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Mobile Legends – 1.4.90 Patch Notes

1. Hayabusa Starlight Skin “Biological Weapon”, also the July Starlight Exclusive Skin, will be available on July 1 on the Advanced Server.

2. 8 Free Heroes: Server Time 6/26/2020 05:01:00 to 7/3/2020 05:00:00 (Tap the Settings button on the top-right corner of the main page to check.)

Kagura; Helcurt: Estes: Lapu-Lapu; Pharsa; Dyrroth: Chang’e; Granger

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Hilda; Minsitthar; Karina; Leomord; Khufra; Lesley


Fixed the damage number issue of Wild Power and Thunderclap.

Wild Power – When active, the additional base damage of her Basic Attack adjusted to 120 at all levels.


Base HP increased by 200.

Desert Tornado – Base damage of the first cast reduced from 300-550 to 250-550.

Quicksand Guard – The maximum duration increased from to 4s. Damage reduction increased from 65% to 70%.

Raging Sandstorm – Sandstorm damage in the movement process reduced from 120% to 80%. Smash Damage upon reaching the destination reduced from 200% to 120%.


Elapsed Daytime – HP Restoration Bonus adjusted from 100% Total Physical Attack + 10*Hero Level to 120% Total Physical Attack. Slightly widened the range of the enhanced Basic Attack. Increased the Sword Intent gain from skills.

An Eye for An Eye – If Benedetta defends a CC effect successfully, she will now fully charge the Sword Intent immediately.

Alecto: Final Blow – Lifesteal ratio reduced from 100% to 40%.

[Revamped Eudora]

Electric Arrow – Eudora launches a lightning bolt toward the target, dealing Magic Damage, stunning the target and reducing the target’s Magic Defense for a short period. If the target is affected by Superconductor. the lightning bolt will split into minor bolts upon hit and further spread toward targets nearby, dealing Magic Damage and stunning them.

[Revamped Layla]

Malefic Bomb – Upon hitting an enemy. Layla’s Movement Speed will be increased by 60% which decays within the next 1.2s. Upon hitting an enemy hero, the duration of Movement Speed gain will be doubled.

[Revamped Saber]

Base HP increased by 100.

Flying Sword – The circling damage increased from 50-80 to 80-105. The circling duration and the skill cooldown increased by 1s.

Charge – Mana Cost reduced from 70-120 to 70-45.

Triple Sweep – Damage of the third blow is doubled now.

[Revamped Miya]

Moon Arrow – Mana Cost reduced by 20 at all levels.

Arrow of Eclipse – Damage of the empowered arrow is tripled now.

[Revamped Alucard]

Optimized the battle model and the visual effects.

Groundsplitter – Base damage increased from 200-300 to 250-350.

Whirling Smash – Base damage increased front 220-320 to 270-370.

[Revamped Zilong]

Attack Speed Growth reduced from 3.3% to 2.3%.

Spear Strike – Skill range reduced by 10%.


Planets Attack – Damage decay ratio to the same target increased from 0.5-0.7 to 0.6-0.9.


Rotary Impact – Slow effect increased from 40% to 70%. Synchronize the skill range with the visual effect.

Force Swing – Removed the slow effect. Mana Cost reduced from 65-90 to 45-70.

Spear of Alpha – For Beta’s scanning damage, base damage increased from 205-285 to 490-730. and Extra Physical Attack increased from 80% to 280%. Cool down adjusted from 24s at all levels to 24-20s.


Power of Wildness – Fixed the issue where the skill range is too little before reaching full stacks. Stack limit reduced from 10 to 8. Damage increase of each stack increased from 40-50 to 50-60. The stack number is shown below the HP bar now.

[Revamped Tigreal]

Optimized the model and the visual effects.

Implosion – Battle Spell Flicker can now be used during this skill.


1. Optimized Roles and Labels of some heroes.

a. Alice: New Secondary Role – Tank

b. Kadita: New Secondary Role – Assassin

c. Masha: Removed Secondary Role – Tank

d. Karina, Gusion, Guinevere, Silvanna: Removed Secondary Role – Mage; New Label – Magic Damage

e. Lolita: Primary Role and Secondary Role swapped. She’s now Support/Tank

2. Optimized the map performance of Imperial Sanctuary in Ultra Graphics.


1. Walkie Grass – HP Restoration per second for allied heroes reduced from 2% to 1%. HP Restoration for minions unchanged

1. Added new control methods.

Added new control methods to the single targeting of skills and Basic Attack. You can turn on the “Basic Attack Smart Targeting” and the “Skill Smart Targeting” in Settings – “Controls”. This function will make you choose the targets more precisely.

2. Added the Live Stream Shopping function where the streamers introduce various game items to you. Limited-time and limited-amount discounts only here in the Live Stream Shopping!

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