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Battlefield V

Battlefield V – The Closed Alpha Gameplay

Your snow-laden fights below northern lights during the Battlefield™ V Closed Alpha resulted in a ton of great data and feedback. This early version of (parts of) the game gave select players the possibility to try the new Grand Operations multiplayer experience and the classic Conquest mode on the Arctic Fjord map. The purpose of the Alpha was to let some players sample Battlefield V at an early state, and to test various technical aspects that come with a 64-player multiplayer shooter.

It’s been great to take part of your impressions from this test run and we appreciate your thoughts on what worked well and what didn’t. There were bugs and issues as with any Alpha, but all in all, it was a successful test run. We were able to complete the tests of gameplay and technical aspects that we set out to finish, and your involvement is going to make Battlefield V a better game.

We’ve compiled some community videos about the Closed Alpha below. Have a look for both interesting opinions and footage of stunning Battlefield moments.

Note that game content, gameplay mechanics, and other Battlefield V aspects covered in this article may change between the Closed Alpha and the launch of the game.

The Classes of Battlefield V

“I’m a certified field medic, boys! But I think sniping is the bee’s knees.” – StoneMountain64

YouTube video

In a tight game of Conquest, StoneMountain64 tries out all the Battlefield V classes – and the strengths, weapons, gadgets, and tactics that come with them. The reworked spotting mechanic means that the Scout is the go-to class for making enemies more visible for you and your squad mates. See StouneMountain64 make good use of the Binoculars gadget around the one-minute mark, followed by a sweet headshot. Support players also have a unique role in fights with their powerful Light Machine Guns and the ability to fortify certain positions on the battlefield. In the video, StoneMountain64 uses the Support fortification tool to build sandbag barricades to give himself some cover. Find the fortifying at 4:45 (say that fast three times) and witness how an IRL sneeze can lead to an in-game redeploy. All classes can revive in Battlefield V, but only Medics do it with speed and up to full health. See this in action around 14:10, where Stonemountain64 is bringing buddies back to battle while defending the train station B flag. Don’t miss the fireworks at 13:40 – explosive evidence of how fun Squad Reinforcements can be.

Gunplay, Buddy Revives, and the Movement System

“Spawning with less ammo forces you to play cautiously. But at the same time, if you run out of ammo you can’t stay camping – you need to find a place to get more.” – TBAG [Epic Gaming]

YouTube video

You could argue that gunplay is the most important part of a Battlefield game. Community member TBAG [Epic Gaming] is certainly in this camp, and in his video he discusses the changes in weapon behavior made for Battlefield V. There is no more random bullet deviation, meaning bullets will go where you aim. Aspects like recoil and “Time to Kill” (basically how much lead is required before you score a kill) are discussed, also the new buddy revives, and the movement system. Have a look to see what TBAG [Epic Gaming] liked – and didn’t like.

Summarizing the Closed Alpha

“If you throw a grenade into a house, it’ll explode outwards; hit it on the outside, and it goes inwards. It’s really, really cool.” – DRBC007

YouTube video

In a video covering many bases, DRBC007 shares his comments on Battlefield V Closed Alpha details including the level design, the classes, the squad system, and much more. On the “room for improvement” side, he touches on map brightness and the HUD – aspects that we’re looking closely at and will tweak in upcoming tests. The level design is great, according to DRBC007, who enjoyed running around the town of Narvik, its buildings, the downed railroad track, and the bridge that’s blown up. Jump to the 8:55 mark if you like hearing these positive reactions as much as we do.

Both health and ammo are scarcer in Battlefield V, where you need to rely on squad mates and resupply stations to be truly successful. Instead of hiding behind a rock for a few moments after being hurt, you need to find a helpful Medic or a medpack. This system is appreciated by DRBC007, who also shares thoughts about the gunplay and you’ll also hear impressions on vehicle combat, the Squad Reinforcements, and fortifying your positions.

Incredible Details in Battlefield V

“I’m sure some people will go to the extent of learning Morse code just to interact with the game slightly better.” – AKA-ART

YouTube video

Often, greatness is found in the little things. The observant AKA-ART lists some of his favorite details when it comes to the Closed Alpha’s gameplay and graphics. These included aircraft landing gear emerging when flying close the ground and the “hold on” mechanic, where you leap towards a side of a building to grab it. Two minutes and fifteen seconds into the video, AKA-ART goes in to the phonetic alphabet used in Battlefield V, highlighting the historical changes of how, for instance, objective Dhave evolved from being called Duff to Dog to Delta. Speaking of code language, you’ll also learn how Morse code plays a part in Battlefield V.

Join the fight on Xbox One, PlayStation® 4, and PC. Starting on October 11 for the EA Access and Origin Access Play First Trial* and Origin Access Premier members, October 16 for Battlefield V Deluxe Edition early enlister access, and October 19 for the Battlefield™ V Standard Edition.


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