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Dead Cells – 2.0.4 & 2.0.5 & 2.0.6 & 2.0.7 Patch Notes

2.0.7 Patch Notes

Bug fixes

  • Fix Tesla Coil‘s affixes not working properly, make it crits in water and prevent it from getting some affixes.
  • Many bug fixes (mostly null access).

2.0.6 Patch Notes

Level design

  • Added some more diversity in the Distillery.
  • You now need to have met the Hand of the King at least once before being able to visit the Distillery.

Graphics & UI

  • Make the damage from bleed overload and the moment it is dealt more visible.

Music & Sfx

  • Fix the crash in Prison Depths when enabling the 8-bit OST.

Bug fixes

  • Fix a bug making some background props appear see-through in the Distillery.

2.0.5 Patch Notes

Important features

  • Added 3 new achievements linked to the Distillery.


  • Prevent Explosive Barrels to be bumped by attacks coming from the same team (hero or hero skills when blue, enemy attacks when red).

Level design

  • The Distillery now comes with more barrel dispensers throughout the level. Watch your steps!

Quality of life

  • Explosive Barrels can now be moved with the homunculus.

2.0.4 Patch Notes

Level design

    • Added some surprises in one specific part of the Distillery level. Don’t hate me…

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