!

Pearl Abyss has completed the Heidel Ball Livestream, and the coupons are now available!

You will receive;

  • +70 Fail Stacks
  • +150 Fail Stacks
  • Weapon Exchange Coupon Box (all 3)
  • Today’s Fine Steed Training Box (30x all fruits – Selectable)
  • 2000x Cron Stones,
  • 500x Marni’ Unstable Fuel,
  • 2x J’s Special Box
  • 20x [Event] Shining Shakatu’s Seal
  • 2x Rare Courser Training Box (10x all fruits)
  • 2000x Loyalities
  • 10x Combat & Skill EXP 300% Scroll (60 mins.)
  • 1x Nostalgia Classic Box (We get a costume for free!)
  • 1x Thankful Premium Outfit Box (Yes, Another Free Costume and it is Premium)
  • 1000 Ancient Spirit Dust
  • J’s Hammer of Loyalty

Also, with the login rewards added, you will get +2000 Cron Stones!

BONUS: Secret Scroll of Pure Equilibrium, and if you don’t remember the item already, it means that you will can your main character with any class!

Don’t forget to use the coupons listed below Before it expires!

Coupon Codes:



Avaliable Next Week:


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