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Guild Wars 2 – 17 November Patch Notes

Living World New Release: Champions Chapter 1—Truce With Jormag fully awakened, Tyria slips ever closer toward calamity. But another menace lurks below the surface, and it will be up to the commander ...

Guild Wars 2 – 27 October Patch Notes

World Polish Thunderhead Peaks Fixed an issue that prevented characters from completing the Chasing Tales: Katarin the Bonecrusher achievement after unlocking Chasing Tales: Thundering Blow in rare si...

Guild Wars 2 – 13 October Patch Notes

Living World Halloween Once again, the gates of the Mad Realm have opened and Kryta’s most infamous monarch, Mad King Thorn, has returned to hold court in Lion’s Arch! Loyal vassals of the...

Guild Wars 2 – 29 September Patch Notes

General Depositing materials from the inventory will now automatically move overflow items into any slots that are freed up. Fractals Fractal Rush begins today, September 29, at 10:00 a.m. Pacific Tim...

Guild Wars 2 – 15 September Patch Notes

World Polish The Advanced Skimmer Course now has objective text. The Advanced Skimmer Course now has boundaries. Straying too far from the course will automatically reset the adventure. General Fixed ...

Guild Wars 2 – 26 August Patch Notes

August 26, 2020 Bug Fixes Fixed a bug that caused the Advanced Skimmer Course adventure to prematurely end and prevented players from using the Dive skimmer skill during the adventure. Fixed a bug tha...

Guild Wars 2 – 29 July All Patch Notes

Update – July 29, 2020 Bug Fixes Fixed an issue that could cause the No Charr Left Behind achievement to not progress. Fixed an issue that caused purchased Charr Commendations to not apply to th...

Guild Wars 2 – 28.01.2020 Patch Notes | Shadow in the Ice

Living World New Episode: Shadow in the Ice When Braham, Rytlock, and Crecia all go missing, the commander travels through the western mountain pass to find them. On the other side lies a frozen lake ...

Guild Wars 2 – 19.11.2019 Patch Notes | Whisper in the Dark

Living World Whisper in the Dark The commander and their allies rendezvous at the Vigil Keep to discuss Bangar Ruinbringer’s motivations with General Almorra Soulkeeper, but upon arrival it is d...

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Guild Wars 2
Release Date:28.08.2012
Genre:MMO, RPG
Developed By:ArenaNet

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