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Mobile Legends – 1.5.38 Patch Notes

Hero Adjustments [Clint] (↑) Clint’s performance didn’t meet our expectations, because it took too long for him to exert his strength and his probability of death was relatively higher tha...

Mobile Legends – 1.5.36 Patch Notes | Paquito Skill Revamped

Hero Adjustments [Paquito] (↑) Skill 1 (~) (Revamped): Paquito throws forth a heavy blow, dealing Physical Damage to the target. If the skill hits a hero unit, he gains a Shield. Enhanced: Gives Paqui...

Mobile Legends – 1.5.32 Patch Notes

I. Revamped Heroes 1. Argus, the Nightstalker Hero Feature: A fallen angel who is immortal. Skill 1 – [Demonic Grip]: Argus puts out a demonic hand towards an enemy. When the target is hit, both...

Mobile Legends – Magic Chess V.93.1 Patch Notes

Event 1. Connie, the Star Catcher, will be available on October 30th (Server Time). Diamond 499. Battle Point 24,000. Launch week 30% OFF. Connie’s Skin [Tender Fluff] will be available on Octob...

Mobile Legends – 1.5.26 Patch Notes

I. Hero Adjustments [Uranus] (↓)Ultimate(↓): Shield and HP Regen Boost: 30%-50% → 20%-30% [Aldous] (~)Aldous is very weak in the early game, but it is difficult for the opponents to deal with him in t...

Mobile Legends – 1.5.24 Patch Notes

I. New Heroes & Revamped Heroes Benedetta, the Shadow Ranger, will be available on November 7th (Server Time). Diamond 599. Battle Point 32,000. Hero Feature: A ranger that fights for hope. Skill ...

Mobile Legends – Magic Chess Patch Notes V.91.1

I. Synergy [Mage] (↓)Magic Damage Increase of 3/6 Mages: 45%/130% → 40%/125% [Western Desert] (↓)Dodge Increase: 6%/12%/25% → 5%/10%/20% [Shape-shifter] (↓)Damage Increase: 40% → 30%   II. Weekly...

Mobile Legends – 1.5.22 Patch Notes

I. Hero Adjustments [Mathilda] (↓)We’ve weakened her overpowered damage in the early game, enhanced her durability and supporting ability, and optimized the control feeling. Passive(↓): Base Dam...

Mobile Legends – 1.5.21 Patch Notes

[Arena] Introduction In [Arena] mode, you will match up against another player in a 1v1 battle. And your goal is simple, take down your opponent’s Little Commander before they take down yours. I...

Mobile Legends – 1.5.16 Patch Notes

I. New Heroes & Revamped Heroes [Alice] (↑)We’ve strengthened her in the early game. Ultimate(↑) Base Damage: 120-180 → 140-180 Mana Cost: 60-100 → 50-100 [Chang’e] (↓)We’ve weakened her in ...

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Mobile Legends – New Skin & Summer Carnival Event & Fragment Shop Updates

Fragment Shop July 15, 00:00 Server Time: [Hero Fragment Shop] • Unavailable: Hayabusa, Gusion, Kimmy, Estes, Hanzo, Masha • Available: Pharsa, Angela, Wanwan, Cecilion, Carmilla, Baxia [Rare Skin Fra...[Read More]

Mobile Legends – HOW TO WIN TIPS and TRICKS | SEASON 11

You guys may think it is as simple as just playing or spamming your favorite/op heroes in ranked but there are many things to consider in order to win your games with ease. So here are some things you...[Read More]


Mastery Code The mastery code, a unique way to further enjoy the game finally arrives in all servers! The mastery code is basically a hero mastery system for Mobile Legends wherein the code offers a l...[Read More]

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang – Harith HERO GUIDE

Hero Introduction Harith is one of the newest mage to join the fight in the Land of Dawn. His speciality is to manipulate time wherein his skills allows him to move around with ease at the same time d...[Read More]

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang – NEW SUN SKIN – SUN STREET LEGENDS

Skill 1 – Endless Variety Sun hurls his Golden Staff towards a designated direction, dealing 250/290/330/370/410/450 points of Physical Damage to enemies along its path. Heroes and monsters that...[Read More]

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang – Mentorship System

Mentorship System This system was introduced a few seasons back wherein its aim and purpose was to help newer players adapt to the game with much ease with the help of veteran/older players but sadly ...[Read More]

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang – KIMMY SPLAT QUEEN GUIDE

Back Story straightforward, self-disciplined and obedient. As a result, Kimmy developed a tomboy-ish character which everyone could see, be it in the way she dressed or in the way she spoke. Since chi...[Read More]

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
Release Date:11.07.2016
Genre:Free to Play, MOBA
Developed By:Moonton

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