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– New Recruitment mechanism: When manually rerolling the recruitment list, you will no longer find pieces from your last recruitment which you did not purchase.
– New pieces added: Sven($5 Demon Warrior), Lich($2 Undead Mage).
– Increased Knights’ Divine Protection bonus armor and magic resist by 5 and 5%.
– Balanced Kunkka’s Ghostship stun duration from 1.4/1.7/2 sec to 1/1.5/2 sec.
– Decreasd Medusa’s Stone Gaze duration by 1 sec.
– Now the system will remember your selections for the 3 function switches on top right corner, and automatically apply them as they were ended with at the beginning of each game.
– Fixed minor bugs.


-fix bug of changing couriers


Realtime update: Players will be updated and informed with the ranking changes and candy rewards for the game when eliminated, instead of at the end of the game. Eliminated players are free to continue spectatng or start a new game.
– Added new feature: Click-and-Place: you can now left-click on your pieces to select and move them, instead of selecting the Courier first then the ability, which allows you to change the team formation with increased ease. (Smooth as silk!) Disabled by default and can be enabled at top right corner.
– You can now move pieces directly among your bench slots to sort them as you like.
– Optimized battle AI for chess pieces to avoid repeated attack points.
– Optimized movement AI for chess pieces to address the problem which ranged pieces doing additionl leaps even enemies are within attck range.
– Optimized melee pieces’ AI to allow them attack and cast abilities diagonally.
– Optimized AI of Tiny, Queen of Pain, Axe, Juggernaut and etc. They will no longer cast abilities when no enemies are around.
– Optimized the abilitiy backswing of Morphing and Sniper, and fixed a bug which Waveform causing Morphling landing on an unexpected square.
– Optimized AI of summoned units. They will now immediately start battling after being summoned.
– Priests’ Barrier now simply rounds the amount of damage reduced to the nearest integer, instead of always rounding down.
– Shadow Shaman’s Hex and Scythe of Vyse now tend to target higher-leveled pieces.
– Reworked animate portrait to corretly display pieces and Couriers as much as possible (most of the Couriers are seen as blank previously).
– Improved accuracy in calculating last standing times to avoid players who died at the same instance receiving different ranking and rewards.
– Reworked some cosmetic items for Drow Ranger and Clockwerk.
– Fixed minor bugs.


– Increased (6) Knights’ Holy Protection team proc chance from 35% to 40%.
– Now the amount of Courier damage reduced by Priests’ Barrier will round down instead of rounding up to the nearest integer.
– Reworked decorative items Drow Ranger, Dazzle and Death Prophet with the latest TI9 cometics 🙂 ~wink~
– Attempts made towards the fixing the bug which pieces do not die and remain inactive on the board, causing the battle to continue.


– Updated bullet chat info style: you will now wait for reduced time to see the (eh, actually) useful information.
– A global bullet info will now be sent out whenever a player recruits Io.
– Added new item: Ogre Axe (+15% Max HP, dropping from neutral creeps).
– Added new item: Black King Bar (+15 Attack damage, +15% Max HP. Active: Grants spell immunity and 100% magic resistance for 8 sec. Combined from Ogre Axe and Mithril Hammer).
– Decreased Blade Mail’s Damage Reflection duration from 5 to 4 sec.
– Reworked Blink Dagger: +25% mana gained from taking damage. Active: Instantly teleports to the foremost vacant square in the current column when battle starts.
– Reworked Reaver: +500 Max HP, additionally +15% Max HP.
– Reworked Heart of Tarrasque: +1000 Max HP, additionally +30% Max HP. Grants 1% HP regeneration per 2 sec.


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