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Mobile Legends – HOW TO WIN TIPS and TRICKS | SEASON 11

You guys may think it is as simple as just playing or spamming your favorite/op heroes in ranked but there are many things to consider in order to win your games with ease. So here are some things you should consider first when playing ranked games since more or less these things can either bring you down or bring you up. Depending on how each player views these points.
To start off, lets view the things players should Do when playing rank, be it before,after or during ranked matches.

Things To Do

1) Play a warm up game first in classic or AI match(preferrably classic) as warm up games both serve as your momentum game at the same time serves as your ping check game wherein starting a rank game without warming yourself up can lead your momentum to a poor state in which you maybe more or less discourage to perform at your best
2) Make sure to turn off all other apps or notifications that may distract/interfere in the middle of your match as this both breaks your momentum and the lead you may have built especially when you’re in the middle of a fight or about to engage in one
3) Double check your phone and game settings. I’m sure that many players don’t do this but double checking your settings and adjusting it to your taste prior to a match can often give you the comfort you need right off the bat rather than finding it out in the middle or at the start of the match where we all know that every second counts in the match especially if you’re strategy/tactic invovles early game stuff.
4) Ensuring that your phone has enough battery for a game or two. You may think that its ok/fine to play while charging or under low battery but its honestly not as sometimes this is the cause of your fps drops/issues at the same time this slowly damages your battery.

Things Not To Do

1) Continuesly playing ranked matches despite being frustrated/losing wherein if you continuesly play at this pace, chances are you lose more games than winning one so take a short or long break first before playing again or trying to get back what you lost as this would help you better.
2) Playing the Toxic game. This has never been the most preffered pace to play the game or even suggested to stooping down to the toxicity of others as being toxic as others only leads you to a poor game performance as well as possibly frustration/headache.
3) Preaching amongst your teammates. This isnt really something as a don’t but its better to be safe rather than taking the chance to cause a fuss amongst your teammates. After all nobody wants a know it all in the team.
4) Giving up in a match. Yes, no matter the situation of the game it is important that player’s shouldnt give up on the middle of the match as any game can easily be reversed or be able to get a come back to. You guys just need a better plan rather than facing them head on.

So over all here are some does and don’ts when either playing before,during or after a ranked matches that hopefully players would consider first as you may find yourself winning more ranked matches than before.

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