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-Several Bugs Fixed


-Fixed mars bulwark bug


– Added new pieces: Zeus(God Mage), Mars(God Warrior)
– Added new species: God – Overweening Superiority: If no other species traits are active except for Gods’, all allies have -50% / additional -50% ability cooldown.
– Redecorated Drodo Island chessboards, especially the waiting benches. Now each of the eight chessboard has a more distinctive and unique look from other boards.
– Reworked fatigue mechanism after 50 turns: instead of taking an increasing damage each turn, your Courier now takes damage equals to 50% of the current health each turn.
– The 3 least popular pieces: Riki, Sand King and Slark are temporarily removed from the chess pool, and will be back later after adjustment or rework.
– Due to this change, temporarily removed the synergies of (9) Assassins, (4) Nagas and (6) Beasts.
– Balanced Assassins’ Coup de Grace critical strike chance from 15%/15%/15% to 15%/20%, damage from 300%/400%/500% to 350%/450%.
– Balanced Beasts’ Power of the Wild bonus attack damage from 10%/15%/20% to 10%/20%.
– Balanced Nagas’ Scale Armor bonus magic resistance from 30%/40% to 40%.
– Balanced Mages’ Magic Vulnerability magic resistance reduction from 40%/40% to 35%/45%.
– Balanced Warriors’ Fortified Armor bonus armor from 6/7/8 to 5/7/9.
– Decreased Mirana’s cost from 3t to 2, and increased Sacred Arrow cooldown by 2 sec.
– Increased Treant Protector’s cost from 2 to 3. Increased base health by 100, base attack damage by 10.
– Fixed a bug which can remove wrong courirers from your collection when exchanging for a new courier.
– Fixed some grammer and description errors.

-Multi-language pack


-Fixed some bugs


Minor update:
– Added an option to enable auto combination of pieces (disabled by default, you can enable it on the top right hand corner). When enabled, three identical pieces on waiting bench will automatically combine and promote into a +1★ piece. Druids don’t benefit from this feature.
– Triple kill sound effect will now be played when any piece eliminates 3 enemy pieces in a row.
– Rampage sound effect and global announcement will be played when any piece eliminates 5 enemy pieces in a row. The piece gets puffed up as well.
– Remade Alchemist: Chemical Rage now autocasts Acidic Spray around Alchemist, reducing the armor of nearby enemies. Lasts 15 sec.
– Balanced Coup de Grace (Assassin’s Perk) critical strike chance from 10%/15%/20% to 15%/15%/15%.
– Increased Phantom Assassin’s base attack damage by 10.
– Increased Medusa’s base attack damage by 5.
– Decreased Medusa’s Stone Gaze stone duration from 2/3/4 sec to 2/2.5/3 sec.
– Balanced Doom duration from 20 sec to 10/15/20 sec.
– Balanced Kunkka’s Ghostship cooldown from 10 sec to 15/12/9 sec.
– Increased Omniknight’s Purification damage / heal by 50.
– Increased Morphling’s base HP by 50.
– Increased Sand King’s base HP by 50.
– Decreased Mirana’s Sacred Arrow cooldown by 2 sec.
– Redecorated cosmetic appearances for Gyrocopter★★ and Gyrocopter★★★. Splendid!
– Fixed a bug which English language players who own Hwytty & Shyzzyrd cannot see their courier list.
– Fixed a bug which Terrorblade’s Metamorphosis can cause the target being transformed into a ghostly zombie when exchanging HP at the instance the target dies.
– Optimised some base level mechanisms and security issues.


– All Queen players will now have their numeric ranking displayed, rather than only the top 100 Queen players.
– All pieces’ AI will now initiate battle within 1 second, except for Assassin pieces’ AI, which will initiate battle in 2 seconds.
– Reworked Aimed Shot (Hunter’s Perk): (3) Hunters: All friendly hunters have +30 base attack damage, and have +30% chance to pierce through evasion. (6) Hunters: All friendly hunters have additional +40 base attack damage and +40% chance to pierce through evasion.
– Reworked Concealment (Satyr’s Trait): Hides your bench from other players’ vision when there are Satyrs in your waiting bench. Hides your pieces on the chess board until the battle begins if you have a Satyr on the board. Sneaky, sneaky!
– Improved the visual effect for Concealment (Satyr’s Trait): Allied pieces are now more visible to you, while remaining hidden to your enemies.
– Decreased Tinker’s Heat Seeking Missile damage by 50 per missle.
– Decreased Tinker’s base armor from 10 to 5.
– Slark’s Pounce now deals pure damage.
– Increased Death Prophet’s base magic resistance from 20% to 30%.
– Decreased Lone Druid’s Spirit Bear’s base armor from 10 to 5.
– Decreased Windranger’s base attack damage by 2.
– Increased Mirana’s base attack damage by 5.
– Improved Sniper’s base attack rate from 1.2 to 1.1.
– Decreased Sand King’s Burrowstrike cooldown by 2 seconds.
– Slightly improved English text quality and consistency.


– Attempted to fix the bug where gold was incorrectly displayed on the top information panel.
– Rewrote the logic process for purchasing pieces. This was done to fix the bugs causing you to occasionally not receive pieces after paying for them.
– Fixed a bug where you could get a piece for free by having ridiculously high APM.
– Modified the AI for Mirana and Lina. They should both be smarter now 🙂
– Changed the appearance of Kunkka★★★. The Captain now looks even more awesome and stronger than ever!

–Fixed pom bug & Fixed another bug


Bug Fixes. Some of the fixes have already been implemented.
-Fixed a bug that affects the order of Species/Class counters on courier
-Fixed incorrect damage and damage counter of Heat Seeking Missiles (Tinker ability)
-Fixed visual effects on “Illusory” courier effect
-Fixed a bug that may cause an error when displaying post-game statistics, if the game ends in preparation phase and players’ chess pieces on board exceeds their level cap
-Now only displays 500 couriers in order of rarity if you have more than 500 couriers in your collection, to prevent potential game crash (We are considering adding Mass Courier Exchange function in the future)
-Tinker★★ got a brand new outfit! Now more distinguishable with Tinker★★★
-Techies★★ made a wardrobe investment and got himself a new set of equipments
-Clockwerk★★/★★★ now have a slightly larger model
-Optimized some underlying mechanism to better prevent hacks. Apart from the in-game report function, you can send screenshot evidence and ID of any cheater you encounter in game, to [email protected] to make a direct report. Accounts of confirmed cheaters will be permanently banned from DAC


-Fix some error


-Fix drowranger model


– Added class perk / species trait counters for your piece on the board, as buffs over your courier.
– Added new item: Battle Fury. “BF melee, best melee. Oh Yeah!”
– Increased Deadly Shot(Hunter’s perk, remaned) bonus damage from 25%/25% to 25%/30%.
– Balanced Evasion (Elf’s trait) bonus evasion from 25%/25%/25% to 20%/25%/30%.
– (6) Goblin: Nanobots (Goblin’s trait) now affect all allies instead of all goblins.
– Decreased Dragon Knight★★ and ★★★’s Elder Dragon Form splash damage percentage from 75% to 50%.
– Decreased Medusa’s Stone Gaze physical damage amplification from 30% to 20%.
– Dagon now has a cooldown of 15/12/9/6/3s for Level 1/2/3/4/5.
– Fixed a bug with Hood of Defiance description. Now it correctly shows +15 HP regeneration.
– Fixed a bug which friend leaderboard occasionally failed to show up.
– Fixed a bug which gold summary in post-game panel did not subtract the value of pieces you have sold.
– Fixed a bug which Broadsword grants extra mana regeneration.
Congratulations to Slark for achieveing the least wins prize for this week!
– Decreased Slark’s Pounce cooldown by 2s, balanced disarm duration from 3/5/7s to 5s.
– Increased Slark’s base armor from 0 to 5.

-Several Bugs Fixed


Several Bugs Fixed

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