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FIFA MOBILE – NEW Chemistry System & Pre-Season Information

Sometimes, football clubs are more than the sum of their parts. Talent matters, for sure, but players who get along and can anticipate each other’s movements can create a situation where they almost seem to be reading each other’s minds on the pitch.

Coming to the new season of FIFA Mobile, we will replicate those moments via our Chemistry feature. Long a favored feature of FUT on consoles, Chemistry rewards you for building teams of players from the same club, nation, league, or event.

When viewing your Starting 11, you’ll see a few new elements to the screen that represent Chemistry between players and the squad as a whole. First, Chemistry between players is represented by a line connecting two nearby players. Note that Chemistry is only available between players that are Elite in quality or higher.

Chemistry is shown on the screen by a colored line between players. Green indicates good Chemistry, grey indicates no Chemistry. Tapping on the “Chemistry View” toggle on the Starting 11 screen allows you to view exactly how much Chemistry you’re getting from every player in your Starting 11, and how players are interacting and helping each other from a Chemistry perspective. The numbers on the right of every player are the Chemistry given by that player to all linked players, while the numbers on the left represent the Chemistry received by this player from linked players.

Additionally, there is an indicator next to your team OVR that shows how much total Chemistry you have from all players in your Starting 11.

When on the pitch, Chemistry confers advantages in Vs Attack in the form of better chances and in other modes in the form of OVR boosts for your entire team. No matter what you’re doing in FIFA Mobile, having high Chemistry is going to be a positive for your team.

FIFA Mobile Pre-Season is upon us! That’s right, it’s time to start preparing for the next season of FIFA Mobile by taking part in our robust Pre-Season Program.

But before we get into the specifics of Pre-Season, we have some very exciting news about next season – we’ve heard your feedback and have put a lot of work into building a new engine to FIFA Mobile that will take gameplay and visuals to the next level. It’s been one of the biggest projects our team has taken on since we launched FIFA Mobile two years ago and we couldn’t be more excited about the results. We’ll have more details to share soon, so stay tuned!

This new gameplay engine to FIFA Mobile will come with higher device requirements. Learn all about these changes here:

Now, let’s talk Pre-Season!

As with past Pre-Season Programs, participating in this year’s Pre-Season Program will allow you to earn progress towards next season’s game by earning ‘Now and Later’ Packs and Player Items that will carry over.

This Season, we’re offering an amazing Space theme with the best live events, rewards and players the universe has to offer!

First, you’ll gather Star Fuel to prepare your ship for space exploration. This is earned through several ways like our new Live Events featuring new skill events like Meteor Shower and Blast Door Targets.

After you fuel up, you’re clear for take-off through our Star Travel Chapter. Here you’ll burn Star Fuel to visit different locations, each granting different Rewards. This can range from Coins, new program items or upgrades to help you gather more Star Fuel. Hidden among the stars is a distress beacon to a Cosmic Player; a rare, high OVR Player Item that has a chance to reward a special mystery Item. Explore the cosmos rapidly as your ship travels to a new map exclusive to you every 8 hours.

Collecting special resources allows you to create your dream player in the Star Forge. With the right combination, you’ll be able to forge a Star player that is truly out of this world!

Among the several Rewards to be discovered are Pre-Season Points which raise your Pre-Season Level. These provide Now and Later Rewards to be used this Season and the next! At certain milestones are Super Star Players. These exceptional and exclusive Player Items will not only be ready for your lineup this Season but also grant you an exclusive Elite version in the next Season.

Blast-off with Pre-Season and into the next! Claim these exclusive Rewards and begin your journey towards proving you’re next Season’s best FIFA Mobile Player. It’s written in the stars.

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