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Madden NFL 23 – 22 August 2022 Patch Notes | Insane pack probabilities revealed!

How Pack Probabilities Work

The main page for each pack will show you how many items are in it. The View Info button will show you additional probability information about the pack, broken down by the likelihood of getting certain categories of Items. For instance, a pack might show that you have a 100 percent likelihood of getting a category of Items that’s rated 80 or above. That means it will give you at least one player that’s 80+ rated. Any category of players or items listed at 100 percent will always be awarded to you. Every pack description in the MUT Store also lists how many items you will receive in total. All of this is designed so you can have the information that will help you better understand what the pack will contain.

OVR Bands

Due to the thousands of players that could appear in most packs, we are grouping ranges of players together by what we are calling OVR bands. Packs that advertise a specific type of content will either guarantee that content or provide the probability of getting it in a pack. In general, the higher an OVR band, the lower the probability of getting it.

Key Things to Remember

The probabilities listed are on a pack-by-pack basis and are not cumulative. Each pack opening is an independent event. Consecutive openings do not change the likelihood of being awarded an Item. For example, if you flip a coin three times and get heads each time, you still have a 50% chance of getting heads if you flip the coin again. With all packs in the game, you will always receive value.

Madden Ultimate Team is a live service and we are looking to improve every day. This means being open to player feedback at all times.

Feel free to reach out with any questions you have as you start grinding out those solo challenges. We have the Answers HQ Forums, EA Help, and many helpful community leaders. We know all the effort you put into building up your squad, and we want that time to be as rewarding and fun as possible.

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