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Dead Cells – 1.8.3 Patch Notes | 10 New Achivements

Important features

  • Ten (10) new achievements!
    – Eight of them are related to The Bad Seed DLC. Classic achievements like “Reach the Arboretum” or more … secret ones.
    – The other two are accessible by everyone.
  • Community suggestion A new feedback has been implemented for some weapons for weapon which have critical hits for a set duration.
    – Balanced Blade
    – Crowbar
    – Flashing Fans (from The Bad Seed DLC)
    – Frantic Sword
    – Oiled Sword
    – Rapier
    – Spite Sword
    – Swift Sword
    – Symmetrical Lance
    – Tentacle Whip
  • Three new outfits have been added to the game.
    Two are linked to the secrets and lore of The Bad Seed DLC. One is available for everyone that can rise up to the ultimate challenge.


  • The Bad Seed Community suggestion The Mushroom Boi! no longer attacks when you are invisible.
  • Community suggestion Force Shield ammo decay is now way slower before absorbing one hit.

Quality of life

  • Community suggestion Starting gear can now be sold for one (1) gold.

Music & Sfx

  • Community suggestion Interrupt the charge attack sound when the enemy is killed or interrupted.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed missing collisions in some Clock Tower rooms.
  • The Bad Seed Fixed the Tick sometimes skipping its attack load animations
  • Fixed killing a frozen Behemoth softlocking the game.
  • Fixed killing the Conjonctivius during its bullet-hell phase not interrupting the attack.
  • Fixed Rats being paralysed when you stand at the extremity of a platform.
  • Fixed some crashes.

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