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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang – Mentorship System

Mentorship System
This system was introduced a few seasons back wherein its aim and purpose was to help newer players adapt to the game with much ease with the help of veteran/older players but sadly this system is not used by many due to various reasons so allow us to enlighten you guys what the Mentorship system is all about.
What is the Mentorship?
The mentorship system is actually a system that rewards both veteran and new players with rich rewards for helping one another to grow around the game wherein veteran players get numerous rewards from an exclusive skin to an exclusive border provided they reach a certain level in the mentorship system. This also works both ways for the mentee wherein they are also rewarded with various rewards that will help them grow around the game and be able to buy heroes or unlock emblems they want faster with the supplimentary rewards.

The mentorship also uses a quest system in order for both the Mentor and Mentee to progress. Unlike the current quest systems we have(such as the daily activities/quest) the Mentorship system uses a one time quest system wherein players can immediately finish thru these quest in one sitting or whenever they want so long as they meet the requirements for each quests.
Why use the Mentorship?
Mentorship system actually was made for a purpose in mind wherein the Mentorship system is something that you can invite your friends with especially when they are just starting to play Mobile Legends. This is something that was meant to add some fun and excitement amongst your friends while playing and teaching them all together. Aside from that both you and your mentee would be able to get rewards that will help you progress further in the game(provided that you haven’t unlocked everything yet)
Using the mentorship also allows you to unlock exclusive rewards which can only be obtained thru this system as well as getting known for being able to mentor players since getting these rewards would require you to mentor quite a handful of players.
The Rewards:
A)Exclusive Mentorship Border(Unlocked upon reaching lvl2 mentorship)
B)Exclusive Honor Guard Skin for Hilda(Unlocked upon reaching lvl 5 mentorship)
C)Trial Cards,Magic Dust and Tickets
D)Exclusive Mentorship points which can be used to purchased Mentor Chests

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