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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang – Harith HERO GUIDE

Hero Introduction

Harith is one of the newest mage to join the fight in the Land of Dawn. His speciality is to manipulate time wherein his skills allows him to move around with ease at the same time deal devestating burst damages towards his enemies while keeping a safe distance. So if you are considering buying/playing Harith you might want to consider and taking a look at these

Harith Strengths:
Harith is an extremely mobile hero with the ability to burst down heroes or either continuesly deal damage at a decent to good pace depending on how you use him. Aside from that he has a decent ability for wave clear provided that you land it right otherwise you’d be relying on your 2nd ability and basic attacks.
Harith Weaknesses:
Like any other mages, Harith is a rather squishy hero but his mobility easily makes up for that. On the other hand due to his play style he can be considered as a non-new commer friendly hero wherein it really does take some certain udnerstanding to pull of his true potential but otherwise he is a fun hero to play around.
Emblem Build
Tier 1: Flow- This basically gives harith the base magic power he needs
Tier 2: Catastrophe- In this tier there are multiple other talents he can take but Catastrophe overall is something that boosts his mid-late game power
Tier 3: Mystery Shop- As a slow but rather item dependent Hero, Mystery shop is something players could consider using for Harith especially for those who haven’t invested much towards their magical emblems.
Item Build
Core Items:
*Core items are a must have items for this hero

Calamity Reaper- This is considered a bread and butter item for Harith as this item goes extremely well with his 2nd ability since this procs along with his enhanced basic attack
Demon Shoes- It is considered as a Core item since Harith is a mana hungry hero and this item can easily solve that issue at a cost-efficient priceSub-Core Items:
*Sub-Core are items that aren’t necessarily considered as a must have for the hero but rather something you could considerClock Of Destiny- This provides a fair amount of durability as well as a mid-end game magic power boost to Harith which overall can be considered as a cost-efficient item for Harith

Lightning Truncheon- With his high burst and low-cool down skills, this item makes a great addition towards his burst output.

Skills breakdown

1st Skill-Synchro Fission

Things to note:
>This ability is mainly used for wave clearing wherein your primary focus is to land the targets at the center of the skill.
>The ability can easily harass enemies at a safe distance thanks to its skill animation and how it comes from both directions
>The center has the highest damage while the outer rings can land an instant damage proc thanks to its skill animation
>This ability should be your priority skill up as harith shines more towards mid-late game rather than early game.

2nd Skill-Chrono Dash

Things to Note:
>This ability can considered as his bread and butter ability in terms of dueling heroes
>The ability provides a shield if your dash lands towards a nearby enemy
>The ability enhances your basic attack and converts it to a magic attack which can proc items
>When you land your enhanced your Chrono dash cool down gets reduced by 4 seconds.

Ultimate- Zaman Force

Things to Note:
>This ability is a zone ability that enables harith to have a lower cool down on his chrono dash
>Upon use of the ability it immediately lowers Chrono dash cooldown and roots enemies that are caught in the zone
>The zone provides a slow towards enemies that walk around it.

Tips & Tricks

1)Harith’s 2nd ability can easily be used as a defensive and offensive tool so be keen and efficient when using this ability by making the most out of its shield generating capabilities as well as damage potential. Especially when you use this on your ultimate’s field

2)When wave clearing, aim your 1st ability to where majority of the creeps would land of the center of it so that you won’t have to make much effort finishing the wave as the center damage deals a ton of damage. At the same time use the opportunity to harass enemies as well by making sure the end of your 1st ability touches the enemy as this ability comes from both opposite ends towards the center.

3)Your ultimate ability is a tide changing ability wherein you can easily root enemies at the same time crank up your damage output and mobility around the field, so be efficient in using this and consider where you will set this up because once you set it up and move away from this field, you’d easily leave yourself vulnerable.

4)Upon using your 2nd ability, this somehow resets your basic attack so as an added cheese strat, be sure to weave in a basic attack first followed by activating your 2nd ability then another basic attack. This basically shortens your attack animation at the same time deal some minor extra damage.

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