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MORDHAU – #18 Patch Notes & HOTFIXES

Coming with this update is a variety of content and gameplay additions – starting off, we hope you’ll enjoy our newest weapon, the Polehammer. This weapon features high damage coupled with...

MORDHAU – #17 Patch Notes & HOTFIXES

Patch #17 Hotfix 1 Gameplay Toolbox placement checks adjusted to be less strict Fixed Horde and BR server crash bug Fixed Mountain Peak battering ram not appearing if joining mid game Adjusted Crossro...

MORDHAU – #16 Patch Notes & HOTFIXES

Gameplay Removed Christmas stuff Added fortifications to Grad commander part Enabled texture streaming amortization options by default to improve performance. Will significantly reduce stutters on som...

MORDHAU – #14 Patch Notes & HOTFIXES | Combat changes & Optimizations

HOTFIX 3 Just a small client side patch that fixes the tutorial from being non-completeable due to the catapult not reaching far enough. HOTFIX 2 Performance Fixed texture streaming issues and perform...

MORDHAU – #13 Patch Notes | New Map Feitoria

This content update marks the release of Feitoria, our biggest map yet, featuring all of our current game modes. Feitoria dock area In addition, we have also added more siege-oriented features, such a...

MORDHAU – #12 Patch Notes | Combat tweaks

Gameplay Fixed invasion spawn values being different from Frontline: Player spawn 5->15, Ballista 30->180, Cata 30->180, Horse 30->120 Added destroyable trees to taiga that act as bridges ...

MORDHAU – #8 Patch Notes | CPU Optimization & Inventory Fix

Patch #8 is mainly a Hotfix for the ongoing Steam Inventory issues that prevented a large number of you from playing online. Additionally we’ve squeezed in some optimizations on the CPU side. Lastly t...

MORDHAU – #7 Patch Notes | 08.06.2019

MORDHAU developers released 7th patch notes. Here are the details; First of all, thank you for the support! In the past month, we’ve hit 1 million copies sold; we can’t thank you enough and we’re so h...

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Release Date:29.04.2019
Developed By:Triternion

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