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Fifa 20 – First Owner Objectives ALL INFORMATION | ICON SWAPS

Ahead of the first set of FUT Champions Rewards, I wanted to take you through a short note on what First Owner Objectives are and how they will be used in FUT 20.

First Owner Objectives Overview

For those who may be unfamiliar with this Objective type, let’s start with a brief overview.

First Owner Objectives were introduced in FUT 19. As their name implies, First Owner Objectives require the use of First Owner Player Items. A Player Item will have First Owner status in your club if the item was earned, for example, via Objectives, SBCs, or Packs.

You can check if a Player Item in your club has first First Owner status by navigating to a Player Item’s Player Bio (press R3/Right Stick while the player is selected) and looking for the “First Owner” label. See below for an example.

First Owner Objectives in FUT 20

When creating First Owner Objectives, we will be aiming to always align them with our goals, which are:

  • Improve the value of rewards and players you are already playing with.
    • With Season Objectives, SBCs, FUT Champions, Division Rivals, and Squad Battles, there are more ways than ever before to earn rewards. We believe that First Owner Objectives will make building First Owner squads with earned players more rewarding.
  • Encourage team building and promote squad variety.
    • With First Owner objectives we want to create new opportunities to reward you for playing with content that you might otherwise list for transfer, quick sell, or exchange in a SBC. We aim to encourage you to leverage Player Items in your club to add variety to existing squads as well as build and upgrade unique squads. This might even lead to the discovery of a hidden FUT gem that could be integrated into your main squad.

We plan to use First Owner Objectives throughout FUT 20, including for select ICON Swaps Objectives starting this Friday. This set of First Owner Objectives are designed to be accessible to the majority of players, built around First Owner Player Items from the most popular leagues in FUT. In FUT 20, our focus is to design First Owner Objectives that work towards our goals of improving the value of rewards, encouraging team building, and promoting squad variety.

This is just one part of what we have planned for Objectives in FUT 20. We’re excited for players to experience this and are looking forward to sharing more throughout FUT 20. As ever, we will continue to listen to feedback to help improve the experience where we can for all players.

Jamey Cane and the FUT Live Content team

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