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MORDHAU – #14 Patch Notes & HOTFIXES | Combat changes & Optimizations


Just a small client side patch that fixes the tutorial from being non-completeable due to the catapult not reaching far enough.



  • Fixed texture streaming issues and performance drop associated with it, for real this time


  • Fixed dodge not working in some cases
  • Adjusted catapult rock movement to be a bit shorter to avoid people shooting out of spawn protection
  • Adjusted shield high block animation, no longer puts shields above head and now covers body more without extending forward too much which could be abused, fixes the broken looking blocks when a shielder is looking up
  • Longsword strike main mode windup speed buffed 10ms (now 25ms total compared to patch 13)
  • Billhook immobilize slowdown reduced from 50% to 40%
  • Shortspear miss recoveries to 500ms
  • Arming sword strike combo slowed down 25ms again
  • Parry turncap slightly less strict
  • Undercut glance now more lax, will trigger less on “normal” drags
  • Reverted 5% global attack turncap change
  • Huntsman window for receiving extra damage after you’ve switched from a ranged weapon reduced to 3 seconds (from 4)
  • Fixed a bug involving certain objective barrels being catapulted



  • Fixed Taiga performance drop
  • Fixed texture streaming issues and performance drop associated with it


  • Reverted the drag attack compensation change since it had unintended consequences
  • Added new undercut drag prevention change to address this move specifically. This causes undercut drags that hit late to glance off, same with undercuts that were used to reverse hit enemies.
  • Kick miss stamina cost reduced to 10
  • Buffed archery projectile speeds (Recurve bow 5000 -> 5400, Longbow 5600 -> 6000, Crossbow 6100 -> 6500)
  • Adjusted recurve bow sway significantly
  • Adjusted longbow sway slightly
  • Recurve bow now 1 point cheaper

Visuals & Misc

  • Fixed player name display appearing even when aiming a bit too far away from the player



  • Substantial CPU optimizations across the board to improve overall FPS and remove stutters and hitches during gameplay, especially on larger player counts
  • Optimized and improved loading times
  • Workaround for server information update error
  • Reworked Feitoria Invasion layout
  • Disabled dodging with barrels
  • Changed how deliverables work, it is now possible to drop them and pick them up (for attackers), and defenders can hold interact to destroy them
  • Disabled climbing on oil cauldron, ammobox, rock spawn, rock basket
  • Time to decline objective participation from 6s to 4s
  • Fixed a case where dying on ladder in Horde wouldn’t remember your equipment
  • BR/HRD Ladders on Grad now raise-/droppable
  • King-type objectives (Invasion) are now invulnerable until the first player could’ve possessed them (prevents rushing to take advantage of AI)
  • Traps and pavises no longer allowed to be placed on destroyables (which when destroyed would cause them to float)


  • Parry/Chamber box is now bigger – now significantly wider horizontally, fixing cases of attacks going through parries. Now always covers the legs and feet vertically, this fixes the broken toe stabs and makes it much easier to deal with overhead drags to the legs. – also affects shields, although less. Parry knockback reduced slightly
  • Parry turncap slightly more strict
  • Global attack turncaps 5% more strict
  • Trying to change attack direction during a strike release too many times will now get compensated by the game – this fixes (or attempts) the broken drags such as sky drags, waterfalls/wessex etc and promotes playing more “normal”
  • Attack lunge now decreases gradually after 105cm weapon range (Longsword) – this means that the longest weapons now have the least amount lunge
  • Miss recovery is now based on weapon length and speed or “weight” – this means that short one handed weapons now have significantly less miss recovery, making them much more nimble and lighter in use. Longer weapons have more, making misses more punishing.
  • Blunt weapons now have crippling effect – this means that being hit by a blunt weapon now slows you down more when being flinched and causes more camera shake/stun effect – comes in two tiers, strength depending on the attack and weapon. Tier 1 slows down 12.5%, Tier 2 slows down 25%
  • Billhook now has immobilize on the attacks that pull. This heavily slows down enemies and allows you to control them much easier
  • Stab knockback is now straight and more predictable
  • Huntsman now works differently and is no longer based on quiver, now only applies to enemies with a bow/crossbow in hand. This means that when switching to a melee weapon from a ranged weapon, after 4 seconds you no longer take the huntsman bonus damage, allowing archers to go melee without being oneshot from huntsman.
  • Fixed active parry blocking from behind
  • Plate leg armor now doubles kick damage
  • Kicks no longer have headshot damage
  • Kicks no longer drain stamina
  • Following up a feint with a stab will now have 50ms more lockout – this should fix most unpunishable stab feints

Weapons & Equipment

  • 1H Axe strike windup 25ms faster
  • 1H Axe recoveries reduced to 400ms
  • Arming sword strike combo is now slightly faster and has a bit more raw damage
  • Arming sword recoveries reduced to 400ms
  • Warhammer recoveries reduced to 400ms
  • Warhammer main mode strike torso damage increased by 5
  • Quarterstaff now has 400ms recoveries
  • Quarterstaff alt mode strike damage now the same as the main mode, strikes now have 75ms faster combo speed
  • Maul miss recovery to 600ms
  • Cleaver miss recoveries reduced to 400ms
  • Cleaver stamina negation nerfed by 1
  • Cleaver stab no longer flinches
  • Cleaver now takes 20 stamina to chamber instead of 15
  • Dagger miss recoveries reduced to 400ms
  • Dagger now takes 20 stamina to chamber instead of 15
  • Shortsword miss recoveries reduced to 400ms
  • Shortsword stamina negation buffed by 3
  • Shortsword now takes 20 stamina to chamber instead of 15
  • Falchion miss recoveries reduced to 400ms
  • Heavy Handaxe miss recoveries reduced to 500ms
  • Mace strike windup 25ms faster
  • Mace stab windup 50ms slower
  • Mace miss recoveries to 600ms
  • Rapier miss recoveries reduced to 400ms
  • Bastard sword 1H stamina negation nerfed to 12
  • Bastard sword 1H stamina on hit reduced to 6
  • Bastard sword 2H miss recoveries reduced to 400ms
  • Messer 2H miss recoveries reduced to 550ms
  • Messer stab windup slowed down 25ms
  • Shortspear miss recoveries to 600ms
  • Shortspear can no longer combo
  • Shortspear point cost reduced to 3
  • Billhook strike pull distance increased
  • Longsword stamina negation buffed to 13
  • Longsword main mode miss recoveries reduced to 550ms
  • Longsword main mode strike windup 15ms faster
  • Longsword alt mode miss recoveries reduced to 400ms
  • Longsword alt mode strike windup 25ms faster
  • Estoc main mode miss recoveries reduced to 600ms
  • Estoc main mode stab windup 25ms faster
  • Chambering with Estoc now costs 10 stamina instead of 15
  • Estoc alt mode miss recoveries reduced to 400ms
  • War Axe miss recoveries reduced to 600ms
  • Poleaxe main mode miss recoveries to 600ms
  • Poleaxe main mode strike windup 25ms faster
  • Poleaxe alt mode strike can now repair toolbox buildings
  • Executioner sword stab headshot bonus damage removed
  • Executioner sword miss recoveries increased to 800ms
  • Bardiche main mode miss recoveries to 600ms
  • Eveningstar alt mode miss recoveries to 600ms
  • Spear main mode strike miss recovery to 800ms
  • Spear main mode stab now has more hit knockback
  • Halberd alt mode miss recoveries increased to 800ms
  • Greatsword halfswording miss recovery for stab now 400ms, for strike 550ms
  • Greatsword halfswording stab now has 25ms faster windup and 25ms faster combo
  • Zweihander main mode stab 25ms slower and slightly stricter turncap
  • Zweihander halfswording stab now has 25ms faster combo, miss recovery to 400ms, swing miss recovery to 550ms
  • Quiver no longer has invisible movement debuff
  • Horde shields no longer slow you down
  • Raised initial fire damage very slightly
  • Fire no longer damages buildings outside of the actual fire
  • Adjusted 2H rock AOE structure damage

Visuals & Misc

  • Added two long beards and a moustache
  • Players with the same name will now get a sequential number appended to the name, preventing confusion and abuse
  • Characters will now start screaming when they’re falling for longer than 1s, does not happen if you have the cat perk
  • Added m.ShowServerInScoreboard (also found in options) which allows to disable the name showing up on scoreboard, useful to prevent stream sniping
  • Friendly bear traps now show a marker when near
  • Chain coat now takes metal color
  • Fixed a dropped ladder mesh on Grad clipping the ground
  • Fixed floating planks on HRD_Grad
  • Darkened eyes on slitted kettle and sallet a bit
  • Fixed motion blur settings on Feitoria
  • Improved hitmarker sound on torso and leg hits


  • Adjusted hitmarker sound

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