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Fifa Mobile 19 – 12.2 DECEMBER TITLE UPDATE

Client Update Notes for Patch Version 12.2 , December 14, 2018


  • The user can no longer accidentally pass the ball at the start of a free kick possession.
  • Sped up the fade transition into corners.
  • Fixed some passing issues where the ball was going where the user wouldn’t expect.
  • Reduced the amount of goal posts the user will hit.
  • Fixed an issue that caused overpowered shots to trigger.
  • The goalkeeper will now enter autoplay.
  • Improved the transition time to Throw-Ins, you should now be able to throw the ball in faster.
Head to Head:
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes the user was unable to find matchups
  • Fixed a crash that was occurring when the user taps on “See Full Leaderboard” from the “head to head” tile
  • Fixed some crashing/freezing at kickoff
  • Fixed some device lockups at kickoff for Head to Head
  • Fixed a desync issue that occurred when the Starting 11 screen was being shown
  • Fixed an issue on Iphone7 where users were freezing after a transition phase


  • Fixed an issue where after scroing a goal, some users were experiencing a black screen
  • Fixed an issue where your fans were not updating in the UI after playing a match.
  • Improved possession ending logic when the VSA timer is 0:00.  This should eliminate chances ending when shots are midair etc.
  • You should no longer get consecutive Freekick Possessions in VSA.
  • You should no longer get consecutive Corners in VSA.
  • The user player should now perform closer to their attribute levels during VSA corners if jostling for a ball


  • Fixed an issue where reserve players were not correctly sorted by skill boost
  • Fixed an issue where the active OVR was not updating when swapping out of position players
  • Chemistry should now correctly display for league lineup in league screens
  • Fixed an issue where formation preview was not showing which position is being applied to the boost

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