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Neverwinter – Infernal Descent Patch Notes


New Storyline: Infernal Descent

The Vallenhas family has many secrets, some of which are unknown even to the heirs of its estate. Help them, and not only will you learn of their hidden past, but be plunged into the consequences of decisions made long ago. Work with a familiar friend and new allies to save lives and gain power.

More info:

Developer Blog: The Vallenhas Story

Developer Blog: Vallenhas Environment

New Campaign: Descent into Avernus

Follow the story of the Vallenhas family’s infernal descent, and make progress in a new campaign. Finish the campaign and you can earn more Boon points, and unlock access to the new dungeon, the Infernal Citadel.

More info: Developer Blog: Avernus Campaign

New Dungeon: Infernal Citadel

The new module brings with it a new endgame dungeon. A step up in difficulty from the Lair of the Mad Mage (though more accessible than the Tower), entry to this dungeon requires campaign progress and a high Item Level. You’ll need your wits about you to survive the tricks and trials ahead!

More info: Developer Blog: The Infernal Citadel Dungeon

Known Issues

Zen Market

  • Bank Slot purchases, and perhaps some other purchases, can currently only be made through the Zen Market itself instead of context-sensitive mini-market prompts.

Release Notes

Content and Environment


  • Acquisitions Incorporated: Players can now create tokens (Bind to Account) to give alternate characters discounted progress in this campaign.
  • Acquisitions Incorporated: This campaign can now be bought out.
  • Attack at Dawn: This quest (Chapter 1 in the Dwarven King quest line) is now given at level 70, increased from 60.
  • Characters created through a Recruitment Order purchase now start closer to Sgt. Knox.
  • Collecting the Past: This quest now properly directs the player to open the Journal to get to the campaign list.
  • Invoking the Gods: Aralynn the Pious now properly has a quest progression overhead indicator.
  • NPCs engaging in fake combat should no longer spam the combat log.
  • NPCs who saluted the player prior to Module 16 now properly do again.
  • Various minor issues, such as floating objects, have been addressed.
  • Various minor text issues have been addressed.

Leveling Zones

  • Icespire Peak: The Icy Guardian: Adds have been removed from the final encounter.

Elemental Evil

  • The Spy who Backstabbed Me: The duergar who say they’ll attack you now actually do so.


  • Information Gathering: Interacting with supply crates no longer has a chance to trigger an ambush.


  • Cradle of the Death God has returned to the Random Trial Queue.
  • Castle Ravenloft has returned to the Random Dungeon Queue.
  • Lair of the Mad Mage is now in the Random Dungeon Queue.

Future Events

  • CTA: Storm the Keep: Paladin and Fighter now have access to both shields from this event: the Damaran Shield and Damaran Tower Shield.
    • The price of the Paladin weapon has been adjusted to match other weapon sets with two visuals.
  • Protector’s Jubilee: Drop a Note in the Well: Wererat ambushes no longer appear in this quest.

Combat and Powers


  • Darkened Storyteller’s Journal: This artifact now follows the expected artifact stat growth. It now has all of its stat types represented at lower ranks.
  • Darkened Storyteller’s Journal: This artifact has been brought back in line with other similar artifacts.
    • The lifetime of its projectiles has been lowered to 5 seconds.
    • The projectiles now move twice as quickly.
    • Projectiles cannot affect the same target more than once per 2 seconds.
  • Eye of the Giant: The damage dealt by this artifact power is now consistent over its duration.
  • Sigil of the Guardian: This artifact now properly mitigates 90% damage at Mythic quality for more than just the first hit.


  • All boons now properly give the same item level per rank; some had incorrectly given extra item level.
  • Boon points have been recalculated, and some players have had their powers automatically retrained due to this change.
    • Dev note: When we updated the boon system in Module 16, some characters had been erroneously given up to 3 extra boon points. This makes sure every boon point is accounted for.

Classes and Balance

  • Barbarian: Blademaster
    • Battlerage now increases damage dealt by 20% (up from 15%).
    • Frenzy: The cooldown of this power is now 18s (down from 20s).
    • Relentless Battlerage now decreases Battlerage damage to 14% (up from 10%).
    • The following power, class feature, and feat magnitudes have been changed.
      • Brash Strike: 90 (up from 85)
      • Frenzy: 750 (up from 700)
  • Cleric: Arbiter
    • Focused Light now properly gains 100 magnitude from Radiant Judgement; it had incorrectly only received 40.
    • Perfect Balance: Burning Shift and Radiant Shift now add +1% damage per stack.
    • Angel of Death: This feat now activates at 26 stacks, reduced from 30.
    • The following power, class feature, and feat magnitudes have been changed.
      • Lance of Faith: 85 (up from 80)
      • Sacred Flame: 80 (up from 70)
  • Fighter: Any
    • Into the Fray no longer knocks hawk companions out of the air.
    • The class mechanics “Dig In” and “Seethe” now cancel any at-will attacks currently in use rather than queuing up behind the current at-will.
  • Fighter: Dreadnought
    • The feat “Striker’s Mark” is no longer limited to affecting the daily “Mow Down.” It now increases the magnitude of all the Dreadnought’s dailies by 400 against targets affected by Commander’s Strike.
    • The following power, class feature, and feat magnitudes have been changed.
      • Cleave: 35 (up from 25)
      • Brazen Slash: 75 (up from 55)
      • Shield Bash: 30 (up from 20)
      • Guarded Strike: 85 (up from 60)
      • Heavy Slash: 135 (up from 100)
      • Reave: 45 (up from 30)
      • Commander’s Strike: 560 (up from 400)
      • Tremor: 340 (up from 250)
      • Griffon’s Wrath: 1050 total (up from 840)
      • Onslaught: 420 (up from 300)
      • Earthshaker: 800 (up from 580)
      • Shockwave: 870 (up from 620)
      • Momentum: +300 to Bull Charge (up from +200)
      • Heavier Slash: +300 to Heavy Slash (up from +200)
      • Prepared Slam: +280 (up from +200)
    • Ricochet now deals 20%/50%/60% reduced damage to Shield Through bounce targets. The damage reduction has been decreased from 30%/60%/70%.
  • Ranger: Hunter
    • Aspect of the Falcon now grants a 10% damage bonus.
    • Biting Snares can now occur every 15 seconds, improved from 20.
    • More than Disruptive now increases ranged damage by 10% for 5 seconds.
    • Prey now increases ranged damage by 10%.
    • Slasher’s Expertise now increases melee damage by 10% for 10 seconds.
    • Stag Heart now properly states its duration in its tooltip.
    • The following power, class feature, and feat magnitudes have been changed.
      • Disruptive Shot: 300 (up from 250)
      • Longstrider’s Shot: 525 (up from 480)
      • Gushing Wound (both Base and DoT): 300 (up from 280)
      • Thorned Roots (against control-immune targets): 150 (up from 100)
      • Hawk Shot: 210 (up from 170)
  • Ranger: Warden
    • Focused: This feat now increases your current stance’s damage by 2% per second, to a maximum of 20%, reduced from 2.5% / 25%.
    • Skirmisher’s Gambit: This feat now reduces Critical Strike by 10,000 (increased from 3,000) and increases Crit Severity by 25% (reduced from 30%).
    • To the Wind: This feat now grants a 5% damage boost to Throw Caution, reduced from 10%.
  • Rogue: Assassin
    • Dazing Strike now mentions its interrupt effect.
    • Duelist Expertise now properly uses the same icon for its buff as for its feat selection.
  • Rogue: Whisperknife
    • Blitz: When used while stealthed, encounter cooldowns are now reduced by 2 seconds.
    • Dagger Threat’s maximum benefit is now given within 20 feet, increased from 15 feet.
    • Gutterborn’s Touch now increases ranged damage by 5%, but no longer increases Awareness.
    • The following power, class feature, and feat magnitudes have been changed.
      • Impact Shot: 400 (up from 375)
      • Shadow Strike: 375 (up from 325)
      • Shuriken Toss: 45 (up from 40)
      • Vengeance’s Pursuit (Base): 150 (up from 100)
      • Vengeance’s Pursuit (Stealthed): +550 (up from +500)
  • Warlock: Any
    • Lesser Curse has been renamed to Curse. No functionality has changed.
    • Warlock’s Curse Consume has been renamed to Curse Consume. No functionality has changed.
  • Warlock: Hellbringer
    • Creeping Death has been changed to a stacking DoT that deals 10 magnitude damage per stack, every 2 seconds, for 10 seconds.
      • The maximum stack count is 10.
      • Dev note: This addresses an issue in which Creeping Death would constantly reapply each time the player attacked, never giving it a chance to deal damage.
    • Gates of Hell is now properly affected by Warlock’s Curse.
    • Gates of Hell now consistently strikes targets in the exact center of its effect.
    • Tyrannical Curse now applies the Curse effect.
    • The following power, class feature, and feat magnitudes have been changed.
      • Eldritch Blast: 35 (up from 30)
      • Dark Spiral Charge: 95 – 280 (up from 80 – 240)
      • Hellish Rebuke (Counter): 25 (up from 20)
      • Hellish Rebuke (DoT): 45 (up from 40)
      • Hand of Blight (Melee): 40 (up from 35)
      • Hand of Blight (Ranged): 50 (up from 45)
      • Arms of Hadar: 65 (up from 55)
      • Vampiric Embrace: 275 (up from 250)
      • Blades of Vanquished Armies: 25 (up from 20)
      • Hadar’s Grasp: 230 (up from 200)
      • Fiery Bolt: 200 (up from 175)
      • Dreadtheft: 395 (up from 340)
      • Hellfire Ring: 135 (up from 120)
      • Hellfire Ring (DoT): 220 (up from 200)
      • Gates of Hell: 865 (up from 750)
      • Curse: 12 (up from 10)
      • Parting Blasphemy: 85 (up from 75)
  • Warlock: Soulweaver
    • Essence Drain no longer shows a blank cooldown field.
  • Wizard: Any
    • Conduit of Ice now ticks 8 times, up from 7.
    • Icy Terrain now ticks 10 times, up from 9.
    • Ray of Enfeeblement now ticks 5 times, down from 6.
    • Shield has been updated in functionality.
      • Shield now applies a normal (blue health bar) shield to the character.
      • When the shield is depleted, it explodes outward, damaging and pushing nearby enemies.
      • If the shield is recast while still active, the explosion still occurs, and a new shield is applied.
  • Wizard: Arcanist
    • Chaos Magic now has a 5% chance to trigger, reduced from 10%.
    • A Step Above Mastery now grants 0.5% damage per stack, reduced from 1%.
    • Arcane Presence no longer grants 5% Recharge Speed.
    • Chilling Presence now grants 0.5% damage per stack, reduced from 1%.
    • Storm Spell now has a 20% chance to trigger on crit, reduced from 30%.
  • Wizard: Thaumaturge
    • Critical Conflagration should now affect AoE powers.
    • Directed Flames can now only proc damage from Smolder or Rimefire once every 12 seconds.
      • To compensate, Rimefire Weaving now reduces damage resistance of the target by 5% when affected by Smolder or Chill, and by 10% when affected by Rimefire.
      • Known issue: Players can get two procs in a row; one from Smolder, and one from Rimefire. This is not intended, but we don’t consider use of this bug to be an exploit.
    • Frigid Winds now deals 1.25% (up from 1%) extra damage per Chill stack on the target.
    • Smolder effects applied from Critical Conflagration now roll their own crit chance, rather than inheriting crits from the initial cast.
    • The following power, class feature, and feat magnitudes have been changed.
      • Icy Rays: 300 – 450 (up from 275 – 400)
      • Chill Strike: 450 (up from 400)
      • Shatter Strike (against control-immune targets): +150 (up from +100)

Enchantments and Enhancements

  • Tenebrous Enchantment: This enchantment now has a 1-second internal cooldown.

Item Powers

  • Many existing item powers now share updated buff / debuff icons, so that their effects are more readable.

Set Bonuses

  • Berserker’s Might: This power no longer keeps players in combat long after they’ve defeated the enemies in the encounter.
  • Demon Lords’ Immortality: This set bonus now caps at 10% bonus damage, reduced from 20%.


  • Damage taken while outside of combat (e.g. environment-based damage or DoT effects) now briefly disables out-of-combat health regeneration. Regen kicks back in after 3 seconds.
  • Various minor fixes to power text have been made.

Enemies and Encounters

Castle Ravenloft

This is a refresher of the changes since the last time this instance was in the Random Queue.

  • Sisters of Strahd: It is now possible to generate threat on the Sisters, even when they are invulnerable to damage.
  • Arcolith: The Arcolith’s maximum hit points have been increased.
  • Strahd:
    • Strahd’s maximum hit points have been increased.
    • The damage for Strahd’s Lunge and Bloodflight has been increased.

Cradle of the Death God

This is a refresher of the changes since the last time this instance was in the Random Queue.

  • The damage for Cry of the Atropal has been increased.
  • Soulmonger Cord: The Soulmongers Cord’s maximum hit points have been increased.
  • Atropal
    • The Atropal’s maximum hit points have been increased.
    • The damage for the Atropal’s arm swing has been increased.
  • Acererak: Acererak’s maximum hit points have been increased.


  • The Goristro’s charge power warning effect should now display more consistently.


  • Gnolls’ basic ranged attack damage has been decreased.
  • Vellosk: Shadow Totems will now stay put instead of sliding around.
  • Rothé Valley: Edge of Darkness: Egg Sacs can no longer be knocked around.
  • White Dragonwing dragon cultists no longer have a short burst of speed when initiating their spin attack.

Items and Economy


  • A backend change has been made to how players’ items are handled upon loading in, if they hadn’t logged in since the Appearance system was added. This should address reports of some players losing fashion items.
  • Alabaster Shield now properly converts to Refinement Points instead of Black Ice.
  • Appearances can now properly be applied to neck-slot items that don’t have an innate appearance.
  • Legendary-quality equipment can now be converted to Refinement Points.
  • Several items have had their icons changed to match their in-game look.
  • Various early-game rewards have been looked at and updated. There should be a smoother flow in gear from level 20-60, and we’re continuing to look at improvements along those lines.
    • For example: Some places where Warlocks and Paladins got a “set of dice” reward have been updated to properly give gear.


  • The Will-o’-Wisp companion now properly completes its Collection entry.


  • A new tier of seals have been introduced: Seals of the Fallen.
    • The Double Seals event properly works on Seals of the Fallen.
    • Where Seals of the Mountain used to drop, Seals of the Deep now drop.
  • In accordance with the addition of new seals, the seals awarded from random queues have been adjusted.
    • Trial and Epic Dungeon queues now grant Seals of the Fallen the first time they are run in a day.
    • Successive Trial and Epic Dungeon queues, as well as Skirmish and Dungeon queues will now grant Seals of the Deep.
  • Seal vendors have been updated to respect the new tier of seals.


  • Explorer’s Guild
    • The required rank for Lonelywood, Bryn Shander, and Cold Run charts has been reduced from 7 to 6.
    • The guild mark cost of Explorer’s Case: Lonelywood, Explorer’s Case: Bryn Shander, and Explorer’s Case: Cold Run has been reduced from 3000 to 1500.

Zen Market

  • Bags are now Bind to Account on Equip, instead of Bind to Character.
    • All character-bound bags from the Zen Market in players’ inventories have been converted to account-bound instead.
  • Change Appearance Token has been renamed to Change Physical Appearance, to reduce potential confusion about the Appearance tab on the character sheet.
  • Delver’s Currency Kit now correctly states in its tooltip that it gives 500 Coalesced Magics instead of 500 Wooden Tokens.
  • Packs of Preservation Wards now correctly reference “upgrading” instead of “fusing.”
  • 10x Pack of Preservation Wards now properly states in its tooltip that it gives 10 Preservation Wards, instead of incorrectly claiming that it gives 5.

User Interface

Character Creation and Alteration

  • The Preset and Advanced Appearance choices have been changed to tabbed interface.
  • There is a warning prompt if you try to go to the Preset tab after making changes in the Advanced tab.
  • The Alteration screen now defaults to the Advanced tab, so that your existing character appearance is not wiped out.

Character Sheet

  • The Character Sheet / Boon Points tab no longer flashes if the character had unspent Boon Points from the phased-out PvP campaigns.


  • Completed collections now show a green checkmark next to their icon and point display.

Home Page

  • PvP tab: Domination / Gauntlgrym / Icewind Dale stats have been replaced with lifetime stats.


  • In order to more clearly communicate relative enemy difficulty, the rank of an enemy is now shown near their health bar with a number of pips corresponding to their rank.
  • When a quest is blocked by specific requirements, it now displays as a yellow exclamation point over the contact’s head, and conveys the requirement in the contact dialog.
    • Dev note: Quests that require campaign progress are uniquely susceptible to interruptions in quest flow. We hope that this change will provide the clarity needed for players to progress.
  • When joining an instance while in a khyek, the Action Point indicator no longer breaks.


  • The button to claim character-specific VIP rewards now has an appropriate tooltip when it’s deactivated.

Main Menu

  • The “Help” flow has been updated, and the dropdown menus now properly populate with entries.


  • Display Options now have a Field of View slider.

Overworld Map

  • To lighten the number of magnifying glasses on the main Sword Coast map, the overworld map has been updated to a tabbed interface. The map’s art has been updated in the process.

Zen Market

  • The Featured tab no longer has a strange delay when scrolling through choices.
  • The Zen Market now has Search functionality.
  • The Zen Market’s contents have been reorganized into updated categories. We feel these will be more intuitive and easier to browse.
  • When purchasing keys straight through the Lockbox UI, there is now properly a warning if the items will be bound to account.

Art, Animation, Audio, and Effects


  • Heart of the Red Dragon: This artifact power’s audio has been tweaked.

Character Art

  • Jarl’s Gaze: This helmet now consistently has glowing eyes.
  • Various minor clipping and display issues have been addressed.
    • Example: Cardinal’s Coral Coif no longer hides ears on male characters.

Visual Effects

  • Exit portals at the ends of dungeons should now display more consistently, even if player machines are overloaded on visual effects.
  • Ras Nsi’s “Rive” power should no longer have its warning effect follow the target player.

Performance and Stability


  • Various tweaks have been made to improve stability in certain scenarios.

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