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Europa Universalis IV – 1.30.5 Patch Notes | Multiplayer Revolution!


  • Changed multiplayer backend for a unified multiplayer solution which will eventually allow for cross distribution platform MP games.
  • Interface: Removed the “Scan Lan” button in multiplayer. It just updated the games similarly to the scan internet button as lan games haven’t been a thing for some years now.
  • Interface: Added so the paradox account button shows a hint of what account you’re logged into.
  • Bugfixes: Fixed problem when reloading would cause you to get Rev. Rev. Rev in some colonials names.
  • Interface: Increased the warning for Agenda expiry to 3 years from 1 year.
  • Interface: Added scrollbar for estate privileges, allowing for more than 4 at once. However limit for player to add will still be 4.
  • Bugfixes: Fixed some issues with french localization
  • Bugfixes: Fixed a crash when starting game while missing your language configuration.
  • Bugfixes: Fixed bug where attached units would arrive one day off.
  • Interface: Fixed misalignment issues in the connect to game dialogue.
  • Bugfixes: Various OOS issues.
  • Bugfixes: Fixed so you can change your nickname in the matchmaking interface.
  • Bugfixes: Fixed not being able to join MP games through friends from the main frontend screen.
  • Bugfixes: Fixed crash for “King in Prussia” french localization.

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