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Gears 5 – Escalation Mode Update Notes

As part of our ongoing work to improve Gears 5 all up, we have been testing some new key changes to Escalation based on player feedback.

At its best, Escalation is a strategic, high-tempo game mode that’s great to play AND watch for players of all levels. However, based in part from your feedback, we recognize the length of matches and placement of power weapons on home hills is reducing Escalation’s capacity to be thrilling to watch and engaging to play.

Based on these factors, we have decided to make some key changes to Escalation beginning tomorrow (Thursday, Nov 21) at 10am PT:

  • Rounds To Win: 5 (was 7)
  • Initial Lives: 4 (was 5)
  • Max Lives: 4 (was 5)
  • Respawn Duration Reduction Per Round: -2 Seconds (was -1)
  • Disable Duration: 1 Round (was 3)
  • Secondary Weapon Placements: Boomshot and Dropshot can no longer be placed on secondary (home) weapon slots

We expect these changes to improve the depth of weapon choices and reduce the length of the game to a more suitable experience. These changes will apply to both Ranked and competitive Gears Esports immediately following the deployment.

For our esports players, we acknowledge the timing of this change and we would like to assure everyone that this decision was not taken lightly. Ultimately, our commitment is to support the immediate and long-term health of Gears Esports and we believe that providing the best player and viewer experience possible is crucial to our success as we head into the first Major event in San Diego.


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